Wednesday: The Campaign

Hey! Today we've got some concepts, but first let's take care of business. The vote of the year is happening right now. Yes it's been "hyped" up... but with good reason. The shrine of HJC is on the line between myself and good ol' monday writer Dbro. He took the liberty to campaign his concept, so why not do the same for myself. A vote for Mr. Alexander is a vote Against NHL expansion, Poutine, Maple Syrup and Celine Dion! Ok let's just ignore that because I don't think I'm making a great case. But seriously, vote for the best concept, and may the better man win.

Secondly, Sunday will most likely be the last post from the great almighty Caz. This is very sad news for the HJC community as Caz was a great writer! Stay tuned for more details about the writing position but most importantly his post on sunday.

COTY 2014 Final Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Concept time... today's post might be known as "the one with Avi Stein"!

Connor J - Arizona Coyotes

Arizona in black works well providing theres is a good amount of red. Connor nails that. Connor's execution has really hit the spot but for me this design just doesn't do it. It's an alternate... let's see some Aztec patterns, references to the state flag. Something! Overall: 7/10

Coby S - Dallas Stars

Coby gets inspired by the Cowboys and lends the colour scheme to the Stars! This jersey looks pretty solid, and execution is right on, but for me the biggest issue here is loosing the green. When you think of victory green you think of Dallas. It's just so unique to replace it with a colour that's being used by so many teams just doesn't seem right. Overall: I like the idea, but I wouldn't want to see this happen. ( Although the team did consider this colour combo if I'm not mistaken)

Avi S - All Star Game/ASG skills

We saw Dbro's ASG jerseys get a lot of praise. Today we focus on Avi's idea. Avi has a different idea for the game. He intended for the Skills competition to have Neon jerseys and Blue/Red jerseys for the game. I Agree with Avi, The skills competition is a good opportunity to go wild with the jerseys, but for the game still offer fans a conventional jersey. The only thing is, If the neon green jerseys were to be used in the skills, I'd like to see the team logo on the front! Besides that I like the white jersey better as it looks a little less "TRON". As for the White jersey, I love it. It ties well with the host city Columbus' jerseys. And that number font looks gorgeous! Overall: Love the idea Avi! Not sure if I can nominate all of them so I'll nominate the ALL STAR GAME one for COTW! (9/10)

That's the post folks! If someone seconds my nomination, the vote will be full of ALL Star game Jerseys! Don't forget to vote! Enjoy the rest of the week! 
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crock said...

Christian, you forgot to give me a grade.

Unknown said...

Sorry bout that!

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