Sunday: Hanging in the Hall

Hello everyone! Today's post features more All-Star game jerseys, an alternation for the Canadiens, a revival of the Montreal Wanderers, and even a state team for California! 

I've been sick all weekend, so my wife decided to cheer me up by giving me my Valentine's Day present early this year. No, not that.


That my friends is the Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Jerseys. I've been wanting to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame for years, so this was a perfect gift. The jersey collection in the book is very eclectic and impressive. It just doesn't get any cooler than Maurice "Rocket" Richards' Canadiens sweater, the jersey Lanny MacDonald scored his 1000th point and 500th goal in, or the jerseys of Boston's "Kraut" line that ended up fighting in WWII against their ancestral nation. The stories and players highlighted in this book are really interesting. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up yourself. 

This will keep me satisfied until I'm able to visit the Hall of Fame. The wife and I plan to one day make the trip to Toronto when the Predators are playing the Maple Leafs and visit the Hall of Fame while we are there.

Looking at this book, it makes me wonder what jerseys of current players could make it into an archive like this one day. Will our kids and grandkids visit the Hall of Fame and see a Shea Weber All-Star game jersey, an ultra-rare Martin Brodeur game-worn Blues jersey, the sweater from Jaromir Jagr's last game, or a Dustin Byfuglien jersey from the night the Winnipeg Jets returned? What significant jerseys do you think will be hanging in the Hall one day?

Speaking of honors, who do you think deserves the coveted honor of being 2014's Concept of the Year? It's now between Monday's writer Dylan A. and Wednesday's writer Christian L! This could be a very tight vote, so send yours in now! This is the most important vote of the year (and the only vote this week), people so get to it!

COTY 2014 Final Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

We're still accepting entries for our World Cup of Hockey Competition! Get your designs in! Here are today's entries:
Team Sweden - Jake88

Team Russia - Nick B.

Team Finland - John E.

World Stars - John E.

One last thing before we move on to today's concepts. Do you enjoy reading HJC every day? Do you look forward to 4:30 ET? Have you ever thought about joining the team here and writing for HJC? Well, you could be in luck, because we will have a writing position opening soon! I'm sure Ryan will be giving everyone more details soon, but be prepared to send in applications for that.

Now, let's get to business.

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Griffin J.

Positives: Besides being a picture of someone who deserved to be in the NHL All-Star Game, this concept by Griffin is interesting in presentation. It does help show to an extent, what this would look like on the ice.

Negatives: This type of presentation severely limits what you can do with a jersey. Griffin is limited to just changing the colors of Montreal's home jersey. It's too much blue for me. Red shouldn't be relegated to the logo alone.

Overall: It's different, but this method is very limiting. (6.5/10)

Team California Concept - Nate F.

Positives: If the United States produced more widespread hockey talent, it would be interesting to see competition between states. and what the jerseys would look like. Some state flags would make terrible jerseys, as too many US state flags are just a seal or image on a blue field. Others, like Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, Maryland, New Mexico, Colorado, and California could produce some slick designs. 

Negatives: It's nothing more than direct translation of California's flag onto a jersey. It's bland. If you look at this from a practical, business perspective, consider that fans buy replica jerseys. Imagine this without name and numbers. Would you want to spend $175-ish on what is almost just a blank white jersey? The sleeve numbers are too big. There's some layering issues with the helmet and stick.

Overall: I'd like to see more thought and creativity. (6.5/10)

2015 NHL All-Star Game Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: We've seen a few versions of these jerseys over the last few days, but I think this is the color combination that prefer. A few years ago, I spent a couple weeks in New Zealand. When I was in Wellington, I noticed a few buildings that used colors like these, and I have loved navy blue and lime green together ever since then. It's an underrated color combination. The striping is great, and I really love the numbers. The white jersey here is my favorite of Dylan's All-Star concepts. Execution is flawless.

Negatives: I'm not big on the colored helmet strap. 

Overall: When Nashville hosts the All-Star weekend next year, I hope we can get some good, modern jerseys like these. (9/10) COTW nomination from me!

 New Haven Knights Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: These jerseys use more than just horizontal striping, which is a step forward for Ryan.

Negatives: Much that I would say about Ryan's UHL concepts, I have already said. No need to keep repeating myself. There is an odd difference in resolution quality between the jerseys and the logos/numbers. It almost makes it look as if they were put onto a pre-made jersey template. The problem is that the majority of the concepts in this series already look like an old design.

Overall: Same song, different verse. (6.25/10)

Montreal Wanderers Concept - Ben M.

Positives: I like the striping pattern. It's not innovative, but if you've ever seen what the Wanderers wore in their brief stay in the NHL, you know there's little to work with. Colors are balanced well.

Negatives: The number outline is a little crude. The jersey doesn't need three W's, especially when you consider that you would likely have to put the 'W' logo on the helmet as well. 

Overall: Pretty solid concept for a team that isn't much more than a NHL footnote. (7.5/10)

From what I can tell, we've never seen jerseys for the New Haven Knights or a "Team California" on this website before. Isn't it amazing that after so many daily HJC posts for years, you still see things you've never seen before almost every day? Hockey design is truly a creative artform. If you saw some of that artwork that you think deserves to be considered for Concept of the Week, nominate them! Let us know what you think about to the jerseys featured today, as it always helps to get a second opinion.

Stay tuned for Dylan's Monday post. See you all next week!
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