Back to School Tuesday

What's up HJC readers? What's going on? As most high schools (as well as middle and elementary) either resumed classes yesterday or today, I'm sure the the younger bunch of HJC readers (and any that happen to be parents of a child that age) have had a couple stressful days filled with school, quizzes and homework. Why not take a break from the stress of it all and sit back, relax, grab a cup of your favorite non alcoholic beverage (unless you are planning to record a podcast), and check out some of the newest concepts!  

COTW Dec 28-Jan 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logo entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alan John H: Quebec Nordiques

Though bringing back the Nordiques is a common idea, few do it so well, with the creativity used here and the stellar execution, Alan knocks this one out of the park. The pant stripe that matches with the striping on the hem looks fantastic, and so does the arm striping. The red is also very well executed. You can tell it's there and it complements the logo, but it isn't overpowering. I wish that you used a different number font, this one doesn't work well with the red trim. 

Almost perfect! Stellar job Alan! Design: 9.8/10, Creativity: 10/10

Ben M: Toronto Maple Leafs

Ben makes an interesting alternate jersey for the best NHL team in downtown Toronto. He imagines the leafs donning the old alternate logo, over top of chest striping. The most noticeable problem is the spacing between back numbers. It's unnecessarily large and makes the numbers look awkward. The logo is also a bit big. Move the numbers and letters closer together, and then re-size the logo, and you're a lot better off than you were, but the general idea of this concept doesn't even look good. The font is boring, and the captains C and NOB font looks like it came from a standard MS Paint font.

A commonly used idea, that was poorly executed and designed. Improve the points I went over and you will continue to get better! Design: 4/10, Creativity 2.5/10

Daniel L: (MLH) Orlando City HC

Unlike Orlando's actual hockey team, these jerseys are traditional and simple, which is what a soccer crossover needs.  The minimalistic striping and the edgy, modern font all are very reminiscent of the way soccer jerseys are. Though I like the subtle "city branding" effect portrayed by using the word "Orlando" on the front of the away jersey, I feel like it almost makes the jersey too boring. 

Though these jerseys are the poster child for soccer designs, they wouldn't look good on the ice. Design: 6/10, Creativity: 8/10

Dylan N: Pittsburgh Penguins

Former HJC writer Dylan was obviously inspired by the Penguins' jersey they wore for their Stadium Series against the Blackhawks. He's not only improved the white jersey, he makes an amazing black jersey that complements the white one well. He re-imagines the Series' template from last year pretty well, fixing stuff like the arm/sock striping that didn't wrap completely around the jersey and the distorted/and or tilted numbers. I'm not digging the design on the pants, I think these jerseys are busy enough to warrant a plain black design.

I would say Dylan knocked this one out of the park, but Soldier Field is a football stadium, so Touchdownnn! Design: 8.9/10, Creativity: 7.2/10  

Stephen T: Pittsburgh Penguins

Stephen decides to go a different direction than Dylan did for the Pens, as he brings back the yellow full time, and even more intriguing, does away with the white jersey. Everything goes well together, except for the yellow helmet which has to go. One of my favorite things about this concept is the fact that you can't see the yellow triangle behind the penguin on the away kit. I wish you would have built on that and totally removed the triangle all together (just on the away jersey I may add) and just have the skating penguin. The sock striping should somewhat match the thickness of the striping on the arms.

Good ideas here, but the bad apples seem to stick out for me. Design: 7.7/10, Creativity: 9.4/10

Tristan M: Green Lantern

The kicker for me on this jersey, is the fact that it's somewhat styled after one of the original Green Lantern suits! It's pretty cool how you can do that and still have it transfer into a okay hockey jersey design. Unlike Superman, which the Buffalo Sabres unsuccessfully attempted. The font matches up well with the whole theme and feel of the jersey. This would be perfect for a minor league specialty jersey night, just throw the team logo on the shoulders! 

Good idea here either as a fan jersey or minor league specialty jersey. Design: 7/10, Creativity: 9.5/10 

Tyler G: San Jose Sharks

Last year's theme for all of the Stadium Series was kinda cool, but this year it is a "What Not to Wear" fiasco. Tyler fixes that for the Sharks by redoing the (better of the two) jerseys. I'm a big fan of all the changes you made, except for the eww... I can't even look at it... the CHROME LOGO! I was stoked to see that that wasn't coming back this year, as it was the one thing I disliked about last year, and like about this year. 

With the yoke, chest striping, arm AND hem stripes, This jersey may be a bit too heavy. :P Design: 8/10, Creativity: 7/10

All in all, this was a pretty ballin bunch of concepts today, an hopefully all of our artists continue to improve, and we only match or beat the quality of today's lineup in the weeks to come! Good job everyone! Even with all the great designs we had here today, it wasn't a hard choice to GIVE MY COTW NOMINATION TO AJH'S QUEBEC NORDIQUES CONCEPT. This is one of the first nominated concepts in 2015! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Remember to VOTE and then go nominate your favorite concept from today in the comments. Have a good week, I'll see you on the 13th! 


Back to School Tuesday Reviewed by Unknown on January 06, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Ben M's font is actually not MS paint, the leafs used that font in the past. Don't get discourage by th low note. It's a great concept just work the spacing between the numbers.

Unknown said...

I'd also nominate Tyler G but I don't like the fact that the chest stripe ends at the numbers, so I will nominate The green lantern concept by Tristan for COTW

Anonymous said...

Second AJH's Nordiques concept

Unknown said...

I'll sexonf AJH for COTW!

Unknown said...

I'll third AJH's Nordiques set for COTW

Unknown said...


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