Wednesday: It's one of those green Vancouver Canucks alternate jerseys kind of day.

Hello everyone! We've got lots of green coming your way, but first let's have a moment to reflect on the past year. Alright, I don't feel like reflecting, but you can share your favourite moment from last year with us. COTY is coming our way, did any of you get a COTW this year? A competition win this year? Did you break your rating record? Share with us your moments from the blog! While you're in the sharing mood. Share your opinion on who should win this weeks best concept by voting for COTW! Dylan N has three concepts in that vote going against Trent. Let's see if Dylan continues his high probability, low outcome, streak!

COTW Dec 28-Jan 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logo entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Ben M - Vancouver Canucks

Positives: As you will see from the todays post, people seem to think a green alternate would be a solid addition to the Canucks set. I agree. I also agree with the bold blue hem and arm stripes. It doesn't overpower the green but compliments well. Stripes are nice and simple.
Negatives: Did Moses pass through and separate those numbers? I'm kidding, but the numbers on the back need to get closer to each other, and once you've done that centre them properly. Adding an outline to the sleeve numbers would be nice. Shoulder patches are too close to the collar. I don't see any stitching on the jersey.
Overall: Simple jersey from Ben that works well. Just fix the execution with the numbers and you will reach the top in no time. (7/10)

Ben S - Vancouver Canucks

Positives: Continuing the green Canucks theme and artists with the name Ben, Ben offers us a very similar jersey as the one seen above. Execution and presentation are on point. 
Negatives: I don't like the striping as much as I did with the concept from above. I don't see the need for black in this colour scheme. I'd like to see a bit more blue. I love the font choice but a blue outline could make it even better.
Overall: Strong concept, but work on that striping! (7.25/10)

Caz W - Los Angeles Kings

 Positives: Caz started this really interesting "Now for something completely different" series, and this concept lives up to that name! I loooove the colours. Purple could be something unique in the NHL if the Kings decided to smarten up and bring it back. The Burger King logo is always great to see making a comeback. Execution looks spot on (besides the stitching being way off from the actual design) and presentation as well.
Negatives: I'm just not sold. Everytime I look at it, I can't seem to like the big odd shaped chest stripe. If you made it thiner, and placed the logo front and centre.. then that could work. 
Overall: Could've made a cool SS jersey. (7.5/10)

Caz W - Vancouver Canucks 

 Positives: I much prefer this logo than the "Vachon logo". I really like the dark blue with the lighter shade of blue, it looks really crisp.  
Negatives: I don't care much for the "Vancouver " script below the logo. I'd prefer to see a shoulder patch. As for the design... I'd have to see it on the ice, right in action. 
Overall: I really can't decide if I like the design... like I said, I would have to see it live to make that decision. (7.5/10)

Connor J - New York Rangers

Positives: Rangers in red? Seems like it could work... I think. Connor has really improved the quality and execution of his concepts, great job adding the helmet logo! 
Negatives: But in this case, I just don't like the design. The colours seem off. Red is too bright. The shoulder stripes look odd. They'd look better on the arms/elbow area. Is that a cross on the pants? Just the vertical stripes would do. I like the lady liberty logo on the helmet, maybe making that the primary could spice things up?
Overall: Needs a bit of TLC...  (6.75/10) 

Dylan N - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: Dylan continues his "modern" series. I love the sleek design here. Looks classy, modern, cool, and pretty much every other positive adjective.There really isn't much to say about this concept, it's spot on... except for...
Negatives: Why no gold? There's gold in the logo... lots of it. I really think gold would make this jersey so much better. If you can't find a spot for it, I'd replace the silver stripe with gold. 
Overall: (8.5/10) would've been a 9.5 if there was gold... gooooooold. 

Tristan M - JL Martian Manhunter

Positives: Tristan continues this awesome idea of a series with Martian Manhunter! Great job making the yoke and back of the jersey look like a cape! The jersey really stays true to the character as it resemble it a lot. The jersey itself looks pretty sharp, not much else to say. 
Negatives: Not sold on the font, something less block-y would be better.
Overall: I had an idea to do a series like this, with all superheroes ( not just DC) but I think Tristan will take care of it just fine. Great job, and I look forward to seeing more. (9/10)

Well... that was quite the green post. Which Vancouver alternate was your favourite? Nominate a concept you liked... Alright that's it for me, but feel free to spark something in the comment section!
Wednesday: It's one of those green Vancouver Canucks alternate jerseys kind of day. Reviewed by Unknown on January 07, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Highest rating, achieved 3 times, 8/10.
Favourite moment would be winning hockeyconceptidea`s insatgram contest with my Blackhawks jersey :)

Unknown said...

And Dylans Ducks concept for COTW.

Ryan said...

So you're favourite moment on HockeyJerseyConcepts is winning a contest on Hockey Concept Ideas?


Unknown said...

I'll second Dylan's Ducks for COTW, It doesn't need gold in the jersey the Hawks have orange green yellow and skin color in their logo and none of those are in the jersey

Unknown said...

I agree.. but imagine the Hawks with green orange yellow and skin colour in the jersey, that would be an awful jersey. I Personnaly just love the shade of gold the ducks use, and it goes so well with orange.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...I'd say their color is more bronze...and I hate it haha. If it was more of a gold color I'd like it. In fact I made the bronze in the logo more of a gold and the logo didn't look good at all. I just wanted that 'gold' to be in their logo but I can see how some might not like that.

Unknown said...

I'll third Dylan's Ducks concept for COTW. The striping pattern is really nice.

Unknown said...

I had absolutely nothing to do with that random shoutout for my Instagram page, but okay...

Unknown said...

Your right sometimes the logo can look more like bronze. I prefer gold to bronze. It's just the ducks currently have that colour in their jersey and I love it. It's a great jersey though.

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