Wednesday the 28th

Yes, that's right. It's the 28th. Big deal, huh? It is. Why? Because that means were getting closer to crowning the Concept of the year! It's Dylan A. Going up against Jake88 in the first matchup, both concepts red and blue and very patriotic! The next matchup is Jake88 going up against myself! I have a feeling both votes will end up being very tight! The past few weeks we've been hitting near the 20 vote count, so since this is a big vote, why not try and aim for 30! I know we have at least 30 regular readers, so send your votes in by Friday!

COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup entries (due February 6 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Let's see if we have a potential COTY concept in today's post!


Ben creates a yellow and purple throwback uniform for the Kings, which is what the team will be wearing some time this year. I don't mind the inclusion of grey, as long as it's the silver material they currently use, as it's sparkly and stands out compared to the boring usual grey. A few things I would change, Switch up the name and numbers. The NOB never looks good at the bottom of a jersey, and the numbers are way to high. The Logo is a bit too low. Yellow pants would be an eye sore. I Like the yoke stripes, it'd be cool to have the shoulder logo (make it a bit bigger) over them. Overall: Nice to see some creativity but execution hurts this concept. (6/10)

 Daniel L - Sporting Kansas

Love the colour scheme here, simple but stunning. Kansas has a classy branding and it shows on a hockey jersey as well.  These uniforms stay true to the Adidas branding which is quite nice. Nothing here blows my mind, although I do think the design is sharp. I wouldn't mind seeing it continue on the back instead of stopping on the sides. Overall: Keep up the series! (8/10)

Danny R - All star game

At first I was with Danny, why not have two coloured jerseys but after the ASG game i really liked the white jerseys. Danny uses the Stadium series template which isn't a bad idea considering this is a modern colour scheme. I just don't like the chrome logos, and I know a lot of people are with me on that. There seem to be random stars everywhere... I'd tone it down. Get rid of the ones below the logo, and maybe sublimate the rest. Overall: I like to see modern jerseys go all out, but this one seems a bit messy, and not the kind of modern I like. (7/10)

Patrick W - Erie Otters

The Otters IMO have the worst jersey in the OHL. Patrick fixes that with a simple yet classy set. The colours look so much better in these jerseys. It doesn't look like a paint bucket fill jersey, The yoke and chest stripe look great. I really only see 2 issues. One being the logo is a tad big. The second being the numbers. I'd make the NOB bigger and lower the numbers to centre them with the chest stripe, and would make the last outline yellow or red. Overall: so much better than what they wear now! (8.5/10) COTW NOM

Ryan C - Muskegon Fury 

Thank you Ryan for not using that awful shoulder logo as the primary. Ryan has vowed to improve himself, and ditch the AK template, to create his own and unique striping! The one here is simple and works well with the diagonal logo. The number on the back is a bit big. Not much to say here, a simple concept. Overall: I look forward to seeing you improve Ryan, I can feel it already! (7/10)

Here are a few fortunes if you vote this week...... :
  • A beautiful, smart, and loving person will be coming into your life.
  • A golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month.
  • A new perspective will come with the new year. (2)
And don't forget this blog is about opinion and advice, and...
  • Advice is like kissing. It costs nothing and is a pleasant thing to do.
Thank you Chinese for those awful fortunes! Have a great week everyone!

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Unknown said...

Just wondering why no competition posts in a while.

Danny R for COTW

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