Tuesday: Flyer Lists

Note: This post is a couple concepts shorter than most this week due to me being invited to a wedding two hours beforehand. Sorry! 

Hockey Jersey Concepts. A place not only to showcase great concepts but also to help the less talented artists improve their work. I'm (for at least this week, so I can receive some feedback) going to be focusing my reviews on making sure the artists knows what is good, bad, and how he can fix the bad. I'm going to have a "list" rating system that will include a good list, a bad list, and a short overall and rating. After each item on the list I will explain myself, and why that item is either on he good or bad list, and what makes it good or bad.  As an example of my new "list" rating system I will be reviewing the (white) NHL All Star Jerseys released only a few days ago.

Good: -The neon green. (Yeah, most people hate it, some are indifferent, but almost nobody likes it. I'm not a fan of the way it was used but it's different and could have been pulled off.)

-The All Star wordmark. (I was worried when the Black/Neon green rumor started, because I knew the All Star event logo wouldn't match and would look more like an advertisement. Also, new logos/wordmarks are always cool!) 

-The collar affect. (Just a pretty cool thing anytime. The casual fan doesn't know it exists, and you don't see it unless you bu a jersey or at least see the inside of the collar.)

Bad: -The arm striping. (It's boring, plain ugly, and makes the jersey look like a practice jersey.)

-The stupid, mother flipping, awful chrome logo! (I kinda really wish that Reebok would've listened to the feedback on the Stadium Series jerseys from last year, cause if so, the chrome logos would have died a quick death.)

-No shoulder patches. (Hopefully on the game jerseys, the player would have a silvered out, chrome version of their teams logo. I hate the chrome but it would be a good way to give some substance to the jerseys and match the theme)

Overall: There were some really cool aspects, but the overall jersey was severely lacking. 5/10

COTY-December vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup Logo Top 3 vote (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Good: -The chest stripes. (The Stadium series needs a theme every year, if chest stripes are it then both of these jerseys match well. 

- The abundance of gold on the Pens jersey. (Most pens concepts either use black/white as the main color, so the large amount of gold looks cool)

-The white helmet on the Flyers jersey. (it really makes it obvious that the Pens are the home team, and helps with distinction on tv/the ice)

Bad: -The orange pants. (To fit the theme maybe make the Flyers pants, eww... white?)

The big arm numbers- (One of this year's "theme" things I don't like) 

The fact that the Pens arm numbers don't match the back font. (Just make the font the same and then recolor it.)

Overall: Fits with the theme, but that doesn't mean it looks good. 7/10

Good: -The continuing shoulder yoke. (It matches well with the Flyers current set, but still looks good.)

-The arm striping. (It doesn't look too classic, it has a traditional look but a modern flare.)

-No contrasting namebar. (That never looked good, but if there is one place to do it it is Philly, they made it a thing!)

Bad: -The hems. (I would have done something more to match the arm striping.) 

-The numbers are slightly too big.

Overall: Great job Dylan! Looks like the Flyers but also looks fresh. 9/10

Good: -The logo. (the Roughriders logo is one of my favorites in the USHL)

-The green yoke. (This set has enough black, a nice patch of green on the shoulders is nice)

- Helmet logo. (Not a lot of people put that, so good job.)

Bad: -The colors. (The colors are balanced awfully, the set is waaay too dark.) 

-The #s/NOB. (Too small numbers, big name, and the font doesn't fit the classic design.)

-The logo is too big.

-The TV numbers. (They should be white to stand out better, and should not interrupt the arm stripes.)

Overall: Okay execution, bad design. 5/10

Good: -The yellow as the main color. (The B's don;t current use a yellow jersey, so it would be different.)

-The old logo. (It fits with the classic striping.)

-The classic striping. (It fits with the old logo)

Bad: -The color balance. (The striping should be mainly black to match the yoke and numbers, and to match the equipment. 

-The pants. (They should just be plain black, or have a single stripe, not 2.)

Overall: Not sure how I feel about this on paper, but it would look good on the ice. 7/10

Good: -The striping and shoulder yoke. (They go extremely well together, at least in my taste.)

-The main logo. (It isn't something the panthers currently use on the front of a jersey (they haven't since the days of the dreaded double blue alternate), and it looks great as a main crest. 

-The font. (A simple, classic font always works well, when in doubt, go with that.) 

Bad:  - The numbers. (Yellow numbers with red outline would be more visible for TV viewers.)

-Shoulder patch. (Current panther logo should be used on the shoulder.)

-Striping. (Add a yellow stripe on other side of red for balance.)

Overall: A good alternate look for the Panthers, with a couple changes of course. 7/10

IK this was short but and sweet, but I have to catch a wedding, I will see youy next week with an extra long post, just for you guys!


Tuesday: Flyer Lists Reviewed by Unknown on January 13, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll nominate Dylan's Philly set for COTW

Unknown said...

I'll sec Dylan's Flyers set for COTW

Ryan said...

David P's Stadium Series logo is very good. I like it a lot. Enough to give it a COTW nom!

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