MLK Day in the USA

Happy Monday folks, and happy MLK Day to those here in the States. Bit of a different Monday, feels kind of like a Sunday... As this post goes live I'll be just finishing up watching some daytime hockey here in Rockford as the IceHogs take on the Wolves.

So an issue I've been dealing with since New Years is my Winter Classic jersey doesn't have a Winter Classic patch on it. It is an officially licensed Premier jersey and it bugs me that they would sell these without the patch on the shoulder. My plan has been to find a patch and have it put on there myself, but part of me wants to wait until the end of the year to see if the Blackhawks break it out one more time and wear it without the patch so I technically wouldn't have to do it. I got Toews on the back with the C on the front and they lost the Winter Classic, with Toews getting called for a phantom penalty late in the game... So what do you guys do here? I don't want to have to have a losing patch on a jersey if there's a chance they wear and the jersey (and win in it) without it.. What do you guys do in this situation?

Anyway, we've reached the 4th quarter vote for the 2014 COTY and that's exciting! Also the jersey phase in the World Cup of Hockey competition starts this week as a spiffy logo has been selected to represent our tournament. So get to work!!!

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So let's get to some concepts, shall we?

New Jersey Devils Alternate Jersey - Coby S.
Kind of weird to see a Devils jersey completely void of black. I don't like it and I don't think this would fly in the Meadowlands. The lack of a hem stripe makes the jersey seem even more bare. At the very least I'd change the pants to black and the thin stripes in the striping to black. It just doesn't seem right and the jersey is too bare for my taste otherwise.

Rating: 6/10

Dallas Stars Concept - Dylan N.
Dylan modernizes the recently modernized Stars. These jerseys don't have that Original 6 vibe but they would definitely be their own. My one problem with silver being thrown into the striping is a lack of contrast with the white and black, especially on the dark jersey. I don't think it'd hurt if the silver wasn't there or if the black and silver were swapped with an extra silver stripe added to the bottom of the striping. I like the yoke though.

Rating: 8/10

LA Kings Alternate Jersey Concept - Matt Mc.
Makes me happy when I see Kings fans supporting a move back to purple for the Kings, even if it is just for an alternate. The striping is nice and fits the Kings current look and the angled yoke is a nice touch. The crown is on the front of the jersey where it belongs and again, most importantly, purple. I like the LA logo on the shoulders but you can barely see the purple on black, change it to white or silver and you're golden. Alas, it's purple on a Kings jersey and it's my favorite concept of the day, so my COTW Nom goes to Matt for his royal effort here.

Rating: 9/10

Fort Wayne Komets Koncept - Ryan C.
Lucky me I get two straight weeks with a Komets concept. The home and away are pretty straightforward and the angled stripes are a nice touch and fit the logos well. It sucks the spaceman logo isn't on the home and away as, in my opinion, it's one of the nicest logos in all of hockey. It is featured on the chest of the alternate but gets lost in the orange. It needs a thicker outline. Also, while the orange jersey looks nice, I think it would benefit from a more modern and adventurous jersey design to go with that logo. Overall, pretty basic set that gets the job done.

Rating: 7/10

Winnipeg Jets Updated Concept - TG
TG takes a concept originally done by Liam R. The jerseys are an improvement and the socks definitely are. The color scheme is pretty nice so I'm glad he kept that. The angled stripes are what lose me. The roundel logo is filled with curves and a cursive wordmark. If the stripes aren't going to be basic straight stripes, they should have some sort of roundedness to them. Perhaps have a Flyers-esque design or have the stripes fit the contour of the sleeves as Reebok does on Montreal jerseys. It would also be nice to see the helmet and pants.

Rating: 7.5/10

Superman Concept - Justice League Jersey - Tristan M.
The Man of Steel marks the end of Tristan's Justice League series! Congrats to Tristan! This was a fantastic looking series and I look forward, as I'm sure everyone else does, to your future work! The capes in this series have been a nice touch and that's no exception here. Great concept, great series, congrats again.

Rating: 8.75/10

Thanks for stopping by and leave some COTW nominations why don't ya? There's plenty of quality concepts here!
MLK Day in the USA Reviewed by DBro Alexander on January 19, 2015 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

COTW for TG!

I think Coby's concept is based on the New York Giants away jerseys that have no white. i will admit it is odd to see the Devils in white and red.

The concepts in this post are very well executed btw!

Vaughn said...

Will my Team Canada WCoH jerseys be posted tomorrow

Unknown said...

McElroy for COTW

Vaughn said...

Matt McElroy for COTW

Unknown said...

Dylan's Stars' set for COTW, if I had rated it I'd give it a solid 9.5, I think the silver works great!

Unknown said...

I'll nom Matt's Cap's concept for COTW

Mario Ardais said...

DBro, i say put it on there and go tell those Caps fans they got lucky, and that classless rambunctious man-child Alex Ovechkin didn't deserve that win.

Anonymous said...

Side note-Every Kings player in "This or That" in-game video that's asked "Modern or Retro" for jerseys has picked Retro (Forum Blue and Gold).

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