Friday: Stadium Series Galore

TGIF! Welcome to the Friday post.

So The Winter Classic looked awesome yesterday, both teams sporting good jerseys. Chicago obviously didn't change much but it looked better than their previous WC jerseys. Washington surprised me how good their jerseys looked, and this is how to do a faux-back right. It calls on history  but has original elements. One problem though, blue helmets would have looked so much better.

Don't forget to vote for COTW! It should be your New Years resolution to vote every week for COTW since it is so easy. Also don't forget about the World Cup of Hockey contest. Yes it did start a little late into the week, but don't worry, the entry phase doesn't end until NEXT FRIDAY.

COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logos (due Friday, January 9 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Let's check out some of the entries:

Dylan N.

On to the concepts!


Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ A set based off the 2012 WC jersey isn't a bad idea
+ Lots of orange and black used in the home jersey, fixing the problem the first Flyers black jersey had of too much white
+ The Flyers logo does really pop on a more standard cut jersey

- These jerseys look AWFULLY SIMILAR to the Oilers, particularly the orange yoke and cuffs
- The striping on the away jersey doesn't match the black jersey nor do the arms and hem match 
- The NOB is too high up, and the font seems really bland and out of place, there needs to be some sort of outline
- Tags on the inner collar are wrong, and no Reebok/CCM logo on the back of the yoke

5.75/10- It's not a horrible idea, but the execution needs some work, and the concept just isn't that creative.

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ These jerseys do look nice, in any cut
+ I'm sure there are lots of people who say that they would want this set over the current one

- It's just the Penguins alternate with a white version, which itself is just an edge cut of the Pens 80's jerseys. There's no originality to the concept. Very little has changed and that's a shame since there's so much you can do with the Pens 80's colours to make it creative. 
- Problems with the NOB and numbers persist 

5/10- Mario, you can make good, creative concepts, but these last two were lackluster. Instead of copying current jerseys with little changes, take some time and make original concepts that take inspiration from current jerseys. 

Stadium Series 2015 Concept (By: Trent D.)

+ Certainly a bight stadium series, with little to no black used on either jersey
+ The problems with the giant logos on the pants are fixed but still look unique 
+ Bringing back the Kings in purple and using the late 90's shield logo
+ The 3 tone teal yoke ends  and arm stripes look awesome! 

-  The logo on the sharks jersey seems a little whitewashed based on the two shades of teal used, I would have used the darkest and 2nd lightest 
- Never been a fan of high sock stripes 
- NOB is narrow and hard to read

8.75/10- A much better and unique Stadium Series to what we got! 

Kingston Frontenacs Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ A Kingston set that doesn't completely copy the Bruins but still references them
+ Fauxback striping on the home and road that looks sharp
+ Using the K spoked wheel as a shoulder patch and the K as a primary logo
+ Yellow alternate with the beautiful Kingston script

- The yellow erase would be perfect without the black pits and the black/white were reversed not he arms 
-Ryan, your concepts would be getting much high ratings if you used better fonts. This one doesn't look bad, but the name is hard to read and looks like something from word. Check out the HJC template page to find more fonts

8.5/10- An awesome set with a few minor problems. 

2015 Stadium Series Concept (By: Griffin B.)

+ The LA logo is awesome! Probably one of the better secondary logos in the NHL and it could work on the front of a jersey...maybe...
+The striping is pretty solid, at least on the LA jersey
+ Lots of orange on the SJ jersey
+ Execution is getting better

- The SJ jersey has little to no white on it, white makes the jersey look darker than it should
- No shoulder patches on the LAs jersey, or not mention of the crown logo
- The name on the LA jersey is low and looks awkward 

6.25/10- Getting better! 

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Dylan N.)

+ Combining the pre-edge and current Sharks jerseys rarely looks good, but in this case, it looks pretty good
+ Black is San Jose's colours when using the 2000's striping
+ I never thought I'd say this but the Sabres's 3rd inspired arm striping looks fantastic
+ Do I even have to mention the execution

- Missed opprutunity on the shoulder patches. I get the idea was to ditch the orange, which I'm not against, but use the Shark fin shoulder patch or the North Cali one or something!
- Would have liked to see a new font, something like a wider version of the 2000's font

9/10- Would buy this! COTW Nom. from me! 

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Alexander D.)

+ I've always liked the Shark triangle logo 
+ Unique striping pattern that could work with 
+ Using the shark fin shoulder patch

- I think Alexander is a new artist, so I don't expect the numbers to be perfect, and they're not done horribly, but the teal jersey's numbers are too thin and small and the white jersey's numbers are too small
- The striping on the arms looks like a paint fill in its current state. I get it's trying to do almost like a sunset look to it, but it needs some retooling!
- Either have a hem stripe or colour the trim on the bottom then connect the striping into it, but not two separate patterns, it looks weird
- Logo looks skewed

4.75/10- Keep at it and you'll be great in no time

Los Angeles Galaxy Concepts (By: Daniel L.)

+ This is a good way to do a crossover. Take inspiration from the original kit, and put it onto a hockey jersey as much as possible, while remembering to make it look like a hockey jersey. Daniel has done that
+ The white jersey looks absolutely gorgeous, and if the Galaxy were a hockey team, this would work perfectly
+ Good execution 

- The blue jersey, while I get what it's supposed to look like, looks weird as a hockey jersey
- The hem would look better straight 
- Better idea would be just to make a blue version on the white jersey, then this would be COTW worthy

8/10- Hope this becomes a series! 

That's the vote, don't forget to vote!

Have a great weekend, Go Jets Go! I have a 19 hour drive ahead of me to go back to Dal. 
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Ryan C. said...

Gotcha! next set of concepts will have better fonts! :)

David Kerr said...

HA! 19 hours to get back to Dal... I only have a 4 hour ride to get there! Good luck in the snow coming through NB...

Also, COTW to Dylan N.'s Sharks jerseys

Unknown said...

I'll second Dylan's sharks concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

Trent's SS concept for COTW!

richard lewis said...

I'll second trent and his stadium series jerseys for COTW

Vaughn Roberts said...

Dylan's Sharks Concept for COTW

Alex Diamantopoulos said...

I used the Paint.NET tutorial for arm striping, could someone elaborate on how I can improve it from looking like a "paint fill"? Thanks, I'm Alexander D who made the Sharks concept by the way!

Ryan said...

@Alex: Your stripes are "bleeding" into the template lines. You'll want to try and clean that up by choosing "Pixelated Selection Quality" in the "Selection Clipping Mode" when using the Magic Wand in Paint.net

When the writer suggests that it's a "paint fill" he's suggesting that there is no originality to the stripes and he believes that it looks like you just took five stripes from another team and coloured them to fit the Sharks.

Just his opinions. Keep at it!

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