Friday: Movin' on West


Hockey news isn't as common as it was last week, but the playoff push is in full swing, with every team trying to find that one special player. For the Jets, it looks to be a rental player like Mike Santarelli, Daniel Winnik or a solid 3rd line defensive player. Trading someone like Pavelec for a solid rental appears to be a possible trade baiter.

As for the other Canadian teams, the Sens appear to be content without selling, the Leafs are going to BLOW UP! The Oilers should BLOW UP! As for the Canadiens, Canucks & Flames, pretty much the same as the Jets, but with varying needs! This is going to be a good post season for Canadian teams.

As for 'Murican teams, Colorado & Dallas are making charges, and could move into the 9th spot unless LA smartens up. Colorado has Jerome Iginla to trade, Dallas has...well...not too much, but needs defence! Unless there's a late season push then the Flyers could be selling, as will the Hurricanes, who NEED to get rid of the leech of a former good player in Alexander Semin. Who's to say that Jarmoir Jagr couldn't be on a cup run this year? Arizona isn't looking too good, but they don't have much to sell after trading Devin Dubnyk. Speaking of him, the Wild aren't fully out of things, partly thanks to solid goaltending on the part of Dubs.

Also, Milwaukee could be getting an NHL team with talks of a new arena and sports complex being built. That would be interesting, to see the Milwaukee Admirals be "promoted" in a sense, and play their former big brother in Nashville. I'd prefer if they took my Milwaukee Whitetails concept from about a year ago, but you win some, you lose some.

In the AHL, this year will mark the end of 5 East Coastish teams. Oklahoma City, Manchester, Adirondack, Worcester and Norfolk will all be relocating to California. The idea being to use existing ECHL West Coast teams, and swapping them with AHL East coast teams with West Coast affiliates.

My name predictions

Calgary Flames-Stockton Thunder-Adirondack ? (Maybe keep the Flames name)
Edmonton Oilers- Bakersfield Condors- ? (OKC probably won't get an ECHL team)
Los Angeles Kings-Ontario Reign-Manchester Monarchs (No doubt these teams keep their names)
Anaheim Ducks- San Diego Mariners- Norfolk Admirals (the Admirals would just be returning to their original league when they were Hampton Roads Admirals)
San Jose Sharks- California Golden Seals- Worcester? (Maybe Icecats, and how cool would a GS return be?)

What are your thoughts? Better or worse? Are you in one of these markets? Will this affect you?

On to the World Cup of Hockey entries for today (There are a lot):


Mike B.


John E.

David P.

Nick B.

Matt Mc.

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On to the concepts, we have 5 today!


Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Justin F.)

+ The 90's Winnipeg Jets jerseys are some of the best of ALL TIME, so seeing them make a return would be amazing
+ Good execution, aside from a couple points 
+ The recoloured modern logo doesn't look half bad, and is one of the better versions I've seen

- The recoloured logo doesn't look as good as the "tide" Jets logo would look on the front of that jersey, it's more a case of "is this better than it is replacing", and I don't think so
- the TV numbers are too small and the NOB is too big
- The reebok logo on the gloves really bothers me, it shouldn't stand out like that

7/10- Hard to dislike a concept based on an almost near perfect jersey, but it could be better It's an idea worth trying again 

Toronto HC MLS Crossover Concept (By: Daniel L.)

+ Toronto FC, despite being one of the worst MLS franchises, has one of the best jerseys, and both concepts do somewhat accurately portray what the team actually wears
+ The white jersey looks really sharp, especially what Daniel has done with the arms
+ Obviously the red jersey is a little be out there, but for what it's based on, I really dig it
+ Good execution

- The tv numbers on the white jersey look better with they were the dark grey from the logo rather than black
- Gray should make more of an appearance over black, since TFC has worn it since their inception 

8/10- Not a fan of the team, but a solid crossover none the less

Ottawa Senators Concept (By: Wings98)

+ Obvious "side profile looks better than front facing senator" comment
+ The colours on the striping are very well balanced
+ Inclusion of gold is there, but not overwhelming
+ Good mix of old Sens and new Sens 

- The numbers, helmet and NOB have a weird outline and blurriness
- TV numbers are too small
- Chest stripe should NEVER stop and go around the numbers 
- The collar should have some black on it

6.5/10- Better execution would make this concept a real winner! 

Mohawk Valley Prowlers UHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Despite the contrast between the logo and the fauxback jersey, the two actually go really well together 
+ The colours are done near perfectly 
+ Black cuffs and yokes look really nice, and doesn't overwhelm the blue/white

- I won't talk about the template issue because Ryan made this prior to him saying he'd change, but the logo does go above the tie down, and the NOB on the blue jersey isn't straight
- The numbers would look a lot better if they would be all black without an outline and a bit smaller 

7.5/10- Would have been a slick look for the UHL!

2015 All Star Game Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

+ Is it possible to make the neon and black look good, but Dylan does it, as have others
+ Those numbers though....
+ The logo with a little green and no chrome! 
+ All the garbage from the actual jerseys are gone
+ Fantastic execution

- The pants look like a volume bar on a mid 2000's phone, not bad, but I would have done away with the middle part 
- Arm cuffs would look better if it continued past the curve 

9.5/10- COTW Nom from Me! 


That's the post!

Don't forget to vote for COTW & COTY, and keep the World Cup of Hockey entires coming in!

Go Jets Go! Have an awesome weekend! 

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Mario Ardais said...

I gotta say that DBro's ASG concept is the best one to use those colours. great job.

Also, anyone else sad that Martin Brodeur decided to hang up the skates yesterday?

Unknown said...

Is that Iceborn 2.0 I see?

And no Mario, it seemed like he retired 3 years ago.

DBro Alexander said...

Reports are that San Diego's team will be named the Gulls

Caz said...

The only thing that disappoints me about Brodeur's retirement is that he did it as a St. Louis Blue.

That being said, a Brodeur Blues jersey is going to be one of those highly-sought after odd jerseys 10 years from now. If I could ever stand to wear a Blues sweater, I might buy one myself.

Ryan C. said...

Ive heard the Stockton team will be named Grizzles... not sure why they would want that but that is a rumor

winnipegjets96 said...

Oh I wouldn't mind the Gulls or San Fran Spiders coming back, but Golden Seals would be preferred
Doesn't look like Norfolk is getting anything but OKC might.

M said...

Doubt it will happen, but the San Jose Sharks getting a farm team named the California Golden Seals made me laugh.

Although I`m betting not many hockey fans these days will get the George Gund teams reference.

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