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Anyone watch the Jets absolutely destroy the Panthers 8-2... No? Well hopefully you heard it because you're about to hear it again.

Yes, these blow out wins do happen at least a dozen times a season, but the Jets have never been so brutal in defeating a team. It may have been the Panthers but they are 9th in the East, and Winnipeg chased All Star Roberto Luongo from the net. It was nice to see an offensive explosion that playoff teams tend to have. Mattheiu Perrault had 4 goals and if he had a 5th, someone would have won $1'000'000

He apologized for not getting the 5th, what a guy!

Am I saying the Jets will make the playoffs? Maybe? Funny enough, 3 of the 4 Western playoff teams are in the playoff mix and playing better than expected, which is also amazing since last season, none of the 4 teams were even close to the playoff. If one team was to slip it would be the Flames but then again, they've already out played most people's expectations.

NHL All Star jerseys------Not going to talk about them because I'm so disappointed. I mean I really liked the previous All-Star jerseys for the past two games, and the Montreal ones were unique in their own way, but these are just bleh. The Black jersey is okay but the white jersey has such bad colour balancing that it's horrible.

Enough said, not buying one! 3/10

Voting this week is ultra super important since not only is there is the World Cup of Hockey contest voting phase is on, but COTY December. Of course COTY is important and the culmination of all the COTWs of 2014 are coming together

COTY-December vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup Logo Top 3 vote (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the Concepts:


New York Rangers Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ Not that I don't like the Rangers current white jersey, but having something that matched a little more would be nice, even as a white alternate
+More white on the home jersey has a nice 40's vive to it
+ Keeping the home and road not matching in minor ways
+ Good execution

- Despite the good execution, the RANGERS looks a little big
- Why not NEW YORK on the blue jersey? (More a preference thing)


Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ Striping looks amazing, this is how I would use red on a Jets concept
+ Colours balanced well
+ A nice simple jersey for a simply good team

- It's very hard to make a crossover between the 90's Jets and current Jets, but the Tide logo doesn't look like it belongs on the jersey, just shoehorned on
- The font issues continue, and in this case, this really doesn't even look like a font that would work on any jersey in any sport outside NASCAR or maybe NHL 3001
- Logo on front is too small

6/10- execution needs work, but the concepts are getting better

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ I really like the Capitals in these colours
+ Colour balancing is decent

- Execution needs a lot of work on this one, more than this previous concept
- The striping is very templated and the straight stripe is very out of place
- The numbers really need to improve, they're just word numbers, the template page is so full of amazing numbers that will make your concepts better
- The jerseys are boring, with no shoulder patches, especially since the flying eagle logo works with the capital building logo and vice versa


Montreal Canadiens Concept (By: Kerouac Diamond)

+ This is a very unique take on the Canadiens history
+ The arms look fantastic with the chest stripe
+ The monochromatic logo
+ Oversized NOB

- No tv numbers, which would look great on the shoulders
- The socks don't match the jersey
- Undersized numbers on the back
- Pixelated outline around the helmet logo

7.25/10- It's hard to make a unique Canadiens concept, and it a little more work, this could be a COTW worthy concept.

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Dylan N.)

+ NOB jokes
+ Mixing the Winter classic with the current
+Unique Yoke shape with lots of stripes
+ Weagles as the Primary
+Excellent execution

- Minor thing, the stars on the chest would look better if they followed the pattern of the arms
- Boring font

9/10 COTW Nom from me

Grand Rapids Griffins Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Like the striping pattern
+ Fonts are getting better
+ Using the design logo over the slightly outdated IHL logo

-Something is off about this template, none of the colours patch and the logo looks like it was pasted right over the collage lace. Templates page has an array of templates that work better
- Shoulder patches also look off and oddly put not he shoulders
- Blue numbers would work better on the blue jersey


Wonder Woman Concept (By: Tristan M.)

+ Superhero crossovers are always awesome!
+ Concept looks really good, and does what a crossover should do and blend the two
+ The chest stripe looks fantastic and resembles the uniform
+ Great execution

- Not a huge fan of the way the numbers are laid out on the arms
- NOB is small
- Blue bottom looks bare, but adding piping would work


That's the post!

Remember to vote!! It's super important!

Go Jets Go! Have a great weekend

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Unknown said...

I'll second Dylan for COTW

and if anyone finds those "jerseys" that Ryan C. is making, then contact me.

Anonymous said...

The numbers that Mario used would look like asshole on a NASCAR

Ryan C said...


"and if anyone finds those "jerseys" that Ryan C. is making, then contact me."

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