Friday: From Anchorage to Los Angeles


Obviously, the World Juniors were awesome! Then again any year Canada wins gold is awesome. Slovakia also did very well, and that goalie, Denis Godla is going to be in the NHL, hopefully, someday and he will be just as well received as he was when he put on a clinic against Canada!

Also, if you've ever wanted a team Slovakia jersey, now might just be the time.

The Leafs fired their coach. I don't wanna write for 3 hours what is going wrong in Leafland but let's say it might get ugly or get better, I have no clue? Could Toronto be the next Edmonton? It's very possible, though not on the same scale.

Keep your eyes open, jersey fans, the NHL All Star jerseys are set to come out today on NHL Live, and they appear, based on the trailers that they will not only be neon green, black and grey, but also very modern. Let's hope this is a pleasant surprise like the previous All Star jerseys

COTW, vote, NOW!

Also, the World Cup of Hockey entries are due tonight! Don't forget to get yours in.

COTW Dec 28-Jan 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logo entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Let's look at some of the entries that have come in recently:

Scott M.

William B.

On to the Concepts


Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Nathan N.)

+ A simple yellow jersey works best 
+ It looks nice, would work, aside from one major flaw with the jersey that I can't overlook

- This concept was made by taking Erie's current alternate right from sportslogos.net, changing the collar, removing the CHL marks and adding a Sabres logo. It's not an original concept
- The primary logo is far too small 
- No shoulder patches makes the shoulder look bland and the tag inside the collar uses the old RBK logo rather than the current script
-  There's very little effort 

4/10- I like to see effort in concepts, and this concept has very little, even if the idea could work 

Team Canada Concepts (By: Bpoe96)

+ As awesome as the World Juniors were (GO CANADA!), Canada's jerseys were not the best. They weren't bad but could have been better
+ Funny enough, as much as I like black in Canada's look, navy looks a little better 
+ Good execution, as expected from Bpoe96

- The problems, I feel that the original has are not fixed with this concept
- There's still a big yoke of navy with no navy on the striping, lettering or even cuffs
- No numbering, which could help balance the colours better 

7/10- Better, but the changes aren't major enough 

Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: Ben M.)

+ Burger King logo as the primary (cough, cough, L.A should use it more)
+ A gray jersey that uses yellow and black rather than purple and black 
+ I'm a sucker for double yoke outlines 
+ Despite using the Bruins main 3 colours and gray, I can tell this is an LA concept

- Execution does need work, and the problem with the number spacing on the back and arms still carries over from previous concepts
- The number's outlines should match the striping, and include white to make them pop more
- If there are cuffs on the arms, then the hem should match with a black cuff 

6.75/10- Getting better, Ben! 

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Eric T.)

+ A black devils jersey is something I'd be a fan of
+ Lots of white in the striping
+ The gradient logo looks pretty sweet

- The gradient numbers don't show up well on the back
- Execution needs a fair bit of work
- No tv numbers
- Stitching should stop at the hem stripe, not go through it
-  With hem stripes, unlike the arms, the bottom cuff should not be used unless it is either on its own or have the red continue down to it

5/10- It's a good idea, and the execution will come with practice. Keep at it!

Calgary Flame Concepts (By: Dylan N.)

+ Love Dylan's name puns! Keep those up please!
+ It's hard but not impossible to make side panels work on a concept, but this is the 2nd concept Dylan has used it to his advantage
+ The yoke shape looks amazing, especially on the white jersey
+ No black, but still keeping the jersey dark enough that it doesn't need it

-Minor problem, but I've never been a fan of this font, especially on a Calgary concept since it was originally Edmonton's. I'd use Calgary's flaming horse head font

9.5/10- Pretty Great! 

Alaska Nanooks NCAA Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ Those yoke stripes look amazing!
+ Great colour balancing, even with the monochromatic font
+ Nice and simple striping that uses black only to make the other colours pop
+ Excellent execution

- The black pants aren't awful, but I would have gone with blue

9.5/10- Taylor really is on a roll recently!

HC Ugra KHL Concepts (By: TG)

+ Better than what they've worn
+ As much as I like to see green in hockey, the double blue works better with the logo
+ This updated mammoth logo looks way better
+Keeping the tree like thing on the arms looks awesome
+ Classic striping pattern

- The font is not awful, but it looks more like bones

9.25/10- TG is also on a roll!

That's the post!

Don't forget to vote and get your World Cup of Hockey entires in!

Go Jets Go! Have a great weekend! 
Friday: From Anchorage to Los Angeles Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on January 09, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Font is Calgary's new 3rd font, not Edmonton's old 3rd.

Unknown said...

The only reason I chose black pants was to add s'more black into the set.

COTW vote to TG. I'm a sucker for black and blue.

winnipegjets96 said...

They look so similar I couldn't tell, but that is true.

Still, you did get a 9.5.

I will give you my COTW Nom though

EnsErmac said...

I don't understand all of the love for the new Reebok template. It looks like the sleeves are way too short.

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