Friday: All Star Dropouts


I would brag about how well the Jets are doing right now, but at this point, I don't want karma to bite be in the rear or count my chickens before they hatch

All Star Weekend is upon us, and what I consider to be the most fun part of the new All Star format, the Draft is tonight. Dustin Byfuglien will represent the Jets (surprising not to see Michael Hutchinson in the rookie showcase), and several other great players will be there. Others will not. There are many people who get mad when star players like Crosby & Malkin drop out of the game because of injuries. If you are a Crosby fan, then yes, I'd be mad but don't get mad at the player

I don't see Caz freaking out because Pekka Rinne had to drop out because of his injury. Sure Rinne was injured long before, but there's a representative from every team and these star players need to remember that after this game the playoff push begins. To some it may seem the game is meaningless if big name players are not playing, but...hockey happen, and there's still loads of talent to watch.

Like Johnny Gadreau, you know the Johnny (insert sport name here) that actually plays well....Maybe people are just cranky over the crappy jerseys...

The World Cup of Hockey contest; remember to get your entries in before the deadline and READ THE RULES & FOLLOW HJC'S LOGO USE POLICY!

Here are some of the entries that have come in since last post:

David P.

Josiah B.

Curtis P.

Taylor R.

Voting is also super important, and it drives the force of this blog (if the blog knew the force). It's the 4th quarter vote, the last vote before the COTY Semi-Finals and Finals!

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup - Jersey Phase (ends January 30 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Flint Generals Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ This incarnation of the Flint Generals had nice jerseys but a dated colour scheme, and using the brighter yellow and blue look much better
+ The jerseys resemble the 80s Blues, but don't rip them off
+ Good colour balancing

- I'm of the belief that a template shouldn't make a concept good/bad, and yes, Ryan does use the Athletic Knit custom jersey creator as his template which isn't bad in itself, it does limit the creativity of the jerseys but the execution is what I will focus on 
- The name & numbers on the back stick out since they were put on after, and aren't centred on the white jersey
- The tv numbers look like they say 44 rather than 4
- Boring font

6.75/10- Ryan, your ideas are good but using another template system would give you more creativity in your concept making and make your execution. Check out the template page and I look forward to seeing you improve! 

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Connor J.)

+ Using the Flyers' tail flairs on a jersey
+ Orange Flyers logo looks surprising good
+ The front hem of the jersey looks great

- The back of the jersey is boring! The flairs would look better as side panels and having no back hem stripe, especially one that thick
- The NOB are too small and the name it too big
- The arm band is templatey and doesn't match the Flyers theme, more like a Blue Jackets' style choice 

6/10- Keep up the unique ideas, but work on the execution 

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Caz W.)

+ This certainly is different, especially for a team that hasn't worn a black jersey in almost 10 years
+ The grey to black gradient is done very well
+ Amazing execution, as expected by Caz
+ Normally, I'm not a fan of jerseys with no white, but this works really well

- The numbers could use an outline, and aren't very visible 
-  I'm such a big fan of the Flames' current alternate logo, it'd be a shame not to use it, without it, the jersey looks a little bare

8.5/10- It's a shrubbery of a concept! 

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Concept (By: John E.)

+ Improvement over what they currently wear
+ Using bright yellow and black over navy or vegas gold
+ Awesome striping pattern, and a gorgeous chest stripe
+ Good execution 

- The name and captain's C don't match the numbers or GT logo without an outline
- More preference but I wish the wasp was holding a hockey stick
- The stitching should stop at the hem stripe, not continue down

8.75/10- Great concept! 

New York City FC Concept (By: Daniel L.)

+ The jersey looks like a very slick Adidas Jacket
+ Good execution
+ Again, not a huge fan of the lack of white, but it doesn't hurt the concept
+ It's a solid crossover, looking like a soccer jersey on a hockey template but still plausibly being a hockey jersey
+ Bright orange and blue standout very well on the jersey

- The numbers don't really match the NYC in the logo
- If you want to ditch white completely, ditch it in the logo
- The bottom of the jersey looks boring without a stripe

7.75/10- I wanna see an orange jersey!

Spartak Moscow KHL Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ Damn these jerseys look good
+ Solid execution, as expected in Taylor R.'s recent reign of amazing concepts
+ Having the arm striping match the C logo 
+ Using the roundel logo as the primary
+ Unique shoulder shape

- Zherdev is a stupid head
- The C logo doesn't show up well on the red shoulders, pants and red helmet, making and inverted version of the logo would fix that

9/10- Keep it up! 


That's the post, everyone!
Remember to vote and get your World Cup of Hockey entries in 
Go Jets Go!
Enjoy All Star Weekend!

Friday: All Star Dropouts Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on January 23, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Oh Sean I'm flattered. And yeah I shoud have inverted the colors on the logo for the red parts.

COTW to John Elbertson

Ryan C said...

My entire UHL series is done and submitted. In the mean time ill look into other templates but i dont have any good photo edit programs to use

Anonymous said...

it really bothers me a lot that you took points off of caz's flames concept because it doesn't have the logo you would have used

Daniel L. said...

On my NYCFC concept I went without white on the jersey in an attempt match the soon to be released away kit.

Caz said...

I think Jets96 just means that the shoulders are bare overall. I agree, but none of the Flames' logos looked good with just red. I wanted thin numbers, but when I see the jersey now, they could be more legible with some sort outline.

Caz said...

And I'm trying not to freak out about Pekka's injury. I don't care if he misses the All-Star game. I probably won't watch it. I just want him fully healthy for a strong playoff run.

winnipegjets96 said...

Yeah, if I ever were to say something like that, then I'd state it's my preference and a minor issue, I should have phrased it better. Plus, I'd never take points off for something like that, unless as Caz said, that I felt the jerseys were empty without it. Still a good concept! I owe you one Caz btw.

@ Ryan C. You don't need to get fancy, try using paint or GIMP or Paint.net

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I was going to say that. As much as I may hate NYCFC, it's a well done jersey. I'd say 8/10

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