Got the Club Going Up, On a Tuesday!

Hello HJC readers, as I am hunched over a trashcan throwing up every 10 minutes, I am still writing, as I am a terrible procrastinator and even though I get my concepts for my posts on Friday night, I wait until Tuesday morning before school to write my posts. Maybe this will be a lesson learned. 

You have another whole week to make your World Cup of hockey concepts and send them in. And if you don't vote while doing so, SHAME ON YOU! Every vote is just as important because before a concept can win COTY, it has to win Concept of the week first, So VOTE MY MINIONS! 

COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup entries (due February 6 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Saint Louis: Caz Williams

Good - The unique diagonal striping. It is unique asf.

- The absence of gold. It actually looks really sharp here.

- Dark and light blues used together. I am a suck face for double blue designs so it will always be my thing. 

- The number font.

Bad - The logo could use some more dark blue. 

- The collar should just be solid dark blue. It would tie in better with the rest of the jersey that way.


Pittsburgh: Connor J

Good -  Blue needs to be returned to Pittsburgh's color scheme. 

- The angled side striping looks really cool in combination with the pants stripe.

Bad - The front wordmark looks squished or distorted. 

- The socks look boring, I would have done light blue with a dark blue stripe down the middle. 

- Dropback number fonts are the Rangers' thing, It doesn't fit here. Also, the NOB font looks extremely MS Paintish, whether that's where you got it or not. 

- "Though the side panel striping looks kind of cool it just doesn't look good", if you get what I mean...


Dalhousie: Eric T
(The Dalhousie Tigers are a college club team in the NCAA)

Good - The jerseys aren't the same, but they match well together. 

- The black yoke on the white jerseys makes the black helmet look better, but normally a second white helmet would be the way to go.

Bad - The font on the back/sleeves of the jersey is a bit too small.

- You could raise the logo up a bit.

-The simplistic striping, though traditional, looks boring and uncreative. 

-The Reebok logo on the back should be the Reebok wordmark.


Knoxville: Ryan C

Good - This jersey is low key sexy. Especially for a team called the Speed, the checkered flag striping looks super slayin! 

- The matching striping on both jerseys

- The collar looks kind of like a NASCAR suit collar, so that's cool.

Bad - The logo. It would look better shrunk and put inside a roundel, but as is it isn't that great.

- The font, it could be smaller, but it would be even better to change it up completely.

- A shoulder logo would look sleek, and 9/10 times makes the jersey look way better, so consider that for your upcoming concepts.


Montreal: Taylor R

Good: - Taylor is an absolute genius! 99% of the time i think Underarmour hockey jerseys SUCK, but you are making them... look good? 

-The new design for the Habs. I'm kinda tired of the same old thing, the revitalized chest stripe and addition of gold are spectacular! 

-The blue yoke on the white jersey makes the blue helmet fit, but...

Bad - ... due to NHL equipment rules, white jerseys need to have white helmets to match, unless permission is expressed by the league for a one off like the Winter Classic or Stadium Series.

-The logo on the pants is a bit too big. 

- For all of the jerseys in this series, I would have put the Underarmour logo on the back where the Reebok wordmark usually goes, just because...

9.50/10 and a COTW NOMINATION! 

Well YOU BETTER GO VOTE! because if you don't you will feel shame. Shame worse then getting pantsed at Walmart when you are... ahem... aroused (definitely not a personal tragedy or anything), Shame worse than getting escorted from the ACC after throwing your 200$ jersey on the ice after the Leafs give up another goal. THAT'S THE SHAME YOU WILL FEEL! If you don't vote...


Got the Club Going Up, On a Tuesday! Reviewed by Unknown on January 27, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

if i put the under amour logo on the back you wouldnt be able to see it.

cotw caz

Unknown said...

I'll sec Taylor's Habs set for COTW

Tyler. F said...

COTW vote goes to Caz, thats one sharp jersey!

winnipegjets96 said...

COTW for Caz, that's a thing of 90's beauty.

Just a side note, Dalhousie is not a part of the NCAA, since it's in Nova Scotia, Canada, and plays in the AUS (Atlantic University Sports) conference of the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sports).

T.G. Blankenship said...

Taylor's habs concept... shut up and take my money! It's brilliant. The Edmonton Oil Kings in the WHL could do a very similar design and get away with it too.

Unknown said...

Third Caz's STL for COTW because it looks like the 90s exploded all over that thing.

Caz said...

Thank you for the compliments and nominations!

The striping actually comes from elements of the Blue Note, and I wanted to see what a jersey would look like if it had parallel striping. Most diagonal-striped jerseys use lines that would intersect, but I wondered what jersey would look like if all the diagonal striping was the same direction.

I honestly thought this would be the lowest-rated of all my concepts in this odd series. I showed it to a Blues-loving family member, and he hated it!

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