Wednesday: Three artists squared.

Hello world of computerized conceptual art makers and lovers of hockey jerseys, we've got a jam packed post today but before you get reading you should probably vote, 

COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

As I'm writing this, I just finished a really long comparative essay on the Leafs and Senators which was actually quite fun. I had to really dig threw the internet and found some really cool stuff. Did you guys ever do a project that related to hockey when you were in school? I don't think Ryan would enjoy reading it though! 

Alright time for some concepts,

Dylan N - Detroit Red Wings
Dylan Creates a jersey inspired by the winter classic threads from last years winter classic. It really makes a great jersey, compared to the boring ones Detroit are currently wearing. I love the "D" logo on the arm striping. The yoke stripes go perfectly with the hem and arm stripes. The logo choice is spot on. Execution and details on this concept are perfect. Not much I would change here. Overall: (10/10) and a COTW NOM.

Dylan N - St. Louis Blues
Dylan adds a white alternate jersey option for the Blues, this one being modern with a touch of classic. I really think dylan knocked this one out of the park. Once again I love the yoke stripes, and the decision to not put hem stripes but instead go with the mesh stripes work perfectly. The "St. Louis" word mark under the collar looks very cool (very sabres-esque). Once again Dylan, I applaud you (9.5/10). 

Griffin B - Columbus Blue Jackets
Griffin decides to go all out with the colour scheme on this concept. I like the choice of the primary crest, but thats bout it. The colours of the logo aren't the same as the ones found on the jerseys, I also would've like to seen a more unique striping pattern. The font on the sleeve numbers on the Dark jersey is different than the one found on the back. Maybe try making a more unique striping pattern with the colours found on the logo and send this one again! Overall (6/10)

Jack H - Chicago Blackhawks

Whenever a writer reviews a Blackhawks concept he usually starts with "The blackhawks have one of the best jerseys in the NHL." Which is true. But you can always improve on something and this is what Jack does. I love the fact that the arm striping matches the Hem striping. The new striping on the light jersey is fantastic. I also like the addition of the outline on the logo, as it makes it pop more. The shoulders NEED the tomahawk shoulder patch… Overall a tough team to improve upon, but you did a great job! Overall : (9/10)

Jack H - Detroit Red Wings

Unlike the first concept Jack decides to simplify the Red wings. I don't like this move. I think Detroit already has simple uniforms that they don't need to be even more simplified. I do like Jacks presentation but Its just to simple, I understand making all the attention go to the logo, as its one of the best in the league. Overall Needs something more exciting (7/10)

Kevin G - Chicago Blackhawks

I haven't seen too many concepts from Kevin, so if you're new, Welcome! Kevin creates a winter classic jersey for the Blackhawks. I really like the logo choice but it needs to be much bigger! Execution looks pretty good but you need to add sleeve numbers. I think laces would add a more vintage effect. The old reebok vector should be replaced with the new word mark. Overall: keep working at it! (6.5/10)

Phil B - Charlottetown Islanders

This was one of Phil's entries to the CHL redesign comp. I really like the arm striping, the swoosh effect goes great with the team branding. Colour balance is really well done, but i don't think you need the white yoke on the dark jersey, as it adds a bit too much white. The last thing is, I'm not sold on the hem stripe with the bridge. I think it adds tie in with the logo but it doesn't look good, maybe it would be better on an alternate. Overall (7.5/10).

Phil B - Peterborough Petes

Phil Gives the Petes a jersey with plenty of stripes. It actually looks quite nice, but the main issue here is that the logo does not look good on the chest stripe, it doesn't pop out enough. Besides that I don't have any other nitpicks with the design. I encourage Phil to work on his presentation, many writers have said it, but a white background would work much better, and the big box with the team name and personal logo could use some work. Overall: I like it just work on the logo outline to make it pop. (8/10)

So did you like a concept? Tell us! Its great as an artist to get feedback other than the writers opinion. 

Wednesday: Three artists squared. Reviewed by Unknown on December 17, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Dylan's STL concept for COTW.

Just wondering btw, it's pronounced "Novak" right

Unknown said...

I tie all my projects in with hockey

Unknown said...

Nope, Nowak (No - walk)

a lot of people say (No - wack) but our family pronounces it (No-walk)

richard lewis said...

Second Dylan's st Louis concept

Unknown said...

Both Dylan's Wings and Blues idea are on point.

Unknown said...

I'll second Dylan's red wings set for COTW

Anonymous said...

Second Wonka/Nowak's DRW concept

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