Wednesday: Red, Green and White

How is everyone doing today? We have some concepts to review for you but first I want to talk about fake jerseys, (kiding that has been covered), rather I'll chat about the all star game coming soon. I finally voted yesterday. I really like the layout for the votes this year, it's very clean and sharp. Zemgus Girgensons is also leading that vote, who would've guessed. Did you guys vote yet, if so who? If not then go! Speaking of votes, we also have our own votes going on the blog. Don't forget to send in your entry for the COTY logo competition. 

COTY-November vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 30-Dec 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY Logo Comp (Ends Saturday, December 13, 2014 @ 11:30am Eastern)

Here are the Logo entries:

Christian L: 

Phil B

Now on to the concepts:

Alan J H - Motor City Mechanics

The Motor City Mechanics, I've never heard of this team but the logo looks awesome! I just googled it, and the Mechanics played in the UHL a few years ago. The different coloured sleeves work well. If I had a complaint here, is that the thickness of the sleeve striping is different than the hem, which makes them look unbalanced. Other than that, solid set, with solid execution. Overall (8/10)

Antonio C - Ottawa Senators

With the amount of Senators concepts being pumped out lately, I think we can all agree that the sens need new uniforms, unfortunately management likes it simple and boring. Antonio bring some life to the Uni's by adding gold, which is good. The yoke design is pretty sleek. I'm not a fan of the home jersey being full time gold, this would be more of an alternate material. I'd prefer the updated side facing logo since it looks more modern. Presentation is great but some issues need to be addressed. Overall (7/10)  

Coby S - Whalercanes

Coby combines the Whalers with the Hurricanes. I Just don't get why. Don't get me wrong, the set is very well executed, but these two franchises don't really relate besides the fact that the whalers moved to Carolina. You don't see New jersey having throwbacks to the KC scouts. I will applaud your execution Coby, which has vastly improved. This is to similar to the Hurricanes Alternate, I would've like to see something new. Overall (6.75/10)

Jamie R - Chicago Blackhawks

Two tone jerseys have been a trend recently. The stadium series jerseys look like they will be two tone jerseys. Jamie brings the idea to Chicago. The jersey looks great. I really like the half red half white. Jamie also has done a good job, by making white more dominant, this uniform would be used as a light jersey, sometimes two tone jerseys can be tough as to wether they're dark or light jerseys. The Tv numbers could go up a bit. I really think the "C" logo should go on the shoulder and have the regular crest front and centre. Overall, one of the best I've seen from Jamie (8.5/10)

Leo D - Calgary Inferno

Much like the Calgary Flames, this colour scheme works the best when Yellow is the secondary colour and black is an accent colour. Leo does a good job of that. Execution is great. I don't really care for the angular stripe, but it doesn't look bad. The logo is heavy with black so good thing Leo made the equipment black to balance that out. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of great in this concept. Overall much better than their current set. (8/10)

Patrik G - Washington Capitals 

I love the idea of a blue alternate for the Capitals. The striping is very simple but works effectively. I just have one issue with this jersey, it's the logo. Personally I much prefer the Weagle over the flag eagle. Having both just makes it to heavy eagle. Having laces would add a bit more vintage effect here. Tv numbers could be a bit lower. Overall (7.5/10)

Ross T - Quad City Mallards

Ross shows us his entry in the Mallards competition that ended a few weeks ago. The strongest part of this concept is the logo. The subtle Q that the logo forms is great. The yoke looks really sleek. The striping is alright, i would've like to seen the beige stripe on top of the black and not have that small green stripe. Overall, a great concept by Ross that sadly didn't win. (8.75/10) 

So what did you think of the concepts today, thumbs up, thumbs down? Also, if you wan't a shot at winning this years COTY then you better start sending concepts in, because the next thing you know, its 2015 and it's to late. Anyways, have a great week everyone!

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Unknown said...

The Kromm on the back of the inferno jersey made me smile, he was the coach of the ECHL team I work for for 4 years, he now coaches the ECHL Stockton Thunder. He played for the Calgary Flames when my father (Brian) was the Athletic Trainer for them so they knew each other as well. Hockey is a small world!

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