Wednesday: Concepts on Christmas Eve!

Hey everyone, If your don't celebrate Christmas, you can just ignore the title. If you do, well what's better than having some new concepts to review before the big day?! Unfortunately, there is no hockey as the NHL is giving a break for the families of the players, (something Jagr doesn't want) so once again I'm here to give you some relief entertainment. There is the world juniors, which is actually one of my favourite part of the holidays, it's just a great chance to see the best players not playing professionally from all over the world! Who do you guys think will win? Tell me in the comments!

If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for... theres only one vote this week, how hard can it be?? Pretty hard actually, all the concepts featured in this weeks vote are all great and equal, but anyways... drop everything, stop reading... now and vote. Alright, now that you've voted lets get on to some concepts!

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

(sorry I was trying to add some festivity with the green and red letters, and got lazy and didn't finish)

Also just a quick note, Ryan wants you to share what you received as gifts this year! No we don't want to see if you got underwear or deodorant, we want to see hockey jerseys and such! So you can send those to Ryan just like you would with a concept!

Brady S - Army Black Nights (NCAA)

Brady creates a really conservative set for the Black Nights as he continues his NCAA series. Simple striping works for these college teams, but my biggest issue with this concept is that white and vegas gold don't go all that well together. It doesn't look bad on the light and dark jerseys, but on the black alternate it's not working for me. I'd put a black stripe between the gold and white stripes. Besides that, I don't see any other issues, I like the logo choice, and the script logo on the alternate for that collegiate feeling. Overall: Simple but does the job (8/10)

Center Ice Designs - Las Vegas Jacks

If Vegas gets an expansion team, wouldn't it be great that they tie in the city's "culture" if you want to call it that, in the uniforms. I think that would be awesome and so does CID. I can also really picture this colour scheme, blue, yellow and red would be great together. Lets move on to some negatives. The logo is good, but this seems like its been cut out of a playing card and glued onto this jersey. I would wan't a more sleek and fierce logo. The striping is cool, but it's hiding at the bottom, maybe moving it up and putting it in the middle of regular thick stripes would help. I don't like the font choice, seems a bit to "Microsoft word" for me. Finally, i would like to see shoulder patches. Overall: I like where this is heading, but this needs more work. (6/10)

 Connor J - NY Islanders

Orange alternate for the Islanders, YES YES YES. Sorry Phil's twitter brainwashed me into do that. Thats really the only thing I like out of this design. It's an interesting, modern design but I'm not really feeling it. I would've preferred to see some striping, even the four stripes on the side mesh or on the arms. I don't care for the Oilers pants here, but they do go well with the jersey. The name and numbers on the back are off centre. No helmet logo. Overall: I expect a bit more out of Connor, he's been sending us concepts for a while now, so I really want to see him improve. Speaking of improve, this concepts need that. (6.5/10) 

 Jack H - Pheonix... I mean Arizona Coyotes

I know the "Aztec pattern" has been used many many times before, but can we all agree that it's beautiful? The colour is done right here, and balanced very well. It doesn't bother me that there is not white on the dark jersey. The yoke is good, but looks bare. Maybe adding the logo found on the pants, or even the AZ logo on the shoulder would really help that. Overall: looks stunning, but something we've all seen before. (8.3/10) 

Jack H - St. Louis Blues

I Believe this is an update on Jacks Blues concept he sent in a while ago. I really like the striping (especially on the dark jersey) as it goes really well with the logo. The stripes on the light jerseys are good, but I think would look better if you would change the thin stripes to yellow, and the yellow stripes to dark blue.  Another minor nitpick would be the numbers outlines. For the dark jersey; the light blue outline should be dark blue. For the light jersey, switch the yellow and dark blue outline. Again the shoulders look plain, but ill let Jack get away with this one. Heres an idea.. *Cough* trumpet logo *Cough* *Cough* ... someone help me.. I think I'm choking. Overall: (8.5/10)

JT - Allen Americans

JT creates a grey alternate for the Allen Americans! I love the logo choice. The stripes are really good, but I'd loose the stars on the hem just so they match the arms a bit better. I like the stars on the yoke, but make the yoke dark blue please... then you have a winner. Overall: thats really my only nitpicks, good job! (8.3/10) #'MURICA

Mitch B - Quebec Nordiques

Mitch wants to see the Nords throwback to the old days. I like this colour scheme, the shade of blue is right on. On the white jersey, I'd extend the yoke like the Hurricanes do, so the NOB fully goes on the yoke, and doesn't just touch it.  I really just have one concern with these... is that the Death star cut in half? or A PokéBall? I'm not sure... (I get the "N" and the "Q" though.. so thats good). Overall: (7/10)

Well, Now that you've read this post, I'll let you get back to your activities and such. Spend time with your family and friends and enjoy the holidays everyone! I'll see you in a week with more concepts! 

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