Wednesday: The Concept +/- Leaders

How is it going HJC readers? The hockey world has been a little odd lately, Martin Brodeur signs with the Blues? Daniel Alfredsson skates with the Senators? Zemgus Girgensons the leader in votes for the All star game? Speaking of All star game, Also trending on Twitter last night was a suspected leak of the jersey for that game. What do you guys think. Is this Legit, and if so, yay or nay?

We have some votes going on this week, 

COTW Nov 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Are you guys ready for some concepts? I'm trying a new method of rating concepts inspired by math, also inspired by William B. Usually scores will go from Negative 10 (-10) to plus 10 (+10) based on how many positives and negatives I gave your concept.

Connor J - New Jersey Devils

+ The Devils Could really pull off a black Alternate
+ Connor has been working hard on his execution and presentation. Still not perfect, but getting there. 

- I wished we could've seen less white and more red
- The Hem stripe is a bit to high
- The numbers need to be tad bigger
- No helmet logos
- The pant stripe would look better with only half of it there. 

= Connors execution is getting much better, and the main design idea is good, but even eliminating white could create a fierce identity and a better jersey. Score: (-3)

David K - Val D'or Foreurs

+ Execution (well detailed concept!)
+ Colours. A gold jersey with lots of green works. Well balanced as well. 
+ The Striping pattern goes well with the logo but...

- The logo just isn't pretty.
- I don't dig the striping pattern either, although it is creative.

= With a better logo, this identity could be really great. (+1)

Jack H - Ottawa Senators

+ The Shade of gold used. I tend to like a lighter gold.
+ The pattern reminds me of the old 1997 jerseys.
+ Execution and presentation are great. (really minor, but the reebok logo should go under the collar.)

- No shoulder patches. 

= Great update to the 1997 jerseys, which are so much better than the template jerseys the Sens are currently wearing. (+2) 

Patrik G - Dallas Stars 

+ The star shape pattern is always fun to see in a concept
+ using the roundel logo instead of the star logo. When someone uses the star logo with this pattern, it never works.
+ The gloves look cool

- The NOB and TV numbers are Small
-The sock stripes. Regular horizontal ones would work. 
-No shoulder patches. (If anyone saw, Dallas played a video with all their drafts while rebranding the team, some were really sharp!)

= A great idea for an alternate, needs work, maybe adding more grey and fixing the execution will help. (+0)

Rocky Mountain Concepts - United States Air Force Academy

+ Colour is really well balanced
+ Execution is on point, and your presentation is nice and clean
+ The Yellow arms look good, but...

- I think just a regular yellow yoke would be simpler, and look more effective
-The Font choice is alright, The Letter from the NOB need to be spaced out. A thicker black outline to the number would be nice. 
- Watch out, Stitching should end at the hem stripe

= Although this logo might not look like a hockey logo, this classy design helps that. (+0)

Taylor R -  Cataractes de Shawinigan

+ The brightness of these jerseys
+ The striping pattern, the angular stripes give a native (almost like a bow and arrow) feel to the jerseys.
+Execution and presentation, the shading, helmet logos, and presentation are all terrific. 

-The yellow pants and helmet. 
- The logo. I don't know if its the black in the logo, the cartoony lightning bolts coming out of it, or the fact that it doesn't stand out of the jerseys, but this logo just isn't doing it for me.

= I'm not sure the CHL would allow a yellow Jersey, given that some teams wear yellow jerseys as their home sweaters, but these threads are a real refreshing look. (+1)

The new method of rating concepts is a lot like + - statistics in the NHL. Anyways, if you did think one of these concept artists deserve one of the 3 stars of the night. Nominate them. 

Good night, and good concept making.

Wednesday: The Concept +/- Leaders Reviewed by Unknown on December 03, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Looks like the link for the asg jerseys aren't working.

richard lewis said...

Taylor's  Cataractes de Shawinigan for COTW

Voting for him two days in a row, good job bud!

Jack H. said...

Quick explanation:

I don't do shoulder patches. Part of my process includes placing any potential secondary logos on the shorts instead.

And the Reebok logo is misplaced on purpose, sort of in homage to where the manufacture tag on the old Nike and CCM jerseys used to be.

Cheers. :)

Unknown said...

Yeah, but the sens have a wide pool of logos to choose from, and since the shoulder areas are bare, shoulder patches are a no brainier.

I figured about the reebok logo, I just prefer them in the regular spot.

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