Wednesday: 3... 2... 1... Happy New Concepts!

Hey guys, quick and easy post today since I don't have much time to write it, but yes, today is new years eve, but is that really important when you have Canada playing the United Sates in the world junior tournament? No. I can assure it will be a great game, and by the time this post is posted, the game should've already started. Who do you think will win the game? Anyways, enough about that, we've got some concepts to review, but first you should probably vote, and you'll probably not want to leave that for tomorrow. Ryan also elected to start a new competition so check that out by clicking the big blue banner at the top of the page!

COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logos (due Friday, January 9 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

We have received one entry to the logo comp.:
Jared L.

Now it's time for concepts:

Dylan N - Columbus Blue Jackets

Positives: Dylan offers us simple striping which works effectively here. The yoke goes well with the striping and makes the jersey a little more interesting. I like the font choice here, but their current one would work as well. Execution... well does it even need to be said?
Negatives: Hmm... I guess an outline to the numbers on the light jersey could help but is not necessary. Maybe a pant logo? (sorry I'm stretching here.)
Overall: Simplicity works well, and creates a much better set for columbus. (8.5/10)

Jake88 - Ottawa Senators

Positives: Jake, like many of us, think that Ottawa needs a new set of jerseys. He's right. The yoke is interesting, I kind of like it... reminds me of a cape. (Although I'm not sure how longs names would go with it). The hanger effect on the collar is great. 
Negatives: The logo choice is great, but it needs a white outline on the red jersey to make it stand out more. I'm also not feeling the striping, I love the laurel leaves, great touch. The two thin stripes just don't seem to work here, I'm not saying it's a bad pattern... maybe it's just the colours. I'm a little disappointed that Jake didn't use the "o" logo as a should patch, so i think it would've been a better helmet logo instead of the "sens" wordmark.
Overall: This is an improvement on their current set, but could use a little tweaking. (8/10)

Mario A - New Jersey Devils

Positives: The stripes are really bold and in your face, I like that. I think this is Mario's first jersey with perfect execution! The numbers and NOB are placed right, so good job on that Mario!
Negatives: I think I prefer New Jersey in red and black, it feels more intimidating. I tend to like a jersey more when the arm and hem stripes match. Pixelation issues with the outline of the logo on the red jersey.
Overall: Work on matching the hem and arm stripes, and this could really make a great faux-back alternate! (7/10)

Mario A - Ottawa Senators

Positives: Logo choice and arm striping are pretty cool.
Negatives: This is just a recolour of the old "Sens" alternate from a few years back. The colour balance is off, I see too much gold. Numbers on the back of the jersey are too low and need an outline. 
Overall: This is a step back from Mario's previous concept, I'd like to see mario creating something new instead of colouring a template. (5/10)

 Ryan C - Moncton Wildcats

Positives: Ryan Creates a pretty fierce identity for the Wildcats. The logo is in your face, and the stripes are very sharp... 
Negatives: I know often times a junior team will just use an existing template, but since this is a concept, I'd like to see some creativity and not just the old buff-slug template. Maybe getting inspired by this template but creating something of your own.
Overall: The jerseys do look cool, but a little more creativity couldn't hurt anyone (7.5/10)

Taylor R - Alaska (NCAA)

Positives: This is a great colour scheme, and Taylor did a great job of balancing it. I like the yellow jersey because you have enough green on it that the yellow doesn't overpower the look. I really enjoy the Detroit-esque arm stripes. 
Negatives: I get having two pants to match the jersey better, but I think having only one would benefit the team more. 
Overall: Not much to complain about here. Good job. (8.5/10)

Taylor R - Bowling Green (NCAA)

Positives: The Dark uniform looks really crisp, the colours look outstanding. I could really see that jersey in the NHL. Looks very professional. Finally, Taylor's stitching ends at the Hem!
Negatives: The striping on the light jersey don't look as good because the colours are light and since the jersey is white they don't stand out as much, maybe having all of it brown with the orange and gold stripe on top of it. Besides that orange pants and helmet are a no from me. Just having brown equipment would work. Also, there's a Nike logo on the dark jersey but not on the light. (I think it's also been said to Taylor but not every NCAA team is sponsored by Nike).
Overall: Half of this is great, just work on the other half to perfect it (8/10)

Vaughn R - Mackenzie Knights (minor hockey)

Positives: Vaughn Gives us A dark jersey for a minor team in BC. He's got all the element to create a really great jersey. 
Negatives: I love the logo, but it has a lot of white so it looks out of place. Adding white to the jersey could help. The TV number are really small. A white NOB would match the numbers better. You should also colour in the colour so it's not white. Same thing at the bottom of the jersey. 
Overall: Keep working on it! Your execution has gotten better, but still needs practice. (6.5/10)

Well That's the last post of the year... but don't worry we'll have another one tomorrow so i guess it's really not a big deal! Happy New years everyone!
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Thanks for a 6.5! I know it's not much, but its a new record for me! thanks!

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Happy New Year! Nowak's CBJ concept for COTW

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