Tuesday: ROLL out!

Hey guys! Caden here on this rainy (at least in Indiana) Tuesday. Movember, American thanksgiving,  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone, and it's december now, so we know what that means, CHRISTMAS! (If you don't celebrate Christmas I apologize for offending you) The Banner has been holidayified, and I am now about to go present shopping. We have a great lineup of concepts from 5 different cities today, so let's get going! Not before your friendly, everyday HJC reminders!

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Saint Louis: Taylor R
Taylor envisions the Blues wearing this whenever they get to host a Winter Classic game. That alone is long overdue, so get on that NHL. The absence of dark blue makes for a great "classic" jersey, since of course, the original Blues jersey didn't include dark blue. The classic striping is great, but why you gotta have yellow touching white? I'm not a fan of roundel logos, But if you had to, the arch logo from the alternate jersey (sans the dark blue) would have worked better. 

It would be great, but it would be hard to distinguish between the yellow and white, especially in an outdoor game.  B+

Quebec City: Christian L

Tomorrow's writer, Christian, had his Home and Away jerseys for this Nordiques set featured yesterday. The set has had multiple COTW nominations. If you haven't read yesterday's post by Dylan, I suggest you go do that. The odd color arms look spectacular. I know Christian won't want to hear this being from Ottawa and all, but this jersey definitely gives me a Toronto Argonauts feel. All the stuff that is the same from yesterday, the gear and all, looks good with the different jersey. I wish you didn't use the roundel logo, and instead, used the fluer-de-lis, or even the primary logo used yesterday. 

Amazing jersey! Bad logo. A-

New York City: David K

It's hard to see, very hard to see, but on the front of the jersey, there is a sublimated Statue of Liberty, and the back features a sublimated downtown New York skyline. First off, the sublimation needs to be darker. If it didn't say "Skyline Jersey" in huge font, I would never have even seen it. The wordmark/number combo on the front makes this jersey very "CWHLesque" which we recently tried to change. 

You can barely see the sublimation, and without that, you have a boring jersey. C-

Saint Louis: Jack H

 A second Saint Louis concept today? It's making be feel kinda Blue... Ok sorry I'm not funny.

This jersey has a substantially less amount of yellow than Taylor's Winter Classic concept. The pinstripes are an interesting addition to the Blues identity, but I'm not sure about it. It's not like the Cardinals wear pinstripes or anything, it just seems arbitrary. The dark blue is also arbitrarily placed, I would have been happier if you had of left it out completely. I do like the font.

This jersey doesn't scream "Blues" to me. D+

Oshawa: Josiah B

Josiah brings an Oshawa Generals redesign to the table, using the old logo of  the Bobby Orr days. I definitely liked the old logo, but I like the wordmark that they use as a crest as well. Maybe it could remain center stage and the old logo can slowly move into place as a should patch or pants/helmet logo. The design is definitely something that looks like the OHL. The Reebok Vector logo should be the CCM wordmark, and there should be an OHL logo on the front of the jersey. The font doesn't belong on a hockey jersey. 

There are some good ideas with this concept, weed out the bad ones and work on improving your execution. D-

Quad Cities: Samantha L

It's not often you see a girl around the parts of HJC, so welcome! This jersey is great, it doesn't have a sublimated logo wrapping halfway around the left side of the sweater. I dig the extended yoke with the namebar inside of it. As I said LAST podcast (hint maybe?) I'm also impressd with vintage white. I didn't expect it to look good with Quad City, but it does.

I present to you, YET ANOTHER concept that should have won the mallards comp but didn't, A+ and a COTW nomination from me. 

Adios HJC readers! Feel free to nominate or second your favorite concept from the post, and come back every day for more! Click this link and have a great day! Remember, "It's the most wonderful time of the year"!

Tuesday: ROLL out! Reviewed by Unknown on December 02, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Christian's Nordiques for COTW!

Unknown said...

Jack H for COTW, great set for the blues.

richard lewis said...

Taylor's st Louis Jersey for COTW

Good standard today too

Jack H. said...

I figure I should add the pinstripes are a reference to those old mid-90s Blues' jerseys with the diagonal red striping, as well as a nod to the music note logo itself. Not all that arbitrary. :p

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Samantha. It should have won SOMETHING.

Unknown said...

I'll 3rd Samantha's Mallards concept

Unknown said...

And in response to Jack, I agree with you. I believe that the pinstripes are very well placed. Just color them differently, and you have a perfect concept. Yours was way underrated in my mind.

Unknown said...

I actually took inspiration the Blues jersey from their 1968-84 white jersey to be specific

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