Tuesday: MotherFAKErs

Hey guys! Recently on the blog the topic of fake or "knockoff" jerseys has been brought up and I thought I would hop on the bandwagon and mention it myself. On the design blog Ryan made a very informative post about how to regonize fake jerseys (if you haven't read that you should), and I know Jets96 has something cool planned for Friday. So follow the blog on social media if you don't already to keep up with the everyday posts. 

Signs your jersey may be a fake.

- The price. As Ryan stated on the design blog, anything under $100 is probably a fake, since all licensed jerseys sell for much more than that.  

- Puffy logos or numbers. The logos should be embroidered twill, and the numbers should be the same, but somewhat thin. 

-Incorrectly placed/attached tie down. The tie down on the jersey should be attached to twill, and then properly placed bellow the numbers stitched on with double stitching. 

Of course these aren't the only ways to distinguish between the Reebok/NHL licensed jerseys and the fakes. If the logo is sown on backwards/upside down, it is probably a fake.

COTY-November vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 30-Dec 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY Logo Comp (Ends Saturday, December 13, 2014 @ 11:30am Eastern)

Phoenix of Sherbrooke: Ben S

Definitely a good look here for the Phoenix. The monotone design works well for the team. I would have done vintage white instead of white to stick with Sherbrooke's branding better. Maybe make the blue stripes a bit thicker as well? Even then, this jersey could work for any team that has blue in it, just slap a different logo on the front.

Better branding would've helped here.

Rockets of Kelowna: Colin M

Wow! A novel idea you have here, using a ROCKET on the front of Kelowna's jerseys instead of a dragon. I mentioned branding in the last concept, well this definitely does it here! I look at this jersey and think Kelowna Rockets. The colors of the BC flag used is even better! One question, will you be doing a CHL "Brights" series?

An outstanding job Colin!

Mallards of Quad Ctiy: David L

Great design here! Installment 2 of another concept that should've won the Mallards comp but didn't... I love the custom logo, but it does seem a bit big. Other than that your execution is on point. I like when classic designs mash with modern logos, but this doesn't do that. I love the logo, love the jersey, but both of them do not go together.

Because your logo is a low go, that's part of the reason you didn't win the competition. 

Wolfpack of Hartford: Dylan G

The Wolfpack's alternate jerseys are fine how they are, but as a newer artist redesigns are easier than creating something totally new, and alternate's are a good place to start. you need to improve your execution, the NOB and numbers are too squished, and the numbers are too small, yet the letters are big. You also didn't place any arm numbers which is a rule in pretty much any league in hockey. The shoulder logo is cool, but the front logo looks like 

D(-)ismal execution. Work on that and you'll be hitting it out of the proverbial park.

Kings of Las Angeles: JT

This is spectacular! This keeps with the general look of the Stadium Series without using stupid stuff like long numbers or oh, chrome logos. Good job with the logos by the way. The burger king and crown look sweet together. The LA logo used on the pants would be cool on the helmet as well.

A good option for the coming outdoor game against the Sharks. 

Sharks of San Jose: Leo D

Hey! Speaking of Sharks... Leo adds more orange (therefore obviously more weight, in the Sharks minds) But I am definitely a fan. The tie down collar looks good, and the new pants design compliments everything well. I would use a different font, something more blocky. Maybe a Toronto Maple Leafsish kinda thing. The home jersey cuffs should also be white.

B(+)ang up job Leo! A few changes would help. 

Mallards of Quad City: Mike S

I'm not going to say it. I'm not going to say it... *cough thirdinstallmentofaconceptthatshould'vewontheMallardscompbutdidnt cough*, Sorry there. I have a bit of cough. I love the double stripes, and the alternate logo looks better as the main then I thought. The one thing I'm not a fan of is the white and vintage white on the same jersey, stick with one or the other.

B(+)cause of the clashing shades of white, this concept hurts. 

Mallards of Quad City: Nevill C

The collar effect and yoke striping looks great here! Instead of honoring the 3 championship teams in the Mallards history, it would have been cooler to honor the QUAD cities and have 4 stars, but that's just me. Green as a main color is something the ECHL doesn't currently have, and it looks great. The striping should be bigger and less plentiful, currently it looks like poop.

Concepts thrive on attenuation to detail, but the main design of this jersey is lacking. 

Wolfpack of Cadet Squadron 05: Rky Mtn Concept Company

Though is like this design idea, it isn't executed well. The grey is way too light to even come close to contrast the white. The logo looks really good. It was a good choice to match the striping, the sharp angles on each complement each other well. 

I Can't see the grey! Darken it up and you have a pretty good jersey. 

So. How did you like today's post? Remember that execution is key when making concepts look good, and a good tool for that is Ryan's PDN tutorial. It's a long read, but totally worth it. 

Also, please comment on what you do or do not like about my posts. It would really help me make better posts for you guys to enjoy. For instance, if you don't like the letter grading, tell me! If you want, longer/shorter intros, tell me! It will help make your reading experience on Tuesdays enjoyable.


Tuesday: MotherFAKErs Reviewed by Unknown on December 09, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

"Currently it looks like poop." HAHAHA

Unknown said...

JT's Burger King for COTW. Long live the king!

Anonymous said...

While I chuckled initially, I took some offense to that, Caden. I realize the striping was pretty close together after a few days but there was no need for a jab like that. Everyone who posts concepts on this site puts time and effort in. Perhaps a grading out of 10 like many of the other writers would suffice in future? :)

Mario Ardais said...

so now the grades are mashed up with the overall? sweet.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd JT for COTW, that's an idea I'd like to see.

Unknown said...

Sorry Anon, (im guessing Neville). I was trying to be blunt. I LOVED the little details of your concept but the striping wasn't my favorite. But I did complement you on stuff like the green and such. It probably deserved a B- or even a B, but yeah. Don't take anything me (or any of the other writers) say personally, we just want you to improve.

Tederifico said...

Ouch...OWW! It hurts so bad to say it.

I'm from Kamloops and a life long Blazers fan but...

that Rockets jersey is just too supercalifragi-amaze balls-awesome to not give it a COTW nom.

Unknown said...

secon CPM's Kelowna Roccets set for COTW

Unknown said...

I'll third CPM's Kelowna Rockets concept for COTW.

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