Thursday: A Week Away

Hello again hockey fans, jersey fans, design fans, and anyone in between.  Welcome to another Thursday post!

So this year I get to be the lucky Christmas Day writer.  It's a week away but I'm already getting excited.  I'm planning something special for that post, and it'll be awesome to be able to celebrate the holiday with you.

But that is for next week.  This week we have our regular COTW vote as well as the COTY Logo vote.  You don't even need to email a vote in for the logo vote, just comment on the page and you're good to go!

On that note, let's get right to the concepts!
COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Hartford Whalers - Dylan N.
 Yay:  The first concept up to bat today is Dylan's Hartford Whalers concept. I can't help but notice the name "Huberdeau" on the back, suggesting Florida moving to Hartford for this to happen.  With a record-setting shoot-out in Florida recently and only 10000 there to witness it, it's definitely plausible.  The style of this concept is classic, the way it should be for the Whalers, but with a bit of a modern look to the dark jerseys.  Execution is great, and everything here looks game ready.

Nay:  I love the white jersey, but not the dark jersey as much.  The two don't match very well, and the side stripes that cut off at the front and the back look too "Reeboky" for me.  I'd personally stick with the basic two-stripe pattern that you have on the white jersey.  I'd also fix the dark socks and the pants.

Overall: The white jersey is perfect, but the concept as a whole is only pretty good.  8.2/10

 Vancouver Canucks - Dylan N.

 Yay: Dylan's next concept is for the Canucks.  While I didn't like the side style on the Hartford jersey, I love it on this set because the Canucks look good in a modern/edgy set.  Plus the sides create a chevron, or "V" shape, which obviously suits Vancouver well.  For a team lacking a solid identity, this is a good way to stand out and stay true to the team's history at the same time.

Nay: I think the stripes might look better on the dark jersey without the middle white stripe. It might not look better, but the stripes look just a little too busy, especially on the dark jersey, so that change might help.  Otherwise, this set is great.

Overall:  Not a big Canucks fan, but I'd happily add this to my collection if they were using this set.  9.4/10

Columbus Blue Jackets -  Jack H.

 Yay: Jack is next with his Blue Jackets concept, which takes the brilliant alternate colour scheme and introduces it to the main set, and adds a brand new stripe pattern that is both classic looking and original to the team. The yokes and stripes look great, the execution is great, and it all looks fantastic.

Nay: First off, and this isn't your fault, but I can't stand the font on the numbers.  It's not "wool sweater old", it's "Pacman old".  My other complaint is that white and "off-white" don't look great together on a jersey. The dark jersey looks great, the white jersey should just have blue and white stripes, because the off-white doesn't contrast enough.  I'd also add a dark blue yoke to the dark jersey, or get rid of the yoke outline.

Overall:  This set needs work, but is very very very close to COTW worthy.  Maybe the readers already think it is. 8.4/10

Vancouver Canucks - Jack H.

 Yay:  Jack's 2nd concept today revisits the Vancouver Canucks, and gives us a much more traditional set than what Dylan shown us above.  This set is very similar to the 1st Home and 2nd Away jerseys in Canucks jersey history, with the main difference being the Johnny Canuck logo.  These old jerseys match up nicely with this logo.

Nay:  As I mentioned, these jerseys are very similar to previous Canucks jerseys, so there isn't a lot of original work here.  And if you were to go with two old Canucks jerseys, it's strange you wouldn't pick a matching set.  These look okay together, but are still a bit of a mismatch.

Overall: It looks great, but there's nothing really new to praise here.  7.3/10

Global Hockey League Logo -  Mario A.

 Yay: Logo concepts are few and far between on this blog, so it's always nice to see a logo concept to critique something different.  It's also cool that this is for an entirely conceptual league.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a new GHL series for Mario.

Nay:  A logo should feel like one united graphic, not several separated graphics that just obviously visualize the name of the league.  This logo just feels like different bits of clipart placed on an image then sticking a name somewhere.  Add some colour, find a way to combine the ideas of  "global" and "hockey" in one image, and make it look like you made something original, and not completely out of clip art.

Overall:  It's a start, but needs quite a bit more work.  5/10

Cleveland Barons - Phil B.

 Yay: Phil is next with a rather novel idea: Replace the interesing but somewhat lame "Lake Erie Monsters" with the old Cleveland Barons, and have them resemble (but not completely) their parent club?  It's brilliant! It's a shame that the Barons identity is missing from hockey today, and they look good in Avalanche colours.  The specialty jerseys suck only because the referenced jerseys themselves suck, but they are a necessary and realistic addition to this concept.

Nay:  On the main set, the middle blue stripe just doesn't look that great.  It either doesn't contrast well with the burgundy around it, or it's too thin to really notice.  The Ohio state logo around the TV numbers is a bit much, regular TV numbers are fine, although it would be good to use for the captain's patch.

Overall: It's realistic, it translates well, and it brings back an old franchise. Definitely a great idea and concept.  8/10

Rouyn-Noranda Roadrunners - Phil B.

 Yay: Phil returns with a concept from the Roadrunners competition we had a while back, this time placing the team in Rouyn-Noranda of the QMJHL.  The traditional striping works well for the meandering Roadrunners, and it's nice to see the logo jersey change to match the actual jersey.

Nay: The orange striping on the arms and hem isn't thick enough, it barely stands out and is very hard to see against the white stripe on the dark jersey.  I also think the logo on the dark jersey needs more of an outline, because the logo blends in with the background too much. The gloves should have some orange in the design.

Overall:  It's not bad, but not that exciting of a concept, compared to how flashy the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies look.  7.5/10

GOP Concept -  Rocky Mountain Concepts
 Yay: Last but not least we have a concept for the GOP (Grand Old Party), aka the Republican Party of the U.S.A. government.  Why? Because why not I guess.  The striping looks pretty cool, and the jerseys match up with each other well.  The equipment looks alright, and the execution of the set in general looks pretty good.

Nay:  This concept might get higher points if the logo was swapped out for Calgary Flames logos. The jerseys have no visible connection to the logos or the party that this concept represents. Why not red and blue? I get that the other party has the same colours, but this just looks terribly out of place as is. On the jersey itself, everything is okay, but I'd rather see a hem stripe of some sort.

Overall: This concept leaves me feeling confused for a bunch of different reasons.  6.3/10

A handful of great concepts today, but Dylan N's Vancouver Canucks concept gets my COTW nomination!

Well that's it for me once again. Remember to vote for COTW and for our COTY logo competition, and I hope you guys check out my special post next week!

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. See you at Christmas!

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Unknown said...

I'll second Dylan for COTW with his Canucks concept. My vote for COTY

Unknown said...

I'll nominate Jacks Columbus set for COTW
I like both of Dylan's concepts today as well.

Caz said...

I'll second Jack's Columbus concept.

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