Thursday: The Eleventh

Hello and welcome to another Thursday post!

So I missed out on another podcast, which is a bummer considering it sounded like a lot of fun (maybe too much fun for someone...).  Hopefully I'll be around for the next one.

A few big things are going on this week. First, we have our annual HJC COTY Logo Competition.  You can click the link above for more info, and check out some previous winners.  You have until Saturday morning to get your entries in, so you better hurry up! 

This week we also have our COTY November vote.  Four very deserving concepts are one vote away from moving on to the last quarterly vote of the year, and that one vote could belong to you!

And as always, we have our COTW vote, with some very impressive concepts to pick from.

Now that my reminders are out of the way, lets check out some concepts!

COTY-November vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 30-Dec 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY Logo Comp (Ends Saturday, December 13, 2014 @ 11:30am Eastern)

HJC COTY Logo Entries:

Ryan C.


Toronto Maple Leafs - Antonio C.

Yay: We'll start today with a simple but radical design from Antonio.  First off, I have to say that this presentation is magnificent.  The introduction of a second colour to this otherwise untouchable set is really interesting, and the full length arm has been done before, but obviously this version stands out more. Execution is very clean, and the design of this set is superb.

Nay: Toronto uses a white logo on their blue jersey, and this concept should do the same.  The logo doesn't stand out nearly as much as it should.  I assume the TV numbers are meant to be more on the sides, where the light blue is, but they're placed where they are for visibility. The concept would look more accurate if they were on the sides where they belong, and then you'd have to cut off part of the number, but it'll look realistic.  Personally, I'd go with a dark blue collar on the white jersey.

Overall: Good design, great execution, but not quite perfect yet.  8.2/10

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia Stadium Series -   Ben M.

Yay:  Next up is Ben's Pennsylvanian Stadium Series match-up.  The arm striping works great with both jerseys, and the arm design on the Flyers jersey would work perfectly.  I'm not a fan of the chrome effect by any means, but adding it to this concept makes it more realistic to the event.

Nay: The Penguins jersey isn't too bad, but it could do without the "catfish whiskers" piping.  Piping like that bugs me on most jerseys, but here it's totally unnecessary.  On both jerseys, the TV numbers are way too small, the name is too small, the back numbers are too big (especially on the Flyers uniform), and all of the text looks really rough and too condensed.

Overall: The design itself is fairly realistic, but the execution isn't quite there.  6.9/10

 Stars de Montreal - Connor J.

Yay:  Well this is different... Connor's entry today gives us a totally unique look to the otherwise bland Stars.  The socks would be pretty cool to see on the uniform, and the font used is pretty good.  I like the logo, but it's a little bland by itself.

Nay:  I'm not sure what shape the jersey design is supposed to make, but I don't see a star out of it.  At any rate, there is too much of the bottom colour on each jersey, and the colours aren't really balanced well.  It also pushes everything up, making the jersey look squished, unbalanced, and miserable. The TV numbers and the "A" patch are pretty small.

Overall:  Interesting, but not my cup of tea.  6/10

 New York Rangers  - David P.

Yay:  David brings back Lady Liberty, but with a bit of a twist.  The previous jersey was very basic, and was blue and red mostly, but now white becomes the secondary colour and red is used on stripes.  We also get a yoke and a hem.  The jersey looks unique yet suitable for the Rangers, and almost believable for a Stadium Series uniform.

Nay:  I love the change to white, and how much more this jersey has to offer than the previous one, but I think the white is just a little overkill.  I think this jersey could do without the yoke, so you get a little less white and some more breathing space for the arched name bar.

Overall:  If the Rangers used this for a Stadium Series game, or for their alternate jersey, I would have no complaints.  8.5/10

 Boston Bruins - Justin C.

Yay:  Speaking of alternates, Justin shows us his "new" Bruins alternate.  I say "new" because it looks brilliantly old-timey.  The letter on the arms looks great with the striping, and this uniform looks very usable for the Bruins while being unique and new at the same time.

Nay:  Two problems: 1) The socks would probably look better if it matched the arms and had two stripes instead of one.  2) The logo.  That logo is beautiful and could work on anything other than this jersey.  The light brown bear looks terribly out of place against the other colours of the uniform.

Overall:  This set would be an easy 10/10 if the logo didn't stick out like a sore thumb.  8.4/10

Peoria Rivermen - Ryan C.

Yay: Next up is Ryan's Peoria set.  The main set looks fantastic because it kind of looks like a Blues throwback, but has it's own identity all over it.  The colour balance is great.  The alternate jersey is totally different, and looks more modern and unique, but fits in nicely with the alternate logo.  This is a great set of jerseys.

Nay: The logos, shoulder patches, and back numbers (excluding the alternate) are all way too big.  A serif font isn't a great idea for the name on a jersey. 

Overall:  I really want to give this a high score, but there's a few execution issues that need fixing first.  7.6/10

 Romanov Dynasty - Stephen T.

Yay: Next, Stephen shows us his jersey concept for the Romanov Dynasty.  Why? I'm not sure, but it looks pretty awesome.  The colours look good the jersey, like a mix between old and new Pittsburgh Penguins.  The stripe patterns really work well with the flashy logos as well.

Nay: It's a recoloured Ducks jersey.  An awesome recolouring, but still a recoloured Ducks jersey.  Working with that template is so hard because it's so unique to the Ducks that anything after it looks like a blatant ripoff.  Beyond that, the logo is too big and the pants should have some striping.

Overall: Despite it being mostly a recolour job, I absolutely love how this set looks, so I can't knock it down too far.  7.7/10

Los Angeles Kings - Tadeas K.

Yay:  Last but not least for today is Tadeas' Kings concept.  Keeping the simple Kings stripes, reintroducing the crown and the "LA KINGS" bottom wordmark, and keeping it black/white/silver are all positive improvements to their current set, which I find really bland.

Nay:  The problem is that this one is just as bland.  It's classic looking, but the Kings don't feel like a classic team aesthetically. They've always looked modern and pushed the boundaries. This could be a classic look if the wordmark was gone and an old logo was used, but I think that's a step in the wrong direction.  A yoke or stripes with a little more "pizazz" would be better.  Also, there are no TV numbers.

Overall:  This jersey has potential to be a nice throwback or a new modern look, but it can't be both.  6.2/10

A few concepts today really stood out for me, and it was hard to pick between them, but I'll go with David P's New York Rangers concept as my COTW nominee.

So that's a wrap.  Another week in the books.  Don't forget to send in your competition entries, and your COTW/COTY November votes!

As always, thank you for reading, and have a good weekend!

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Brady Sufat said...

I love everything about Justin's Bruins concept except the logo. If he used the Winter Classic logo, it would be perfect. That being said, I'll nominate it for COTW.

Anonymous said...

Stephen T's jersey isn't an exact recoloring. The angle of the arc striping here is much smaller that the Ducks first Edge set. Also, this is a Nike jersey, not Reebok. I do like it and think it's clever to use pre-WWI design elements and themes in a hockey jersey.

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