Monday: Merry Monday

Hey Hey Happy Monday and Happy Holidays HJC Gang! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We're closing in on the end of Hanukkah and on Christmas, both later this week, which means I'm assuming a lot of jersey collections will be getting a little bigger. 

I think you guys should definitely send in any new additions to your collections. And while you're waiting for them......vote.... only one vote this week so definitely take part.

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Well how about we get to these concepts eh?

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Concept - Jack D.
When will we see a Jets' alternate jersey? Jack would like to see them rocking their brighter blue featuring their secondary logo. I don't think I'd mind seeing that logo on the front of a jersey, but I'm not too sure about the brighter blue. It's not featured in the logos so the logos look out of place on it to me. Nothing ground breaking with the striping, but this jersey would look miles better without the red ghost yoke.

Rating: 6/10

Hartford Wolfpack AHL Concept - Steven M.
Steven creates a jersey that looks like it could be used in an outdoor game or throwback night in Hartford. The wordmark is a neat nod to their parent club in New York but the "H" Wolf Pack logo would look better on the front of the jersey. There's more space in between the arm stripes than there is in the hem stripes and that should be fixed. The TV numbers and the shoulder patches should be cut off by the edge of the jersey, and that's cool if you didn't know how to do that, but for future reference either delete the number or part of the logo being cut off or create a clipping mask.

Ryan has a tutorial at the top of the blog here that should be helpful if you are using Paint.net, otherwise, do a quick Google search if you're using some other program and you'll be rollin' in no time.

Rating: 7/10

Boston Bruins Concept - Jack H.
Jack keeps the Bruins in the Reebok but the design of the jersey looks like a mish mash ofdifferent Pre-Reebok designs. Yellow yokes on the white jerseys haven't been seen since the 60's, so that's cool. I personally wouldn't give the white jersey black cuffs with a yellow yoke, I'm sure some fans would like to see this type of move made and some wouldn't. I personally don't care, not a big Bruins guy, but this set wins me over because the BLACK UNIFORM HAS BLACK SOCKS. JACK WINS. The one thing that should be ditched here is the modern bear logo on the pants. If you're going to go vintage, go all in.

Rating: 7.5/10

Nashville Predators Alternate Jersey Concept - Patrik G.
Patrik gives us a "Perds" jersey that only features white in the logo. I think the jersey looks really slick as it is, but the logo pops out a lot, which I'm sure was intended and is what you kind of want anyway, but I think it'd be neat if the logo featured no white.... I don't like recoloring logos and that would make this look like a fan jersey, so I'd either add some white trim to the jersey OR.... come up with a cool ass yellow wordmark, or maybe just use the guitar pick logo.

I don't know, I look at this and I don't see it as "completed" yet but I see so many directions this could be taken... I think Matt McElroy would make the bottom of the uniform yellow or something cool like that, or come up with something so cool and modern that it ends up as the 2016 Stadium Series template.

Also, the Preds' logo used in the bottom right has a much brighter blue than the uniform to the left, try to keep all the colors constant in your images.

Rating: 7.5/10

Utah Grizzlies ECHL Concept - Ryan C.
The logos here scream 90's and it bugs me, but that's not Ryan's fault. The white jersey is, as the kids say, "fresh"... The green jersey, on the other hand, is a bit off. The arm stripes and side panels heavily feature white but the yoke is black. The white jersey has the arms, sides, and yoke all green and it's great. Fix this on the green jersey by going all white or all black. The alternate is a pretty basic jersey but still looks good. The logos all look a tad big, and the numbers kind of do too.

Rating: 7.5/10

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Jack H.
Jack slightly changes the Canadiens set and adds some more continuity between the jerseys which I think is a great move. The only thing both their current jerseys have in common is their hem stripes. I think Jack should have kept the cuffs blue on the white jersey or keep both cuffs red. The striping used on the white jersey isn't my favorite but it matches the red jersey so, still a plus in my book. I like the way the jersey is branded with the Reebok on the bottom of the jersey like in the old days as well, nice touch.

Rating: 8/10

Alaska Nanooks NCAA Concept - Brady S.
Nice bright color scheme. I can appreciate that. I feel like the logo is way too big so I'd scale that down so it's barely bigger than the chest stripes. The color balance between the home and away are pretty much perfect. Now let's talk about that alternate..... hmm.... I like it.... I wouldn't mind seeing a team with this color scheme wear these a few times a year. Overall, the design of the jerseys is nothing new but it's a good look, especially in these colors. The shoulders seem too "bare" for me, so I'd add another logo or something.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Get it? "Bare"...like "Bear".... because like...... nevermind

Well that's my last post before the end of the holidays. Once again, Happy Holidays to all, hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and that you all get a neat jersey or two to add to your collections...

Bear-Bare...cuz the logo.... baaah you get it...
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Ryan said...

Bear? Ooohhhh, bare. I get it...


winnipegjets96 said...


Seriously though, Brady for COTW!

Vaughn said...

I get it hehe

Unknown said...

Second Brady for COTW

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