Tuesday: Happy Hockey Holidays!

It's the mossst wonderful timmme of the year! Hockey players are fighting and writers are writing a press release here! Happy hockey holidays HJC readers! We're going straight through Christmas this year on HJC, so stay tuned all week! One of my favorite "Hockey Holidays" is the Winter Classic. Though the jerseys are far below the level that Detroit/Toronto's were last year, I'm still looking forward to it!

We're encouraging you guys to take some pics for us! Specifically pictures of the new hockey jerseys you guys get as Christmas/Hanukkah/Other Holiday gifts. Ryan said that if you guys get your pics sent in in time he will share them all with you guys on his Saturday update. All year we will accept pics of your jersey collection if you want to share it with the rest of the HJC community, so you can do that too!

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

American International Yellow Jackets (NCAA): Brady S

Nice: The yellow as the main color of the dark jersey. A good look. I also really think the colors on all three jerseys. They seem really balanced and go well with the logo and each other.

Naughty: The choppy striping. If the striping was straight, I would like this jersey soooo much better. I also wish that you would have used a different font, such as the one used by the Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL). A pants stripe/logo would complete the fell of the set. Maybe a simple honeycomb or something???

A great start! With a few revisions you have a dime! In yoga pants no less! 8/10

Washington Capitals: Jack D

Nice: Keeping the capitals contemporary font and using it on a classic jersey. It's a difficult thing to do and you did a bang up job here. I've fallen in love, the star stripes are FANTASTIC. 

Naughty: I wish some white was used in the regular striping of the home jersey, maybe on the bottom of the two stripes. It would definitely help balance out the colors better. DO NOT, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ever fill in the Capitol Building on the Weagle logo, let the casual fans figure that out on their own. I know I was ecstatic when i noticed the Minnesota Wild logo was actually a bear, and if it was too obvious it would't have been as cool. The shades of color in the logo should be the same as in the striping.

A low go with the logo, other than that you're pretty much set! 8.55/10

Carolina Hurricanes: Jack H

Nice: Good job Jack! The Hurricanes dropped the ball with the #NewStorm, and adding a bit to that, and making the jerseys match was a good move! 

Naughty: Unfortunately, this is where the good ends. Though these jerseys are better than the current 'Canes set, they are still pretty bad. There are no warning flags anywhere, which was by far the best part of the old Carolina branding. The pants stripe would've been a good way to incorporate that. 

It's like getting a globe for Christmas, there is a lot worse, but it isn't anything that anyone really wants. 5/10

Calgary Flames: Jack H

Nice: I love the slanted stripes going up the side of the hem/underarm. while being a more traditional design, it pays homage to  the Flames' current set while not looking as template. I love that you added a large amount of black in the set, but still managed to inspire a throwback feel. 

Naughty: Only 3 things. You missed out on the perfect 10 for using the horse snot logo, which is gone for a reason. Also, a shoulder patch would be nice. The red on the away socks does not match the shade of red on the jersey and logos. 

Flames concepts tend to get pretty old, but this is a fresh change from the normal. 9/10

Allen Americans (ECHL): JT

FUN FACT: For a couple years after their CHL expansion, the Americans did not have a white jersey! They had a red jersey and a blue jersey, and just went with that.

Nice:  Silver is underused in hockey. I'm glad you used that as a main component here. Classic jerseys are also underused in the ECHL, with all the new designs and specialty jerseys worn on almost a monthly basis, so going with the more traditional look really helped this concept.

Naughty:  The logo. It looks like something a bantam "Jr. Americans" would wear. It in no way looks professional. The Texas flag as a shoulder patch is a good idea, but I would have used a straight version, and made it smaller. Also, the CCM logo should be all one color. The hem and arm stripes don't always need to match, but it would look a hundred times better here. 

A good basic idea, build on that with professional looking accents and attention to detail, and your concept game will be on fleek! 6.85/10

 Edmonton Oilers: MP

Nice: The chest stripe. It looks good. Its give a fresh yet classic jersey for the Oilers, that could only be beat by the return of the gear drop logo and colors. The number works with the chest stripe, which obviously San Jose could do for their Stadium Series, since the back of the jersey was left blank. Unless they did that so the jersey "wouldn't be too heavy" 

Naughty: I can't think of much. One of the big things is the thin stripes on the hem. Leave that to Montreal, it doesn't look good anywhere else. Also, the NOB and captain's "C" are a tad small. PUT YOUR NAME OR ID ON THE CONCEPT

Maybe a great alternate like this could convince the Oilers to complete the comeback from 30th and win every game left this season, or maybe they want the draft pick and Connor McDavid. 9/10 

Youngstown Phantoms (USHL): Torbes

Nice: This jersey definitely look like something you would find in the USHL. The plain striping and single shoulder patch all look very junior league. It would tie in well with the other 2 Phantoms jerseys if this was used as an alternate.

Naughty: Though it's reminiscent of the USHL, its boring af, Single color numbers, boring striping, wordmark. Yoou could recolor this concept and use it for any team. Find a better number font, put a second shoulder patch on, and you are a lot better off, but this concept is very boring. 

Traditional designs can still be exicitng (aka Detroit or Chicago). You didn't pull it off here. 4/10

Merry Christmas guys! I will be on a trip with my job next week, so someone will be filling in for me, which means I guess I'll see you next year! Remember to come back everyday, as HJC will continue to build upon their massive post streak. Have a great week! Also, Click HERE for the best Christmas song that ever existed!


Tuesday: Happy Hockey Holidays! Reviewed by Unknown on December 23, 2014 Rating: 5


Brady Sufat said...

The jagged stripes on my AIC concept are meant to mimic the bee's stripes in the logo

Unknown said...

I disagree...I believe this is the best Christmas song.

"Patrice Navidad"


Unknown said...

I'd love to nominate MP's Oilers jersey for COTW

Unknown said...

Call me a nerd but I'd love a globe for Christmas!

richard lewis said...

I'll second mp's oilers Jersey for COTW

Unknown said...

I like Brady's set, but I don't feel it works for a college team

Unknown said...

I'll second MP for COTW!

Unknown said...

Alright so the link is broken for me.. in a nutshell.

the lyrics are

"Patrice Bergeron, Patrice Bergeron"

followed by a bunch of goal horns, commentary of "DUSTIN BROWN SCORES" and "LA KINGS WIN THE CUP"

it's very enjoyable.

Unknown said...

Oh Dylan, did I hear it.

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