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TGIF, welcome back to another post on the best concept blog on the inter-webs!

How's about those Jets?  Not bad for a team that may predicted to be last in the West, including me. Of course the Predators and Flames are doing better and are also defying expectations, but the Jets have been the biggest surprise for me.

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Michael Hutchinson is becoming a staple of the Jets line up. Despite only playing 8 games this season, he leads the league in GAA and save percentage. It doesn't surprise me that he is no starting, after all Pavelec is not terrible, but if he continues to get outperformed, we could see the same thing happen that is happening in St. Louis right now (prior to Bryan Elliot's injury), where a two goalie system forms and eventually Hutchinson takes over and Pavelec is traded to Edmonton. Okay, maybe not that cruel of an ending to the Pavelec era but it's something to think about.

Speaking of mocking the Oilers, the Podcast went fantastic! You will love to hear Ryan, Caz, Dylan and me as we tackle the topic which will remain a mystery until tomorrow, and mocking the Oilers. Thanks to everyone who's joined the HJC COTW mailing list, you are the reason that this happened!

Do you like the return of the podcast? Want to hear more? Comment with possible topics and questions on tomorrow's post. The more interest these podcasts garner, the longer we'll keep doing them!

Also don't forget to vote! We remind you every post for a reason!

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On to the Concepts


Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Caz W.)

+ Keeping yellow and navy the focus on the jerseys
+ Simpler, more traditional striping
+ Fang like yoke curves
+ Using all of Nashville's logos on the set

- No Piano collar effect
- The white jerseys lacks yellow, the colours aren't poorly balanced, but more yellow would make the set look more uniform
- More of a preference but the jersey would look better without cuffs

9/10: Awesome set that would further propel the Preds into one of the best looks in hockey

Nashville Predators Concept (By: Caz W.)

+ I was a huge fan of this jersey, having it come back would make a solid alternate
+ Revised logo to match the new logo rather than the old
+Using the new NP logo over the old
+ More gray

- NOB is too small and numbers are too big
- The checkerboards are too small as well, while they shouldn't be too big, they're too small to notice on Tv

9/10: I really want to see this jersey return to the ice

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Christian L.)

+ Using that severely missed and under appreciated updated side profile
+ The oversized shoulder patches that resemble shoulder stripes and make the O nice and visible
+ Simple striping pattern that replaces the previous non existent one
+Laurel collar hanger effect, nice subtle touch

- Shoulder patch O in gold would look better in black
- The rounded font was one of the few things that look good on the current set, but the original Sens block font would suit this jersey more

8/10: A solid but not perfect replacement to the Sens current meh

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ Getting rid of Minnesota's current red jersey is at this point for the bettet
+ This set does a good job of combining the original Wild and current Wild jerseys
+ Striping pattern is cleans and uses all Minnesotan colours
+ It's minor but keeping the red numbers on green jerseys

- While the white jerseys is solid, it's not a better replacement than the current road jersey
-The lack of angled yoke on the green jerseys
- No shoulder patches on either jersey, more so a problem on the green jersey

7.75/10: Not a bad set, but maybe something better for the Iowa Wild

Victoria Royals Concepts (By: David K.)

+ The odd barber pole style striping actually mixes well with the Royals logos
+ Double blue done right
+ Keeping the black on the gear and cuffs
+ The blue stripes on the white jersey that balance the colours well

- The blue jersey, aside from the numbers and nob, has very little white and looks like pyjamas. Adding a white stripe in the same way the white jersey has a blue stripe fixes that issue
- Making the VR in the shoulder patches makes them blend into the blue background

8.25/10: I applaud the uniqueness but some of the details need to be ironed out

Victoriaville Tigres Concepts (By: Jake88)

+ The angled striping puts a solid, unique spin on an other wise boring team
+ The chest tripes also looks fantastic
+ Using the old style numbers with an outline
+ Hangar effect

- Not a huge fan of the angled yokes, jerseys would look better without yokes
- Bottom hem stripe also crowds the bottom of the jersey
- Nit picky here, but the names on the back, while I think it's a design choice, it's too large

8.75/10: Victoriaville, take note, this would be a solid replacement to your Bruins copies

That's the post! Remember to vote and come back tomorrow to enjoy the podcast.

Go Jets Go! Have a great weekend!

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