Friday: Boxing Day Blowout

Should it be called Boxing Day or WRESTLE SUPER ULTRAMANIA 12- THIS TIME IT"S PERSONAL- day? Not sure but happy Boxing Day!

Well with the Holidays coming to an end; Christmas and Chanukah already over and Kwanza today, some jersey collections have gotten bigger. Mine did.

Funny enough, it came before Christmas so call it an early gift. Me & my dad went to see the Leafs vs. Flyers game in Toronto, and he bought me a new Leafs jersey. Thanks Dad!

So which Leafs player did I get on it? Why the great JVR of course!

It's a sweet jersey and maybe you received a jersey of your own. Send you own in to HJC and Ryan will post in on Tomorrow's weekend update. 

COTW voting doesn't stop because of the holidays, hell, even Santa votes. If he has time, you sure do to, it'll take at most 2 mins. 

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

We got 7 wonderful concepts today, so no more introductions, let's get right to it!

On to the concepts:


Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Caz W.)

The title doesn't lie, this is something completely different. It's not a completely new idea, there have been a few all vertical designs, but the Ducks are one of the few teams that I think could pull it off. One of the keys to any concept like this is of course colour balancing, and Caz practices what he preaches, will lots of black and hold to of with the orange and white. The left half of the jersey does look a little bare, more so on the cuffs, adding black would fix that. The numbers on the back aren't my favourite either, not because they are bad, but because it's not a Ducks font. Maybe going with the original Mighty Ducks font or even the curved font. (8.25/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Nate F.)

I'm totally for the Blue Jackets using this logo on more jerseys, and maybe eventually as a primary. In primary Blue Jackets colours, the logo looks even better, and it matches the hat in the circle logo well too. While the font is an altered version of the current numbers, I would have liked to see the boxy alternate numbers. The biggest problem is the shade of blue with the red. Sure that is the shade blue from the logo and lighter blue from the actual jersey, it doesn't go well with the red, making it look more like a Rangers jerseys than a Jackets one. Navy would be more unique. (7.75/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Jake88)

I've seen this idea a few times, but it's something that can work. Once again, the cannon logo looks better in the red, white and blue, and even keeping the vintage white doesn't look back. The striping pattern I like a lot, not just on the sash, but on the arms. The star on the arms look solid too. The numbers are cool too, but would look better with an outline. Solid exception from Jake88, as expected. (9/10)

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Dylan N.)

A Flames jersey with no white? STONE THE BLASPHEMER! Well okay, I'll give this one a chance. The jerseys are simple and solid, with the colours balanced well, and actually makes a yellow Calgary C look plausible. No horsehead, no angled stripes or flag patches, a nice set, something Flames haven't have in a while. That being said, I could not see the Flames wearing this full time, the lack of white does hurt the jerseys a little bit, making this look dark. A good alternate set though. (8.75/10)

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Jack H.)

The key to any good Nashville concept is to take advantage of the colour scheme and logos, Jack does a little of both. The striping is a good mix of the current and original Preds jerseys, and I really like the little yoke flares. it's be nice if the yellow jersey had more blue on the side panels and arms, and wasn't just a copy of the white jersey. Not that it looks bad, but the socks give that look. I'm super nitpicky with the Pred's shoulder patch because they should be the easiest team in the NHL to use them with. The shoulders look bare without the guitar pick, and the NP logo makes a much better on the pants. The guitar strings on the yellow jersey would be more visible if they were blue. (8/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: Matt Mc.)

Now....Not that I was disappointed in the Kings SS jerseys, but they certainly are lackluster, and missing a certain logo. Matt fixes the Kings in something a little less bland and more Gretzky like. This jersey would be a perfect deviation from the Kings usual black, silver and white, with lots of purple and gold, and a logo that hasn't been talked much about. Keeping the LA patch was a solid more. The jersey isn't perfect though, I would have stayed far away from any sash references and white pants. (9.2/10)

Bentley Falcons Concepts (By: Brady S.)

I'm all for people making concepts for their schools, shows a lot of pride, and with Bentley having a sweet shield logo, why not tinker The home and road do what Tampa couldn't do and balance blue and black with minimal whit. The jerseys are simple, but logo on the front are too large and the yokes would look better with a shoulder patch. The alternate is fantastic, and a great deviation from the dark main set. The yoke is needless, and the jersey would be better without it, or add some yellow. (8.5/10)

That's the post.

Don't forget to vote for COTW

Go Jets go! Have a great weekend! 
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Ryan said...

Matt's Kings for COTW

Unknown said...

I love the uniqueness with your concept Caz, but if you flipped the jersey to the back, the striping and dark colored side would end up on the left side of the back rather than the right since it doesn't cut straight up the middle.

Anonymous said...

Caz's Ducks for COTW. Great jersey but the Monty Python reference seals it.

Unknown said...

Second Matt for COTW

richard lewis said...

Jake88's blue jackets Jersey for COTW

Caz said...

Ugh. You're right, Brendan. I don't know how I didn't catch that. I've never done that before, but I guess I don't do many assymetrical designs, so I just wasn't thinking about it. That's why I'm doing this series, though; to get me out of my comfort zone.

Unknown said...

Dylan's Flames' set for COTW

Unknown said...

Jake88's CBJ for the COW

Ryan said...

Unfortunately Scott's nomination has come in after the 11:59pm Eastern Friday deadline for nominating.

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