Friday: 1500 Posts Later~

Happy Friday, and happy middle(ish) of Chanukah!
Today is HJC's 1500th post!

I remember post 1000 being a big deal!

Not nearly as long of a post as last week, but still looks of hockey news. The Oilers are absolutely awful, which is surprising given how many high draft picks and coaching changes and just general house cleaning that has occurred over the past few seasons. It's not to say that the coach is anywhere near to blame completely, but the atmosphere just seems toxic. You watch the Oilers and there is no hustle, no panic and almost a sense of "when the puck goes into our end, the other team is going to score".

I mean 1 win in 17 games....

In jersey news, the Kings unveiled their Stadium Series threads on Tuesday and this is my vote for disappointment of the year, maybe up there with Tampa level disappointment.

Photo from NHLunifrom.com

My guess is that you don't particularly like these jerseys neither, but the jerseys aren't the real problem, at least as I see it. No, they aren't horrible but I would have swapped the back and white and continues the stripe around the back. It's those DAMN WHITE PANTS! Holy crap, who thought these should come back. ONLY the Caps could pull it off since they were the idiots who brought the idea about in the first place.

There's some good, like using the LA logo on the shoulder, that should be adopted full time. Another gray jersey is not a bad thing, hell, it really worked last year. Also, the two crowns on the collar look solid, put that on the jerseys too.

Overall: 5.5/10

Just...Just wish it was better

COTW is super important. Of course COTW voting is a part of a nutritious breakfast, but it also helps to prevent mumps...no really! It does!

Wanna double your odds of not having a Quagmire-esque jaw? Why not also vote for the COTY logo? It will appear on the eventual COTY winner's plaque so this vote is super important.

COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Team Russia Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

+ It's nice to see this old All Star template used on any level
+ The right arm stripes look awesome!  
+ Dull gold makes a good tertiary colour
+ Using helmet logos 

- Blank pants with no logos or stripe, I'd also only use the blue pants
- The primary logo is too large
- The dark red seems unnecessary since there's the lighter shade that would go better with the navy blue 
- Making the right arm blue/red instead of white 

6.25/10-  creative idea that could work but needs to be retooled 

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ A simpler striping pattern that actually match
+ These appear to be based on the 80's/early 90's jerseys, which is what the current logos are based on
+ Good execution
+ Keeping the current Kings logo/numbers that look better than previous versions

- The jerseys look blank without shoulder patches (LA logo?)
- The pants seem odd with just the one white stripe, making them match the jersey would look better 

8/10: A conservative look for a team that hasn't had one in several seasons 

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ The Jets could us a more military themed jersey, but not in your face, this does both
+ Light blue as the main colour on a Jets jersey does look good
+ Good striping pattern on the jersey
+Good execution

- No shoulder patch
- The chest stripe would look better if it looped around the jersey, I understand that's how the cut is, but it looks odd just cut off at the armpits
-I wouldn't replace the Jets current set with these, but more see this as an alternate set, which isn't bad, but it wouldn't be an upgrade over what the Jets wear now

8.25/10- A little more creative than the last concept 

Ontario Reign Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Replacing the navy with purple
+ Solid striping pattern tha patches the uniqueness of the logos
+ Double yoke outline 
+ Third jersey looks phenomenal 

- The navy on the logo looks very out of place without any on the logos
- NOB are too large 
- Purple numbers on the third jersey would look better and balance the colours more
- No white on the purple jersey other than numbers


Kelowna Rockets Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ Roundel as the primary
+ Lots of teal and red
+ Using all the team colours properly, not one over takes the other where it shouldn't
+ Angled stripes and the Rockets go hand and hand
+ Keeping the gear black

- The original Rockets logo would make a great shoulder patch
- Stitching should go with the angled arm stripes, not straight arms
- Outline on number are too thin

8.5/10- Phil has really improved recently, and this is a good example of it!

Air Force NCAA Concepts (By: Brady S.)

+ Classy AF logo and simple jerseys over thunder falcon logo
+ Nice mix of gray, blue and white on main set
+ Gray alternate jersey with vintage logo
+ Great execution
+ Solid striping pattern/font choices

- Gray jersey has little white while logo is almost white, making the numbers white with a blue outline and adding a white outline to the yoke would fix that.
- Home and road look bare without shoulder patch
- No helmet logo


Quebec Ramparts Concepts (By: Alan A.)

+ Old tower/bird logo
+ Castle wall shapes in the striping, a nice unique touch
+ A non template look for the ramparts
+ Good execution
+ Colours well balanced, and no vintage white

- White jersey would look better if black and white were swapped on the striping
- No helmet logo
- Missing CHL logo from front of jersey


Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

+ If there were anyway to improve on Minnesota's white jersey, this is it! It looks amazing
+ Using a lot of green and white over red
+ Excellent execution (- one thing)
+ No vintage white on road jersey

- Blank pants
- While the white jersey has no vintage white, the green jersey has no true white and the vintage white looks far worse than the true white
- Blank pants
- Shoulders logos are too small

9/10-Minor issue keep this from being better

That's the post!

Remember to vote for COTW and the COTY logo comp!
Go Jets Go! Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

Wow glad to hear the Oilers are doing worse than my Canes! And I kinda like the white pants as long as it's a one off, it's definitely something you don't usually see on the ice and I think that's what these outdoor games should be for.

Unknown said...

Concerning AJH's Remparts jerseys. I believe on CHL jerseys the league logo goes on the front while the CHL logo is placed at the bottom on the back of the jersey. I also believe the red on the helmet is a logo of some sort.
I'll vote it for COTW. One of my favorites from the comp.

Ryan said...

I remember post 100 being a big deal.

Ryan C. said...

The Ontario jerseys are Navy not Purple. Lol

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