Tuesday: Double Island Ducks

What's up? Caden here on a beautiful Tuesday. Christmas is just around the corner, and I (sadly) don't have any Wild concepts to check out. Bummer. 

Have you seen the Sharks Stadium Series jerseys yet? No? It must be dark under that rock. I will now give my short assessment. The Sharks wanted something different, so they used the triple tone design. They wanted to give the Kings and Ducks a slap in the face, so they put the "Northern California" patch on the shoulder. They wanted to draw attention to the players faces, so they made that crazy collar so people would look up. They didn't want the jersey to be too heavy, so they took the stripes off the back. It's obvious I'm not a fan of this, They RUINED any hopes I had. I was looking forward to the triple tone jersey. :(

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New York (Islanders): Dylan N

Dylan throws the Islanders a new new alternate just in time for their move into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This jersey comes off as classic, but definitely has a smooth, modern feel. I would go as far to say that this could be used for the next time the Islanders play in a Stadium Series. The one thing I feel this jersey is lacking, shoulder patches. You could possibly use the NY logo used on their current alternate. 

Overall: A great modern, yet classy alternate for New York. Yes! Yes! Yes! 9.75/10

New York (Islanders): Jack H

The second concept for the Islanders today, I'm sure Phil Beck is just creaming over this. This one definitely has the feel of the 70's jerseys, which I guess is good cause they won four cups in a row that era. The slanted arm stripes look good, but I wish the white and orange stripes were inverted. Except for the white yoke, I like that. Again, shoulder patches would be nice.

Overall: Pretty much the 70's jerseys, plus shoulder yokes and slanted arms. But is that really a bad thing? 8.25/10

Quad Cities: Phil B

Speaking of Phil, who is a HUGE New York Islanders fan, He gave us a couple concepts that should've won the Mallards comp but didn't. This one features some doubled up classic striping on the arms and hem, an a pretty cool yoke, giving the jersey a 'wing" effect, which only works with teams that have a bird as their logo. The ECHL Bakersfield Condors rock the look. I do wish you would have made the main number color orange to match the striping better. 

Overall: Great design, great yoke. You got burned with about 20 other people. 9/10

Quad Cities: Phil B

I can tell Phil went in a different direction with this one, but he kept the yoke stripes, so I'm fine. This one has a newer design than the last one, but it almost looks boring. I would've tried to build off the hem and up when making the concept, cause the hem needs the most work. The white numbers are fine here. I wish you would've made the background white on both of your concepts today, so the jersey doesn't blend in. 

Overall: A concept that should've won the Mallards comp but didn't. 7.75/10

Pittsburgh: Jack H

Jack took inspiration from the Pens "new" alternate jersey for this, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is, if you scroll up 3 concepts, you see a similar template, for a different team, made by the same artist. It seems like Jack just changed the logo to a Pens one (an easy thing to do) and then just recolored the jersey (another easy thing to do). That's a no-no. And also, why would you want two teams in the same template? Do you work for Reebok?

Edit: Upon further review (thanks to Caz), this jersey and the Islanders ones aren't exactly the same, and I apologize for not looking more closely. 8/10 for this set. Sorry! -Caden

 Colorado: Mario A

Mario made this for a fantasy league, NOT the ECHL Colorado Eagles. Even then, the ECHL Eagles would look good with purple. Recoloring the template is halfway acceptable here, since you didn't use it for two different concepts. That doesn't automatically make it look good though.  The yellow doesn't look good on the blue jersey, and looks even worse on the white, since you can hardly see it. It also looks like Moses parted the numbers on the back. Bring them together some. I guess you don't need TV numbers for fantasy, but it would look better. 

Overall: Your concepts have greatly improved Mario, but you still need to up your game if you want to start winning COTW. 4.75/10

Peoria: Mollie G

Note: I figured out after I wrote last weeks post that Samantha L is Matt McElroy's girlfriend, so now I know where she got the amazing talent from. 

Mollie pops the SPHL Peoria Rivermen a new set of jerseys. This time using red as the main color. I'm in love with the red jersey, but the white jersey is lacking. That's almost a good thing. The SPHL games always look busy so something plain might look good. 

Overall: A great set with great execution! 9/10 and A COTW NOMINATION

Canada: Nathan N

Simple arm striping, gold trim, and a HUGE sublimated logo. How very Nike of you. I wish the logo wrapped around to the back of the jersey at least a little. In that case I would (no hate plz) love the jersey IF the numbers and NOB were red with a gold outline. Also, it's been said at least a hundred times on this blog alone, Reebok doesn't use the vector logo on jerseys anymore, they use the wordmark. PUT YOUR NAME OR ID ON THE IMAGE! You don't want people stealing your work. 

Overall: I'm getting Sochi flashbacks. 7.25/10

Thanks for reading guys (and obviously an increasing number of girls)!  Have a good week of hockey, be sure to leave a COTW NOM (a SPHL concept has never won COTW, Just letting you know) and come back tomorrow!

Tuesday: Double Island Ducks Reviewed by Unknown on December 16, 2014 Rating: 5


Caz said...

I agree that Jack's Islanders concept is very similar to his Penguins design, but they aren't recolors. The arm striping is set at a more extreme angle, and the yokes are different. Jack's designs are clean, and his presentation is miles ahead of most newer artists, but his designs aren't exactly groundbreaking. We need to see something fresh and creative.

richard lewis said...

Dylan's islanders Jersey for COTW

Jack H. said...

OOh, harsh! Haha.

Let me just state: the Pens' concept actually came first, by over eight months, funnily enough. I've been working on a personal NHL series since roughly this time last year, but going off to University sort of kept me in check and put a hold on doing any concept work for the better part of the year. I came back to it last month and began finalising some old designs that I thought you were solid enough (like the Pens) before working on some new teams and new designs (like Islanders). It's not a groundbreaking series, it's not what I was aiming for. A lot of designs are pretty standard and the ones that aren't are still pretty tame.

As Caz generously pointed out though, these two concepts are not the same template at all; the dimensions on both are unique. I've been accused of this before, and it makes me laugh, because in each case, both designs were constructed months apart. The Islanders jersey was something I began working on from scratch and, by the time I realised it was similar to the Penguins set in my series, I didn't care, because I was proud of it as an individual Islanders concept, and that's all I was really hoping to get out of each team.

I hope you don't publish my LA and New Jersey concepts in the same week. :O


Unknown said...

Jack, I apologize for not looking more closely at both of your concepts. I love both of the designs as individual designs, but as we all know, too many teams in similar jerseys looks really bad. Even if the jerseys aren't exactly the same template, my point still stands at "Do you work for Reebok?" But the both concepts were executed spectacularly and I promise to look more closely at the concepts before making such an accusation.


Jack H. said...

Sometimes I feel the need to overly explain myself. :D

No ill will, mate. Your criticisms are fair, and trying to shake the traditional elements I'm used to using is something I still to improve on when designing hockey jerseys.

- Jack

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