Wednesday: Pixelated Threads

 Yes, The Mallards competition is done, The 5 year anniversary logo "competition" is done, but the show must go on, with new concepts! I can tell you this is going to be one great week. From what I can see in my email folders, the quality of the concepts this week are high!

This blog is all about opinion, if you like a concept, you share your opinion. Ryan shared his opinion on the Mallards competition that ended last Friday. It's my duty as a writer to share mine. This was a very tight competition. I felt a lot of people played it safe, while others rised as elite concept artists. Here are my 3 favourite concepts to come out of this comp.

 #3 Taylor Roy.   Yes, Taylor did go a little crazy with the 4 pointed star, but it was still one of the more unique jerseys to come out of this set of concepts. Taylor's creativity paid off, and I give him my number 3 spot. 

 #2 Samantha Leeper  A baseball style word mark often flops, but in this case it worked well. The concept is simple, but looks nice. 

#1 Justin Cox  Again simplicity works. Well detailed, and looks nice. Nothing much too say. 

Although there wasn't really one concept that really stood out to me, the amount of quality concepts we saw with this Mallards competition was huge. A lot of people have a good chance of winning, so good luck to everyone!  

Colin M. (CPM) - Washington Capitals

Positives: Colin models this set from Washington's old jerseys, and newer alternate. I like the addition of more stars in the striping. It's a bright jersey!
Negatives: The arm striping looks off. I guess I would rather it mimic the hem striping more. Perhaps on the red jersey have a blue stripe over the white stripe. And on the light jersey have a white stripe between the blue and red stripe.
Overall: Patriotic, but in my opinion needs a little more "playing around" (8/10)

David P. - New York Islanders

Positives: David wants a black alternate jersey for the Islanders, which is an interesting option. The jersey is well executed.
Negatives: It's just so bland. It needs colour. The islanders have a great scheme, why loose it? The chest stripe helps bring some life, but still. I'd like to see the back of the jersey, since numbers can be tough to read with chest stripes.
Overall: It needs more pop before I want to see this on the ice. (7/10)

Jake D. - North Dakota

Positives: Jake brings us a well detailed and well executed North Dakota concept. The word mark on the front seems very plausible for a College. The font choice for the numbers is great. Colour balance is awesome! Just the right amount of green and black on every jersey.
Negatives: I don't think you need the angular stripes, but if so, I'd tone the angle down a little. I'd loose the green pants, they don't look good and would just cost the team more money. I would've like to see a different style jersey for the alternate, but I get why you didn't. It should be a white helmet on the white jersey. 
Overall: Solid, just needs a few minor tweaks! (7.5/10) 

Ryan H. (HJC) - Atlanta Thrashers

Positives: Ryan doubles up the brown on this concept. Well technically its burgundy but still. This colour scheme has real potential, I would just darken the burgundy by a little. Execution is great making great use of Dylan's fabulous template
Negatives: I'd make the orange stripes a tad thicker, I can barely notice them (maybe thats what you were going for). Although the logos are sick, the biggest issue here is they don't look like they should be on this concept. The dark and light blue look like their from a distant planet on this concept. 
Overall: Recolour the logos, and then we can talk. (7.5/10) 

Zach W. - CHL Stadium Series concept

Positives: Colour vs colour! Two bright jerseys like these would look awesome in an outdoor game. Great detail on this concept. I love the chest stripe on the Calgary jersey, the logo and numbers look great with it. (although I'd lower the logo and numbers a few pixels.)
Negatives: The Saskatoon jersey is all over the place. The colours are nice and fresh, but the logo has to be one of the worst logo ever. I don't think you need two tones of royal blue, just stick to one. The numbers on the back need a royal blue outline instead of the yellow outline. Maybe add a blue outline to the yoke. The old Reebok vector needs to be replaced with the new word mark. Also don't forget TV numbers. 
Overall: Zach keeps improving, but this is not quite ready. (7/10)

Colin M. (CPM) - Ottawa Senators

Positives: I love reviewing Senators concepts! The side facing logo is great. (I like the front facing equally). Thick striping really brings a classic look for Ottawa. I'm usually not one for a lot of gold, but it actually looks good here.
Negatives: The numbers on the red jersey could use a black outline, they look like Calgary Flames numbers. I wouldn't mind seeing laurel leaves, even if its just a collar insert or something.
Overall: Ottawa needs new jerseys, and these would be a great choice. (8.5/10) COTW NOM.

Like I mentioned earlier, this week has been jammed with awesome concepts, and it will continue that way, so nominate a concept you like! And then go be  loyal citizen of the concept community and vote!
Have a great week everyone!

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Unknown said...

CPM's capital's set for COTW

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of that red Sens jersey but the white one makes me drool. I want a real version of that NOW! Second for COTW CPMs Sens

T.G. Blankenship said...

Those Senators jerseys are great! Smart to match striping with the boldness of the line work on the logo. It just matches so well! I would prefer a different number font also but it's pretty great!

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