Wednesday: The late concepts

Hi i'm Christian Legault! You might remember me from other review based blogs such as,  Honey save it as a PNG, or Concepts are better than love. Okay, that was a really lame intro but Welcome to another HJC post, Today we have a few concepts to review, most of them providing from old competitions, so lets get started... NOT before we get started you need to vote, then send an entry to the new competition. (even if you don't make jerseys, this is still an obligation).

Also, I've noticed a few people wanting to nominate concepts... Awesome! No, not awesome, because people don't know how. Basically all you need is a Google account (Gmail) or Blogger account. Once you have that, you just comment COTW TO ____ for the concept you like. In order for a concept to go to the weekly vote it must have two nominations! That's it.. easy peasy! 

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Caleb F - Quad City Mallards

Positives: A green jersey for the mallards works so well. The stars on the cuffs are a nice touch. Overall the black arms work well with the green jersey.
Negatives: I'm not sure what to think of the arm stripes. They look cool, but then when I look at the TV numbers and the bottom of the sleeve, I'm not sure about them anymore. What do you guys think, do you like arm stripes that high? The TV numbers a very small. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more orange. 
Overall: I'm not really feeling the arm stripes, but I know some will. (7.75/10)

Christian L - Erie Otters

This was my Entry in the CHL competition. Unfortunately I couldn't keep my competition win streak alive. I thought Erie need new jerseys, since they currently wear paint-bucket ones. I noticed the logo was very colourful, so I decided to add all that colour to the jersey. What do you guys think? Like, Dislike? Comments please!

David P - Mississauga Steelheads

Positives: The Steelheads basically copied the Leafs in terms of jersey. David gives them a unique identity, and it looks pretty good. JETS96 mentioned it in the podcast, but Davids execution and presentation really improved. 
Negatives: The stripes are a mix of the Leafs and Jets, interesting... Now I'm not saying it looks bad, far from it, but it seems a little safe. Maybe adding more grey, even between the two blue stripes could help that. 
Overall: Solid look, but making this unique set look even more unique could help. (8/10)

Mario A - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: The name Mario was thrown out a couple times in last weeks podcast, so good job Mario on your improvement. 
Negatives: Mario knows this is bad. Since he took the time to send it (showing us that he wanted feedback?) , I'm going to take the time to bash it. Let's start with the colours. If anaheim was to bring back the old mighty ducks logo, the colours would have to be eggplant and jade or their current colour scheme, not this shade of purple with forest green (which looks like slime by the way.) No Tv numbers, and the numbers on the back are numbers you get on Microsoft word. Also the black numbers are impossible to read on that shade of purple. One thing i've noticed (even with Mario's new concepts) is that he puts the nameplate really far from the numbers. The nameplate should also rarely have a box around it, unless it's a philadelphia concept. I don't see any stripes whatsoever. This is just paint bucket at its finest. Even the socks and helmet have paint bucket fill syndrome. In terms of jersey design, I would never have more than 4 (maybe 5) colours on a jersey. The more colours, the more crazy the jersey becomes. Moving on, one jersey has the stadium series logo (which is way too big) and the other doesn't? No helmet logos show no attention to detail in your concepts. I know most of these issues have been resolved in Mario's new concepts, but these jersey need to be scraped. 
Overall: I know Mario has improved, but needs jersey need medical attention, because they are suffering from severe paint bucket fill syndrome. I might have a prescription... stripes. (2/10)

Michael G - London nights

Positives: I love the vintage vibe Michael has brought us with this concept. The logo choice is fantastic and looks great on a chest stripe. The yoke, and stripes look very good together. 
Negatives: The OHL logo on the white jersey should be green not black. Numbers are always tough to make them stand out of a chest stripe, but they need a bit more work here. 
Overall: The vintage vibe you get from these jerseys are awesome, without even using vintage white! (8.5/10)

Mitch B - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: Mitch brings us a Mighty Ducks throwback! I haven't seen to many concepts from Mitch, so if he's a beginner, I applaud his execution. I don't mind yellow with the eggplant and jade colour scheme. 
Negatives: The jersey is pretty simple, being inspired by the old ducks jersey. A little more creativity wouldn't hurt. The numbers on the back are huge! I like the mighty ducks of anaheim logo, but their current logo does not go well with this jersey. The shoulder logos are also to close to the collar. 
Overall: If Mitch works his creativity and execution, man will he be a force in concept making! (7/10)

FattyRC - Muskegon Lumberjacks

Positives: The USHL has some really cool team names. This is one of them. The logo and colour scheme are superb for a minor league. The colours are balanced really well. 
Negatives: Unlike Michael's concept from above, the logo doesn't look great on a chest stripe. The shoulders are bare, maybe adding a shoulder patch could fix that. The USHL logo on the white jersey doesn't look good with a big black box around it. TV numbers are needed and showing the back of the jersey could also help. 
Overall: Good base, just needs a bit more work. (7/10)

That concludes the post, don't forget to send in your submissions for the CWHL and vote vote vote! Have a great second half of your week!

Wednesday: The late concepts Reviewed by Unknown on November 26, 2014 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

David P. for COTW

Unknown said...

Mario you've come a lonnnng way!

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