Wednesday: Fishermans and Mighty Ducks?

Welcome! We have concepts to rate and enjoy today! This Sunday Ryan will be hosting a HJC podcast so check that out. Also, Ryan mentioned it, but there is only two more spots in the Fourth quarter vote. Which means only two more spots in the running for COTY. Speaking of COTY, Ryan let the writers pick a concept to bring back from the dead and nominate it for COTW so it has a chance at COTY. So I will reveal my pick ( it was really tough just picking one but ) ... 

MY Revive COTW nomination goes to this concept by Tom V : *feel free to second*

I just love this concept. Pure gold! I couldn't decide between Tom's calgary concept or the one below. After 1 hour of staring at my screen I chose Calgary over Ottawa. 

 Dylan has been one of my favourite artists this year, so it was tough not rewarding him.

Voting is simple this week, we have the CHL competition, and the regular COTW vote.

COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL ReDesign Top 3 League votes (end Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now on to the main stuff!

CPM - NY Islanders

Positives: The islanders are bringing this classic logo back on a practice jersey before a game. Colin suggests the Islanders bring it full time. Its interesting, and goes well with the striping. Colours are balanced really well! Shoulder patch = awesome. All the details tie in really well together, so great job.
Negatives: I'm not sure I would want to see this replace their full time set. It would be perfect for an alternate.
Overall: Really good jersey, but I'm on the fence of wanting to actually see it full time. (8.5/10)

Dion S. - Tampa Bay Lightning

Positives: Anything beats the boring jersey introduced by the Lighting a few weeks ago. I like this logo better than the BOLTS word mark.
Negatives: Not sold one the arm striping, It gives me a "classic"feel that I don't really want for a lightning alternate. Execution is good, but it could be better by adding a helmet logo.
Overall: You have a good base, but playing around with the stripes, trying to make it more modern could really kick this concept up a notch. (7/10)

Matt Mc. - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: Matt uses the template he used in the Mallards competition for a mighty ducks revival. This logo is a classic, so why not bringing it back! I pretty much like everything about this concept. The pant striping looks neat with the jersey striping.
Negatives: I saw on Twitter Matt posted a bunch of different options for this concept, and my favourites were the orange and gold ones. I think the logo would look better with that scheme. Also adding the back of the jerseys would be nice. 
Overall: I like bringing back the old logo, but I'd prefer the current colour scheme as it would go better with the modern template Matt has given us. (8.5/10)

Nate F. - Auburn U (NCAA)

Positives: Love the orange used in this concept. The logo looks awesome on a hockey jersey. 
Negatives: This is a Minnesota Wild alternate jersey. I get a university wouldn't want to spend money on a custom template but still, its a concept, be a little more creative! Stitching should go under, and end at the hem. The numbers on the back are a tad small. 
Overall: Get a little more creative! (7/10)

Patrick G. - Calgary Flames

Positives: Patrik suggest this as an alternate. The lack of black really makes this jersey look vintage. I'm all for Calgary using more yellow in their jerseys!
Negatives: The shoulder patch is alright.. I'd prefer it on both shoulders, or none at all. The Jersey itself is a little plain, but sometimes thats alright. Maybe adding collar laces would add to the vintage effect.
Overall: I think this has potential, not just as an alternate, but maybe full time. Just needs a few tweaks. (7/10)

Scott D. - Columbus Vs. Buffalo

Positives: Scott suggests a Stadium series with no angled stripes? No chrome logos? No elongated numbers? What is this? Kidding, i'm all for more classic jerseys for the stadium series games. I like the return of the buffalo word mark. Execution is spot on. 
Negatives: The buffalo striping isn't the best. Maybe adding a blue stripe in between the two yellow stripes. The old Columbus logo isn't to bad either but I feel like it should stay in the past, or at least wait a bit so you can call it a vintage logo.
Overall: Very solid, but maybe more could've been done. (8.5/10)

Taylor R. - Gatineau Olympiques

Positives: Yes, you didn't copy a LA Kings jersey, props! I don't mind not having bright colours, since all the different shades of grey create a cool effect. Yoke stripes are a nice touch.
Negatives: A black NOB would be better on the white jersey (I can't read the name currently). A thicker black outline would be nice to see on the numbers on the grey jersey. Stitching should end at the hem striping (See concept above from Scott). 
Overall: Better than what they currently have. (8/10)

Check out the podcast that will be featured this weekend, Vote and maybe second a concept here and there and your HJC duties will be done! 

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