Tuesday: Wait, Jets96 Doesn't Write on Tuesdays!

No, your eyes don't deceive you, Jets96 is writing a post on Tuesday

So....TGI..T.... Whatever, welcome back!

What's going on this Tuesday....oh...the Jets & Preds are facing off! Both teams have played surprisingly well and I want both teams to do well this year. Caz, let's hope for a solid game with two young, talented teams.

Here are my surprise stars of the first month (and it didn't take an update in in NHL15)

3. Michael Hutchinson
2. Calgary Flames/Nashville Predators (workhorse teams)
1. Tyler Seguin

I'll give my favourite Quad City Mallards entries in my Friday post, but here's a hint: Green!

Voting, don't forget to do it! Also don't forget to sign up for the COTW voting list, especially if you're busy/forgetful like me.

It's Ben S.'s first COTW vote and he's in a mono et. mono against the veteran concept artist CPM.
Who will win? You have your say, use it!

COTW Oct 27-Nov 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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On to the concepts!


QMJHL Stadium Series Concept (By: Zach W.)

Earlier this year, I went to my first QMJHL game (Halifax beat Chicoutimi 7-5) and the atmosphere is electric, Halifax loves there Mooseheads (both beer and team). I would have gone for a Battle of Nova Scotia type game, but Gatineau has a history so, let's role with it. Halifax has a very similar jersey to this already, and it does look very sharp, though I would have gone for a more modern design (something like their black alternates but green and white). The Gatineau jersey is an upgrade over their Kings rip offs. It would have been nice to see some purple, but the brightness is enough for it to look different. Execution notes: the red part on the back of the HFX yoke should be white, and the hem stripes are too wide. On the Gatineua jersey, the execution is better but both jerseys share common flaws. The Reebok logo on the jerseys should be CCM (with the new update), the CHL logo should be a QMJHL logo and not boxed in white. Both jerseys have way too large logos. (6.25/10)

Plattsburgh Pioneers Concepts (By: Alan H.)

The Pioneers haven't existed for thirty years, played out of New York as an NCAA diversion and only lasted seventeen games with one...yes..one point, they had a solid look. I wasn't able to find any photos of their jerseys but let's assume they came back next year. This would be what I'd expect them to look like. The jersey are solid! I really like the yoke stripes combined with the curved striping, really reminds me of the logo itself. The only execution problem with the jersey is the white jersey's QMJHL logo. It would look better with a red outline and green interior. (9/10) COTW Nom from me!

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Dylan Someartist N.)

So the Caps jersey suck! I think I'm not in the minority in saying that, and there have been a lot of concepts that would make excellent replacements, and as an alternate, this would be sweet. The side panels and arm swoops are a nice blend of the patriotic and 90's oddities. The problem with this concept is very bland out side of those areas. The jersey needs some sort of shoulder patch. (8.5/10)

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Patrick E.)

This concept is based off those awesome trainer sweaters the '89 Flames wore when they won the cup. With that historical context, the jersey makes more sense and would make for a solid one game jersey to honour the '89 Flames. The execution is good, but I would make some changes. First off the numbers on the back are invisible and too small. Make them bigger and use a double outline or change the colour. The NOB is too large on the other hand and too low. I also would have gone with red gear or at least  just black pants. (6.5/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Mario A.)

This concept shows the talent Mario is capable of producing, and I really want to see more concepts like this from him. The striping pattern, while not patching looks solid, I like the arm pattern more than the hem, but they compliment each other well. The square yoke should be a keeper for Minnesota's identity for a while, though some sort of yoke stripe would make it more visible on the green jersey and balance the red out more on the beige jersey. The only major execution errors are the green box around the reebok logo and the white splotches around the numbers. (7/10)

Quebec Nordiques Concepts (By: CPM)

I may be in the minority, but I liked the unused '96 Nordiques update, but preferred the original colour scheme. This is a marriage of both elements that really work. The update logo is still fierce but looks like the Nordiques, and the original red thing makes a nice shoulder patch. Striping is original enough, but the arms on the blue jersey would look better if they matched the arms on the white jersey on the ends. The numbers on the back are also too small. (8.75/10)

That's the post, folks! Don't forget to vote! 
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Unknown said...

I'll second Alan for COTW. Great use of green and red.

Caz said...

I would really love CPM's Nordiques concept if it didn't have the shoulder yoke on the white jersey. I like everything else about it.

I'm going to nominate Dylan's Caps concept. I agree about the shoulder patch, but I respect when side panel striping is done right.

Jets96, your team is playing well so far! Powerplay cycling was very effective. The Preds weakness has been special teams.

Unknown said...

I'll second dylan N.
They need to use the weagle logo.

Anonymous said...

Mario, a little tip: don't do a color fill on jerseys from sportslogos.net. The red sleeve numbers and the loose white pixels make it obvious that this was recolored.

winnipegjets96 said...

Phil's right...that's lazy, honestly!

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