Thursday: The Big Irishman

Hey gang, welcome to another Thursday post!

First off, I would just like to congratulate the Canucks and Maple Leafs for doing the right thing and honouring a man so crucial to each team's history.  I'm talking, of course, about Pat Quinn, who passed away this week.  Both teams are wearing jersey patches to honour him, and I believe they'll keep them on for the rest of the season.  Considering how important he was to both teams, as well as other NHL teams and the Canadian Olympic and Junior teams, I think this is such a classy move.  May he be remembered as a great coach, GM, and personality in the hockey world.

Moving on from that, we had our podcast last weekend, which I was unable to participate in.  Hopefully we'll have many more podcasts in the future, and I'll definitely try to make it next time.

This week we have our usual COTW vote, as well as the CWHL Competition going on.  There's been some good entries sent in so far, but hopefully we can keep them coming in until the end of the week.  Personally, I think a lot of the CWHL team logos are very outdated, so I'd love to see some fresh new logos designed for the competition.

On that note, let's get to the concepts.

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

CWHL Entries:
Andrew W.

Maxx B.

 Vaughn R.

 Jordan R.

Kerouac D.
And now for our regularly scheduled concepts:
Sudbury Wolves -  BPOE96

+ I may have said this once or twice (probably more), but the Wolves are one of the ugliest looking teams in North American hockey.  Kudos for taking on this challenge.
+ Adding colour but keeping grey is what this team desperately needs for their identity.
+ Classic but well-detailed stripes look nice for an older team like this.
+ Really digging the white jersey of this concept.

- The blue jersey with the white yoke is alright, but the rest of the jersey looks a little bland compared to the white jersey.
- The stripes could be a little thicker, including the ones on the socks.
- It would be nice if the glove had a bit more of a design on it, rather than full-blue.

Overall: Probably my favourite Sudbury Wolves set I've seen, including their actual jerseys.  Still needs work, but it's pretty good as is.  8/10

Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL) - Caleb F.

+ Growing up from BC, I'm definitely familiar with this team.  Long history of Senior and Junior hockey for the Smoke Eaters, including a couple of World Championships and Allen Cups.  I love seeing concepts from lesser-known teams like this.
+ Modern approach to classic style, looks great.
+ Easy to remake this jersey using a Flyers style, but great to see something original

- The full black arms are a bit much.  But maybe if the hem was all black, the jersey would look more balanced.
- Since this doesn't exactly look like a throwback, I'd like to see some TV numbers.
- Thicker hem stripes would look a little nicer.

Overall: The concept itself isn't too exciting, but seeing teams I grew up with or teams forcing me to do research does get me excited.  Good work.  7.8/10

 Shawinigan Cataractes - David P.

+ If I'm not mistaken, David mashes up two old logos to make a new updated logo. Very nice.
+ This team has changed their look almost as many times as the Canucks have.  So for David to make something that they haven't worn before but looks as believable as this is very impressive.
+ Love the classic approach on the main set, and the more modern look for the alternate.  Suits the team perfectly.

- As cool as it is that you used their original logo, there is a reason the Cataractes left it behind.  It's pretty boring.

Overall: Aside from the logo being a little underwhelming, this is a fantastic set!  9/10

Los Angeles Kings - Mario A.

 + It's awesome to see a designer show off their first few concepts, because usually they're so bad that they're awesome, and it can help measure how far a designer has come from their beginnings.
+ This could totally work if the Kings were part of Roller Hockey International.

- I counted 8 different colours on the jersey. 4 is usually the maximum you should ever use.
- It's funny how you used the black and white Kings logo on such an outrageously colourful jersey.
- Seriously though, why these colours?!
- I'm pretty sure the fill tool and colour picker were the only tools used here.
- I shouldn't have to explain what's wrong with the text and numbers here.
- Redo the equipment entirely, swap the pink and lavender colours for grey, make the light grey arm stripe the same colour as the front and underarm grey, and then you actually might have a decent start to a uniform.

 Overall: It's very fun to revisit concepts like this.  If it weren't for the Ducks, I'd say this jersey could work with grey, orange, black and white.  5/10

Portland Winterhawks - Michael G.

+ The presentation here is as sharp as I've ever seen on a concept.
+ Not being a simple copy of other Chicago/Portland jerseys is a definite plus for me.
+ Love the look of the hem stripe and chest stripe on this set.

- Would like to see the ends of the arms match the hem. It would look more unique compared to other Chicago/Portland jerseys, and would balance the jerseys better.
- I'd rather see the red/black/white version of the shoulder patch used here.

Overall: Slightly original, which is good enough for anything 'Hawks related. Presentation and execution look excellent! 8.3/10

Philadelphia Flyers - Patrik G.

+ Diagonal arm and sock stripes? Sign me up!
+ Definitely looks like a genuine Flyers uniform.
+ Differences between this and practically every other Flyers uniforms are the disconnection between the yoke and the arm stripes, and the lack of a hem stripe. Bold new look to the arms.

- The fact that I only counted two main differences between this and nearly every other orange Flyers jersey is a bad sign.
- Name is way too close to the yoke.
- The lack of hem stripes is really bugging me.

Overall: The coolest arm and sock combination I've ever seen on a Flyers uniform.  The rest of the uniform needs some work. 7.5/10

Quad City Mallards - Ryan C.

+ Interesting striping going on with the main set, but I'm buying it. Looks really cool.
+ The colours are well balanced on all jerseys.
+ The 3rd is simply beautiful, and contrasts perfectly with the main set.

+ The colouring of the numbers looks great, considering how difficult numbers can be with chest stripes.

- This concept would have a 10/10 score and my COTW nomination...if it wasn't for that font on the numbers. The name is fine, but the font for the numbers is just so cartoony and amateurish. Some minor league teams pull it off because their jerseys are ridiculous, but this set is classy, sharp, unique and pro-friendly, so the font fails terribly.

Overall: Redo this, change the font, re-submit, somehow ensure that it gets posted on Thursday, and I guarantee that this gets my COTW nomination.  But unless the readers disagree with me (and there's a good chance of that), I just can't bring myself to like it enough to nominate it.  8.7/10

Instead, I'll give David's Shawinigan Cataractes concept my COTW nomination.

Disagree with me? Agree with me? Have a mistake to point out to me? (There's been lots of those lately)

Then comment on this post and have your voice heard. Nominate who you think deserves COTW recognition, and I promise I wont hate you if you disagree or point out my mistakes (maybe just dislike you, for a minute or two).

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I second David's Shawinigan concept for COTW. His best work I've seen.

Ryan C said...

Wow. Im really new to this site. In fact that Mallards Concept is my second non-contest entry. Now im fired up to create more, i didnt think that one would get such positive review! Thanks!

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