Thursday: 1st Annual Hawkital Cup

Hey gang, welcome to another Thursday HJC post!

Before I get started, I'd like to remind everyone about the votes going on this week.  We have our usual COTW vote of course, but we also have our Memorial Cup vote for the CHL ReDesign. Three good concepts to pick from, so go ahead and get your vote in!

I'd also like to remind you about the schedule change beginning this weekend.  Saturday will become the new "info" day, and concepts will be featured from Sunday to Friday.

Last but not least, we're having our 5th Anniversary Podcast this Saturday! Check out the link at the top, and send in some questions that you would like answered.

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 We are recording TONIGHT (Thursday) so get your questions in before 11pm Eastern to have them answered.

Alright, now to explain the title of today's post.  With one exception, all of the concepts featured today are Winter Classic inspired jerseys for Chicago and Washington.  So I'm going to put them together and pick out my favourite Chicago and Washington concepts, then pick the best of those two.  The winner MAY get my COTW nominee, if the "exception" concept doesn't get it instead...

COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL ReDesign Memorial Cup vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia Stadium Series - David P.

+ Both jerseys fit the Stadium Series styles quite well in this look.
+ I hated Pittsburgh's SS jersey, and to me this version is a huge improvement.
+ The Flyers concept looks as traditional as ever, but still fits the SS mold.

- The numbers on both sets are way, way too big.
- I think the Flyers concept would look better without the white yoke, or have it in the style of the Pens yoke.

Overall:  If the Pens went to their old yellow colours full-time eventually, this would both a perfect fauxback and SS game jersey for them.  Even now, it's still a great set, as is the Flyers concept.  Well done.  8/10

Hawkital Cup : Belfour Division

Avi S.

+ The most unique concept of the three.
+ I always thought the complicated nature of the Blackhawks logo would suit a more complex stripe pattern quite well, and this concept confirms that.
+ Very interesting yoke pattern.  Not sure if I'm a huge fan of it, but I appreciate the effort for uniqueness.

- The one thing the actual WC jersey got right was including the "C" logo on the jersey.  We see it on the pants for this concept, but I'd rather see it as part of the jersey too.
- Comparing this to the others, this concept loses quite a few points by a) not looking old in any way and b) not having an altered logo.

 Matt Mc.
+ A Blackhawks jersey in any colour besides pure white and red definitely stands out against the rest.
+ Not far from the actual WC jersey, but the changes made are (almost) all for the better.
+ Execution and presentation is flawless, as usual with Matt.

- The only negative thing I can talk about is the hem.  I like seeing the cuff and the hem match, so if everything on the arm below the stripes is black, I'd like the hem to be black too.  It does somewhat match their current white jersey, so I can't complain too much.

Dylan A.

+ A bit of a mix between both current jerseys, and the revealed WC jersey, and it looks fantastic.
+ I'd much rather see the Blackhawks in red, and the Capitals in a different colour.
+ Beautiful execution and presentation
+ Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not familiar with that colour pattern for the "C" logo.  Personally, I think this version works better.

- The socks are bugging me for some reason.  They match the arms and hem, but they still just don't look right to me. Maybe the stripes are a little too high? Either way, not a big issue.

Belfour Division Scores:

Dylan A. - 8.9
Matt Mc. - 8.8
 Avi S. - 8.2

Solid work by everyone here.  Dylan wins this round by the slimmest of margins.

Hawkital Cup : Kolzig Division

Avi S.

+ Wasn't buying the yoke stripes from the WC jersey, this yoke design is much more attractive and unique.
+ Safe choice by staying close to the original, but fixing where needed.

-  Still not liking those bottom hem stripes. They look out of place compared to the rest of the jersey.
- This concept looks nice, but too close to the original to really jump out at me.

Avi S.

+ Road white version of above concept.  I actually think this one looks much nicer.
+ The inclusion of a contrasting yoke gives this jersey some much-needed colour.
+ I like the look of this logo without the "Capitals" text.

- Stripes still look out of place, but much less now since it works with the yoke.
- Would like to see a little more design on the gloves.

Dylan A.

+  This jersey is definitely unique.  The Capitals have tragically never worn anything as American as this.
+ Like the Blackhawks, any Capitals jersey that isn't red or white immediately stands out.
+ This looks more like a Team USA fauxback than a Capitals fauxback, but would be a huge hit for Washington's fans.
+ Didn't like the look of this logo at first, but it really suits this jersey.

- I think the hem should have the same amount of stripes as the arms.  If it takes up too much of the jersey, then reducing all the stripes by 1 wouldn't hurt.
- A few more stars on the shoulder wouldn't hurt either.

Kolzig Division Scores:

Dylan A. - 9.1
Avi S. (White) - 8.5
Avi S.(Red) - 8.1

Hawkital Cup : Finals

In a battle of Dylan A vs Dylan A, traditional vs unique, old vs arguably new, red vs blue, etc...

Dylan A's Washington Capitals concept wins!

Dylan's Washington concept also receives my COTW nomination for today.

I honestly can't think of another post I've done where the concepts we're collectively this good.  It helps that this post featured 4 of HJC's premier designers.  I think any of the concepts above are improvements to their real counterparts (or in the case of the Flyers concept, probably as good of a SS jersey design they'll get).  Fantastic work by everyone today!

Well that's it for me.  Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!
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T.G. Blankenship said...

A fun update today! I like that all the concepts were similarly themed and that you could author it well as a result.

I'm loving the WDC alternate logo. I would like it as a permanent shoulder for the Caps.

DBro Alexander said...

Ayyyy, thanks for the feedback! I'm honored to win the Hawkital Cup!

As for the Capitals' hem, I wanted to keep it an even number, 4 on the arms, 2 on the hem... 3 didn't look right to me

DBro Alexander said...

And the Hawks "C" color pattern I used was essentially their 1957 red jersey C



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