Throwback Thursday! ... I mean Wednesday!

The COTY is getting down to the wire, only one spot left in the semi-finals. Who will win, I'm not sure? will it be one of the 7 concepts from today, only time will tell!  During that time, why not join the COTW mailing list for reminders, and with those reminders, vote!

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL entries (due Saturday @ 11:30am Eastern)

MOst of the concepts today are inspired by old jerseys, so that will be interesting! Nothing much to ramble about so lets get this started,

Here are the contest entries:

Phil B:


 John E:

Now the regular concepts:

Ben S - Nashville Predators.

Positives: You get  real throwback feel with this jersey! Great detail (with the helmet numbers and such)!
Negatives: I understand this is inspired by the old Dixie Flyers jersey, but I don't care for the script. It doesn't scream Predator, nor does it look cool. The old reebok Vector should be replace with the new word mark. The blue outline on the numbers could be a little more thick.
Overall: Really good throwback, but not something I would want to see for this brand. (7/10)

David P - Penn State

Positives: David does the same thing and models a set after a vintage jersey. This one is almost a literal representation of it. Nothing much has change. Great execution. Love the socks!
Negatives: The logo could be a tad higher and bigger. Besides that, nothing really changed... maybe having brown equipment would give this a real throwback look.
Overall: (7.5/10)

Jamie R - Carolina Hurricanes

Positives: Lets just say, this is so much better than what carolina is currently wearing. The sublimated flag pattern is always a great choice. Colour balance is well done.
Negatives: I'd like to see the back of the jerseys, would the NOB on the white jersey be on the yoke like they currently have or not? Maybe adding the pants also.
Overall: Something we see often, but it looks good, so why change it? (7.5/10)

Mario A- Montréal Canadiens

Positives: Montreal has a rich history of jerseys, so Mario digs into that. The diagonal striping is interesting but...
Negatives: Too much going on here. It's as simple as that. The numbers need to go higher, and the NOB needs to come down. If your really want to keep the "C" logo found on the chest, maybe move it to the shoulder patch area. White sleeve numbers would be better on the white jersey.
Overall: Just way too much going on at once. (6/10)

Phil B - Team Germany

Positives: The chest stripe looks great with this logo. Good detail. Overall well done.
Negatives: On the yellow jersey, a black collar would be nice. The back of the jerseys are a little plain, so maybe a more exciting font would be cool.
Overall: Pretty solid all around (8.25/10)

Stephen T - Washington Capitals

Positives: Stephen is back! He brings us a cool Washington jersey inspired by the old flying eagle brand. The striping is really interesting. I love the blue pants + black jersey combo, along with the pant striping.
Negatives: I wouldn't mind seeing the stars found on the pants put on the bottom of the sleeves. No helmet logo.
Overall: Cool concept! (8/10)

Taylor R - Edmonton Oilers

Positives: Orange alternate for Oilers = win. Execution is awesome. That pants stripe looks pro!
Negatives: OIL DROP GALORE. Taylor, you went over board with the oil drop. Oil drop logo, fine. Oil drop striping... ehh. Maybe find a way to tone it down so it will look more professional.
Overall: (7.5/10) 

Have you ever noticed that some CHL teams have awful jerseys? Now is your chance to fix that with the CHL competition going on. Send in your submission! Have a Great week Everyone!

Throwback Thursday! ... I mean Wednesday! Reviewed by Unknown on November 12, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Probably should have left out the side hem oil drops. COTW nom to Phil's Germany concept

Unknown said...

I'll second Phil's Germany for COTW.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both.

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