Tardy Tuesday

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. I had some issues that came up today and I just wasn't able to get it done. So because of that, I'll be short and sweet.

The 5th anniversary podcast was on Saturday, It included me, HJC Admin Ryan, Dylan, and Sean (Jets96). Caz was supposed to join us but do to Skype being a butt he couldn't connect. If you haven't listened to that I suggest you do that.

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Here are the CWHL Competition Entries so far;

Christian L.
John E.
Justin S.
Leo D.
Mike B.
Phil B.
Ryan C.


I'm doing a different rating system for today only, telling how much I would pay for a game issued version of this jersey/set . 0 is 0 but I am topping off at 750$.

We started a new competition this week for the logo-less CWHL. All the teams use a arched script and number combo on the front, so they definitely need a new look.

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Austin S: Indiana Hoosiers

These were three separate images, but as being all part of the same concept, I am going to reveiw them all together.

I'm not sure which one of these is a concept. They all are jerseys that Indiana has worn in the past or currently. If you were the one to design Indiana's jerseys, then kudos to you! I like the script on the white jersey. It adds a bit of difference between the jerseys. The black jersey also looks really good and corresponds with the equipment well. I would have made the logo on the pants white, or taken it off altogether cause with just the red (with no outline) it doesn't look very good. Thought the jerseys look okay, I wish you were a bit more creative with your designs. They all look kinda bland. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 300$ for both.

Brass: Washington Capitals

Whether wearing this in the weather (Winter Classic) or as a regular alternate, I would love to see this on the ice. 

The stars above the logo look really good. It's something we've seen before, but it is executed well here. The regular Caps font looks good as always. It's one of my favorite fonts in the NHL. As I said on the podcast, I love traditional designs, and this fits the bill. I do wish the red was a bit darker.

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 400$

Christian L: Ottawa Senators

Fellow Ottawan and HJC writer Christian brought back the laurel leafs here, and used the alternate side profile head as the main crest. 

Good on you for bringing back the laurels. The Sens jerseys now are so templatey they are hard to look at! I wish there was more white on the red jersey, and more red on the white jersey. It would be cool to see this design on a Reebok Edge template, just to see what it would look like. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 1000$ for both COTW NOMINATION FOR YOU BRO!!!

Coby S: Dallas Stars

A good idea by Coby, Bring back the old look of the stars with the new colors.

It doesn't look as good as I thought. I wish that less grey was used to make room for more black. This concept is extremely dull and boring. The green pants are different though. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set:  If I could get it for 50$ I might buy.

Rocky Mountain Concepts:  United States Air Force Academy 
Cadet Squadron - 02 'Deuce' 

When I think of "Rocky Mountain" I think of coolness. This jersey is just plain stripes, with no correspondence to the logo used whatsoever.

Please don't misunderstand me, when I said I love traditional designs, that did not mean that every jersey had to be the same. This jersey, aside from the yoke, is pretty much the same template as the one before. A design can be traditional, and still be creative. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: I would take this if you gave me an ice-cream. 

Stephen T: Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL)

I'm a big fan of sublimated designs, so Stephen pulled on my heartstrings there. 

Sherbrooke's current jerseys are more of a modern template, and these are more of a modern/classic mix. The off center logo looks spectacular with the chest striping. And I like how the arms, yoke, and chest all tie in together. A great design by you! You've definitely improved from this summer, when you were just recoloring templates and such. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 800$ for both, 450$ for the white one. 

Here you are guys! Sorry for the lateness! It won't happen again, and if it does, I don't expect to be writing for HJC anymore at that point anyway. Have a good week, go listen to the podcast if you haven't already, and go support your favorite women's junior hockey team by making them a cool jersey set and entering it into our CWHL redesign. Go do it!


Tardy Tuesday Reviewed by Unknown on November 25, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll second Christian's Sens concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

Hey guys!

My name's Austin and I was the one who designed the Indiana uniforms posted today. Just a little clarification, this concept was to show the development of the uniforms over the years. That first 2012 white jersey concept was actually my first concept ever made and finally you see in the 2014 concept what we decided to do get made into actual uniforms for this season. I should've posted our old uniforms because trust me these look much better than what we've worn in the past.

Hope you guys enjoy the concept/story! Thank you for the review!

Also if anyone wants/needs advice on how to turn their concepts into a reality feel free to reach out to me!

Unknown said...

Also.... I'll third that Sens concept. It's a beauty.

Caz said...

I don't normally comment on contest entries, but Christian's Montreal Stars set is CHOICE.

Unknown said...

Love Christian's sens but wish the hem striping went up. Seems glued to the bottom to me.

Great story Austin about the Indiana jerseys! Nice stuff!

Tyler. F said...

1. Sens concept is sweet, for sure gets my COTW nom
2. Austin, those Indiana jerseys look amazing, I would actually buy the 2014 set!

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