Sunday: The Real Deal

In today's post, we have several concepts for the Penguins, an alternate for an "untouchable" team, a gray jersey for Buffalo, and much more! 

I recently (as in yesterday) added a new jersey to my growing collection! I bought my first authentic Reebok jersey! I am ecstatic to finally get my hands on one. I bought a an authentic Preds Edge 1.0 jersey from 2007-2011. I would never pay the full price for an authentic jersey, so I was very lucky to find one with tags, in the original packaging, size 46 (I'm not a large guy) for less than $80 on Ebay. Also, it's made in Canada! I have heard Ryan and others say on many occasions that there is a great difference between the authentic jerseys and the replicas, but I never realized how great a difference it was. I love having a stitched crest instead of the glued-on crests of the replica jerseys. The replicas are also much looser. The measurements of a size 46 authentic and a size small replica jersey are a little different, but the authentic also has more spandex material built into the jersey that cause it to fit a little tighter. The makeup and stitching of the jersey is much more complex, so I see now why they charge so much more for them. Also, you have the obvious inclusion of the fight-strap. I think the biggest difference between a authentic Predators '07-'11 and a replica is the silver material on the sleeves. On the replicas, the silver is very bright, thick, and cheap-looking. On the authentic jerseys, it's a more muted metallic hue, and much thinner, with a pliable feel. I'm very excited to add this to my collection, and if you haven't added an authentic jersey to your collection, I highly recommend it. Looking at the work and thought that is put in to the manufacturing of these jerseys gives me a new respect for even the most bland Predators home jersey we have had.

Also, I think I'll just leave this here:

Image taken from screenshot of NHL Western Conference standings on 11/30/14 at 12:30 am CDT
Leading the West. Same exact record as Pittsburgh, who leads the East. Feels good, man.

Also, I like to see Calgary and Winnipeg exceeding expectations so far. Dallas? 10th. I hope someone tweets this at Jason Spezza.

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Pittsburgh Penguins "Worst Jersey Ever" Concept - Martin L.

I won't rate this like I normally would, because this wasn't made with that intent, but rather to show what advertisement on jerseys would look like. Martin shows what is at stake here. This is a god-awful cluttered mess, and it's what we'll have to put up with if team owners decide to sell out the last thing in the arena they haven't already covered with advertisements. I have a great respect for the aesthetics of North American hockey. There's a reason no one has KHL and SM Liiga jerseys on their lists. Advertisements ruin jerseys. (Rating: N/A)

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. CSKA Moscow Concept - Stephen T.

Positives: The CSKA looks especially good here. I appreciate that Stephen put logos on his helmets, and added sleeve numbers on the back of the left arm. I've really criticized him for omitting those things earlier this year. It's good to see some improvements. 

Negatives: I'm confused on the choice to put Pittsburgh in navy blue, partially because that's not a color they are known for (even if it was used in the past), and because CSKA uses it, there is less color-diversification in this proposed game. In execution, part of the outline of Crosby's name has been left black, because this is simply a recolor of a jersey that Stephen has used countless times. I've reviewed the design ad nauseam. Sleeve numbers are left off the right arm on the CSKA jersey.

Overall: Stephen has shown improvements lately, but this needs more work. (6.75/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - Mario A.

Remind me why we need to be revisiting these again? It hasn't been very long since these concepts were posted the first time, so I just don't see the purpose. It would be one thing if it was a very experienced artist revisiting concepts from several years ago (i.e. Ryan posting his first concepts from HJC's beginnings), but Mario hasn't been doing this very long. That's like being nostalgic for things that happened a few months ago. I just don't get it. My feelings about these designs haven't changed. If you want a review, do a search of the website and find where I reviewed concepts like these, and apply everything I said then to this. (Rating: N/A)

Montreal Canadiens Third Jersey Concept - Dion S.

Positives: I love when someone gets brave enough to mess with the Canadiens. I really think they could pull off a blue alternate. As this concept shows, it wouldn't have to be anything elaborate or modern. The old Canadiens crest fits well here, and I like the thick white outline on the red yoke. The maple leaf logo makes a good shoulder crest as well. 

Negatives: Details take concepts to the next level. Putting a logo on the helmet just shows commitment to executing those seemingly small details. Also, no one could see with that helmet, because the visor has been colored blue. Unless, of course, they used the force.

Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: It's hard to miss when you're working with the Red Wings' past jerseys. Here, Taylor pays homage to the Detroit Cougars 1928-1929 set. The striping pattern looks good. It's on the verge of over-striping, but doesn't go over that ledge. The monogrammed shield makes a great alternate logo. Execution and presentation is top-notch.

Negatives: Detroit is known for their arched namebars, and I feel it would be especially appropriate here considering the arched Detroit wordmark on the front.

Overall: This would make a great Winter Classic jersey for the Red Wings. I would be interested to see who Taylor envisioned they would match up with. (8.75/10)

Quad City Mallards Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: I really like the striping pattern here, it's very attention-grabbing and unique. This was probably one of my top-5 favorites in the Quad City competition back in October. Taylor is one of the most improved artists this year, and it really shows in his execution and presentation. The Details really stand out.

Negatives: The jersey layout is very familiar, but there's nothing specifically about this jersey that I dislike.

Overall: This would have been a great alternate for the Mallards. It's unfortunate that the people at Quad City didn't like it as much as I do. (8.75/10)

Buffalo Sabres Third Jersey Concept - Jake88

Positives: If Buffalo wanted to do something unique when they debuted their new alternate jersey last year, they could have gone with a gray jersey instead of taking a page out of Nashville's playbook with a gold jersey, but then making it worse.. The color of the striping pattern against blue helps balance out the gray. Execution and presentation are flawless. 

Negatives: The gray is unique, but other than that, it's not the most innovative design. 

Overall: The alternate that Buffalo should have made. (8.75/10)

It's a really tough decision for me. I really like Taylor's Red Wings Winter Classic jersey, and his Quad City Mallards alternate, but my COTW nomination goes to Jake88's Buffalo Sabres Third!

There are several great concepts today, so if you saw one today you want to nominate that I didn't, or want to second Jake88's design, be sure to do so in our comments section! Also, if you disagreed with my evaluations, or have something you want to add, well, you know where to go. Let your voice be heard!

That's all for today! See you all back here tomorrow for Dylan's Monday post!
Sunday: The Real Deal Reviewed by Caz on November 30, 2014 Rating: 5


Pajo94 said...

Just checking in to tell you that ZSKA would be a better name for ЦСКА. When you translate a Russian name it's done from the sound of the word. The letter "Ц" sounds like "Ts" or Z. And to me C sounds nothing like "Ts". "Ch" would even be better.
A lot of the Russian hockey players names are translated horribly into English, with Semin being the worst. That name should be translated to "Siomin"or "Syomin". The best option would be translating it to "Schomin" (Tr. to Sjomin in Swedish as "Sj" in Swedish almost sounds like the German "Sch"), but a lot of people would pronounce that the way School is pronounced, which would be even more wrong than Semin.
When translating Russian names into English it would be better to translate them into German first and then, if needed, change/shorten the spelling into English.

Not looking to pick up a fight here, just trying to lighten you all up with some information and start a conversation.

Unknown said...

COTW to Taylor's Red Wings Concept

Ryan C. said...

That Detroit Jersey is Sharp! Nice work

winnipegjets96 said...

If the playoffs started today, then, Caz, that'd be an interesting series. I'm so impressed with Michael Hutchinson! He's going to be starting in Winnipeg soon.

@Pajo94. I think thats because when the name is translated into english, It's Central Sports Club of the Army, Moscow, while in Russian it's Центральный Спортивный Клуб Армии. Similar to how USSR in Russian is CCCP, which in the english alphabet would be SSSR.

Pajo94 said...

@Jets96 USSR was actually known as SSSR in many countries (including Sweden & Finland). Translating ЦСКА into CSKA moscow makes sense in the way you said, but only to 75% as it should be CSCA in that case. Translating it to CSKA (if it is for the reason you stated) just feels a bit like both eating the cake and wanting to keep it.

I believe that CSKA (or ZSKA as it actually is in many European countries)is just another case of badly translated Russian/Eastern European names.

Caz said...

Pajo94, I just go off the file name of the concept I'm sent. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

At this rate Youll see the SCF nobody expected: Islanders Predators.

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