Sunday: Bro Down

Hello everyone! Today I am taking over the Sunday slot as we reorganize the week here at HJC. Ryan will be doing his posts on Saturday from now on. Speaking of, if you missed yesterday's HJC 5th Anniversary Podcast, do yourself a favor and check it out.

In today's post, we have concepts for the Griffins, Islanders, Minnesota Fighting Saints, and several pieces of artwork from Moday's writer, Dylan A, or "DBro."

In hockey news this week, there was a really amazing moment in Toronto when the anthem singer's microphone went out during the American National Anthem, and the fans stepped in and finished the song together! It's a really great moment, and some of the best in hockey fans of the Toronto area. Of course, the very lopsided end result also brought out the worst in one fan, but that shouldn't overshadow a fan base coming together to sing the anthem of a visiting team's country.

But before I forget, here's where I post reminders and tell you to be a responsible adult and make a positive contribution the website by voting! If you haven't signed up for the COTW Mailing List, then do that now! Like right now! Go. Do it.

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Get your entries for our CWHL ReDesign in soon! The deadline is this Friday! I'm really excited to see what you all come up with on this one. We should see a lot of fresh ideas and creativity.

For those of you who signed up for the COTW Mailing List and voted last week, here is your reward, in gif form. Let's get to today's concepts!

Grand Rapids Griffins Alternate Jersey Concept - Joey F.

Positives: The number and name font match the logo well. The striping fits the edginess of the jersey. The jersey is well executed, and the shading looks good. 

Negatives: The inside of the jersey near the collar, and the collar insert should be colored instead of white. 

Overall: The Grand Rapids could have done (and did) much worse. It wouldn't be a bad alternate. (7.75/10)

New York Islanders - Dion S.

Positives: The NY logo the Islanders debuted last year looks good as a primary on the blue jersey. The striping looks great on both jerseys; far from unique, but it works. Yokes on both jerseys help balance out the colors well.

Negatives: Blue doesn't fit the NY logo as well. I almost wouldn't mind if the traditional logo was used as the primary on the white jersey, and the NY logo was used on the shoulders in white. Helmet logos would give the set a little more detail.

Overall: Nothing revolutionary, but a pretty solid look. (7.5/10)

Minnesota Fighting Saints - Christian L.

Positives: The striping pattern is good example of how to do an organic pattern well. I especially like the pants striping. Subtle shading really helps the concept pop off the screen. Really good execution and presentation.

Negatives: My only qualm is the logo fitting the jersey. Christian has done a good job tweaking it to make it look more modern, but it's still a very traditional-looking logo.

Overall: I would like to see a matching away jersey for this. This design could be a foundation for a great set. (8.75/10) 

Quad City Mallards Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: Striping looks good. Chest striping can make legibility difficult with numbers, but that's not a problem here. Execution and presentation are pretty good.

Negatives: Not a big fan of the logo, but I respect making something original. The wordmark seems a little excessive.

Overall: The jersey itself is a good design. (8.25/10)

Quad City Mallard Logo Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: I have great respect for making your own logo. That's something I really can't do well. I have attempted it only twice, both with very mixed results at best.

Negatives: There needs to be some action in the logo, some degree of motion. It seems too stationary.

Overall: A for effort, but also needs action. (7.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Winter Classic Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: The striping pattern looks great. I especially love the striping near the shoulders. That striping, and the added black on the cuffs and hem helps with color balance. This design is clearly inspired by the same jersey that inspired Chicago's actual Winter Classic jersey, but this is more creative. Execution and presentation is flawless.

Negatives: I have none.

Overall: Of Dylan's Chicago WC designs we've seen over the past few days, this one is the best, in my opinion. (9.5/10) COTW nomination from me!

Washington Capitals 2015 Winter Classic Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: The logo and striping look great. Really good detail and execution. Overall, I like the striping pattern as well.

Negatives: I think there should be some blue in the jersey other than just the yoke and collar. The stars on the blue yoke invite comparisons to the 1980 USA "Miracle on Ice" jerseys.

Overall: A good jersey, but the white version of this from Friday is my favorite. (8.5/10)

Chicago vs. Washington 2015 Winter Classic Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: I've reviewed both jerseys, so I'll just stick to how they look together. The Chicago jersey is amazing. It's a wonderful design. The Washington jersey is good as well. As I have stated, the white version of the Capitals jersey is my favorite, but I know they can't both wear white.

Negatives: Lots of horizontal striping in the same areas. It's not a big issue, but it does decrease the variety. The blue version of the Capitals jersey has better color balance.

Overall: This game would look great. (8.75/10)

That's all for today.If you think one of the concepts deserves a chance in our Concept of the Week voting, be sure to nominate it in our comments section! If you have a differing opinion from my assessments, let your voice be heard as well!

See you all back here tomorrow at the same time for Dylan's post!
Sunday: Bro Down Reviewed by Caz on November 23, 2014 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

The Mallard logo I made wad intentionally made with no real action going on. Its intended to be swimming in the bottom color of the jersey.

Also what do you mean by excessive wordmark?

Thanks for the feedback and the nomination!

Caz said...

I meant to say watermark. Sorry for the confusion!

I don't mind logo watermarks on intellectual property. I've been experimenting ways to place my signature over my concepts in the same way, the drawback is that you have to look past it to see some of the finer details of the concepts.

Ryan said...

I love Dylan's work last week. However I have to give my COTW nomination to Dion's NYI set.

Alan John Herbert said...

Dion S's Islanders concept for the COTW.

Unknown said...

Christian's Fighting Saints for COTW.... Love the simplified logo because the old one is creepy!

John E. said...

I agree, Christian's Fighting Saints jersey for COTW.

Connor Jarvis said...

Wow, that Blackhawks one is a nice jersey. But since Caz already nominated it... Christian L's Fighting Saints for COTW!

DBro Alexander said...

Connor, you're supposed to second it so it actually becomes a nominee for COTW... going by your logic, you shouldn't be nominating Christian's Saints jersey since two other people already did it......

Frenchie_TO said...

As a (casual) fan of the Mallards (They are part of the Wild organization, my son's favourite NHL team, they were playing in the only ECHL game I've ever seen (formerly CHL) and since I participated in the Fan's Alternate design contest) I am always excited to see QC concepts.
So I give prop to DBro for his concept. I like the new logo, I especially like that he went for a new original logo.
I really like the overall shirt's "trim", it's mainly the logo placement that I am not sure of.
It looks a little small, too high, and most importantly, we lose the deliniation of the logo in that black stripe.
Overall and very good concept, 'though

Caz said...

Per our rules, Connor, as of right now, Christian's Minnesota concept has been nominated and seconded, and therefore eligible for Concept of the Week. Dylan's Blackhawks jersey, however, has been nominated, but not seconded. It won't make it to COTW voting until someone seconds it, because my nomination doesn't send it directly to voting.

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