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Hello everyone! In today's post we have three concepts for the Calgary Flames, two for the Florida Panthers, one for the Swift Current Broncos, my favorites from the Quad City Competition, and more!

Some big news in jersey design this week was the announcement from NHL COO John Collins that advertisements on NHL jerseys are "coming and happening." The league estimates that the placing advertising on jerseys could result in $120 million in revenue per year. That sounds like a lot of money, however if you divide that number amongst NHL teams, that averages out to around $4 million per team, which wouldn't even pay David Bolland's salary on the Panthers. Not as much now, huh? Let's keep in mind that even the few franchises that at times have had monetary struggles are still have nine-figure values. The Maple Leafs alone are valued at over a billion dollars. NHL teams have already placed advertisements all over the boards, project advertisements on the glass on TV coverage, play advertisements on the jumbotron, have corporations sponsor every little thing they do ("the official [thing] of the [team name]!"), and on and on and on. I think we've got advertisements pretty well covered. Any more advertisements will just cheapen the NHL brand, whoring it's dignity out to corporations with no love of the game.

Take a look at these photos. These are pictures from the Mississippi RiverKings home opening weekend the Pensacola Ice Flyers and Knoxville Ice Bears.

Photo Credit: John Coffin
Photo Credit: John Coffin   
Photo Credit: John Coffin
One looks professional, and the others do not. Want to take a guess as to why that is? The RiverKings haven't sold out their pride to the highest bidder. They still look like a professional hockey team, while their opponents look like amateurs. When I was a kid, pee wee sports was always sponsored by some local business that the a parent of one the kids happened to own. That's how I see this. It looks desperate; like the NHL has to do this because it can't pay the bills. It will make the NHL look second-rate compared to the NFL, MLB, and NBA. It would be a travesty to see advertisements on the jerseys that represent the game and the teams we love.

In short, I couldn't be more upset about this. If this happens, hockey design as we know it is done. Shut it down. If this happens, I won't make another concept. There won't be a reason to do it anymore. What can we do if this is "coming and happening?" Rage. Rage against the dying of the light. Don't buy jerseys. Don't go to games. Don't watch games. Make this hurt the league more than it helps them and it will go away even if it does happen. We just have to unite as hockey fans to prevent this, to protect the dignity of the game from the people in charge of it.

Moving on...

We just wrapped up a huge jersey competition for the Quad City Mallards recently, and like the other writers, I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. Naturally, I'm partial to my own, but I think everyone is to a degree or wouldn't create them, right? There were so many great entries that it's hard to pick just three.

My favorite jerseys from the Quad City Mallards Competition:

3. Eric W.

I really like the incorporation of wings into the design. I thought that was very clever, and very well executed. The shading on the numbers is an interesting detail. The jersey has good color balance, and enough black that it wouldn't look abnormal for this to have all-black equipment with it (as minor league teams usually do). I appreciated the "hanger effect" as well. One thing I didn't like was the placement of ads on a jersey. Even if Quad City makes a practice of doing that, Quad City can add that on themselves. 

2. Scott M. 

There is a lot of detail that went into this concept. Scott presented the concept, with full equipment, as separate pieces, and also a harmonious whole. I thought Scott's presentation was the strongest of anyone in the competition. He also went against the mold by making a white alternate. The striping pattern looks great. I'm not totally sold on the roundel duck foot logo. I know it looks like an 'M' but it's still a foot. I don't like feet. Also, I wish their weren't ads. I know Scott included them for realism, but that's something that I believe can be left out on the conceptual level.

1. Justin C.

Superb presentation and execution here. The design is very classic, and in a way reminds me of Dylan A's Sarnia Sting alternate. I am in love with the number font. Justin makes good use of the full-body template, as Scott did. I really like the four stars representing the "Quad Cities" on the back. My only negative is the namebar. It's extremely rare that I like that particular design cue. Excellent work.

Calgary Flames Soccer Crossover Concept - Brady S.

Positives: I really like the set on the left. I'm a big fan of that Calgary alternate logo, and it's used very well here. The sash striping works very well. It's a styling cue that works very well on soccer jerseys, and I wouldn't mind seeing an NHL team trying that. Before rage, just remember...the Canadiens did it in 1911, over 100 years ago.

Negatives: The other set is a little too Ronald McDonald. Also, normally you would have a dark set and a light set, but both of these are dark. These two sets are so different that it makes it difficult to draw a connection between them. They don't share logos or colors. I'm not a fan of the name font used on either jersey.

Overall: There's a disconnect between these two sets. The two looks just aren't cohesive. I would like to see a light set that matched the modern one. (7.5/10)

Florida Panthers Alternate Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: Using the sun rays from Florida's alternate logo was an interesting idea. I like it! 

Negatives: Red and blue are in competition for dominance here. I could do with less red. A blue helmet would help. The cuff striping is an interesting detail, but one of the stripes isn't colored properly on the back right arm. I don't think you need the yoke stripes with the sun ray effect.

Overall: Some good elements, but ultimately needs better color balance, and a little more restraint. (7/10)

Florida Panthers Concept - Jamie R.

Positives: These jerseys aren't exactly revolutionary, heavily referencing the Panthers' original set. I still consider that to be their best look, so I'm not opposed to that happening at all. I know this isn't the most exciting set in the world, but I think this is an improvement over what they currently wear. It's well executed.

Negatives: It's nothing new. I feel like I've seen a few of these concepts, maybe even made one myself.

Overall: Like a commuter car, it gets the job done, but it's not very exciting. (7.25/10)

Calgary Flames Concept - Timmy Q.

Positives: I think the Flames can pull of black alternates well, especially if you went with a more "smoky" black. Sleeve numbers and helmet are done well

Negatives: Parts of the jersey are really pixelated, especially the collar. The striping is a little too thin. I've never cared for the flags on the shoulders of the Flames jerseys. The stitching and outlines of the collar and yoke of the jersey have been colored over.

Overall: Calgary can do black well, but this needs more work. (6.25/10)

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey Concept  - Zach W.

Positives: I'm always in favor of using Calgary's alternate logo they introduced last year. The script logo isn't bad here, either. The striping is very clean, and balances the colors well. This jersey doesn't leave you in doubt about what the dominant color is. Execution is good.

Negatives: I would eliminate the pants striping, since it's essentially the same as the sleeve, hem, and sock striping, and doesn't feel needed.

Overall: Not a bad alternate for the Flames. (8/10)

Swift Current Broncos Concept - Phil B.

Positives: Good execution here from Phil. I've noticed his concepts have taken a step up in that regard recently. 

Negatives: This is a color scheme that can be tricky to work with. Without a color in between, contrast disappears. That's why I don't think the away jersey needs outlines on the back numbers. It doesn't make them more legible. The striping pattern isn't exciting by any means. 

Overall: Phil's execution is great, but I feel the overall design is lacking creativity, and doesn't improve on the Broncos' current set.

That's all for today's post. If you haven't signed up for the COTW mailing list, you need to do so now! Go do it. I'll wait.

Done? Good. The mailing list is going to make COTW voting more convenient, and now there will be no forgetting to send your votes in! Even I have been guilty of that a couple times. 

Be back here tomorrow at the same time for Ryan's Sunday post. See you all later!

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8/10! New personal best!

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I need new eyes.

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NOM. To Taylor's panther concept. Love the yoke.

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