Monday: Going Global

Happy Monday everyone! It's been teased for a while but HJC's fifth anniversary falls at the end of this week!

Before I jump into everything, let's cover the usual business...

We have our usual COTW vote and the first phase of voting for the CHL competition

COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL ReDesign Top 3 League votes (end Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

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Team Canada Concept - Phil B.
Phil creates a set of jerseys based on Canada's flag. The idea isn't bad but the result is a boring set of hockey jerseys. The white jersey is the best of the two, but it's just so bare. It looks like a set of practice jerseys. The white sleeves on the red jersey just doesn't work in my opinion.

Rating: 5/10

Team USA Concept - Phil B.
Phil creates a new set of USA jerseys as well. As with his Canada set, I think the white jersey is the better of the two. I think the USA hasn't used a red jersey because it's kind of Canada's thing, so why not own the blue? I think the red would be better if the sleeves matched the white jersey and didn't swap the colors. The yokes are fantastic and would leave them. I think ultimately though, there needs to be some blue added to the sleeves and something done with the hems on both jerseys.

Rating: 6.5/10

Eisbaren Berlin Concept - Stephen T.
Stephen moves Eisbaren Berlin into the KHL for this concept and I think this jersey definitely fits the bill for a foreign team. I think overseas is the only place a jersey like this gets on the ice. I'm not putting the jersey down in anyway, but it's just way out there. I don't understand the white jerseys left cuff being red while the blue jersey's cuffs stay blue. The German flag stripes on the right arm is a neat idea to make the team's origin a part of their identity but it's strange considering the rest of the jersey is red,white, and blue. The gate and tv tower on the back is a neat touch but I'd make it look sublimated by taking the opacity down and making it subtle. Take the red out of it on the blue jersey and just make it white, so it's a swapped version of the light jersey.

Rating: 6.5/10

GHL All Star Game Concept - Mario A.
Mario's back and has an All Star Concept for a league of his. The Global Hockey League? What is that? Well before we get into that, let's look at the jerseys here. Despite the jersey basically being a giant star, this is one of Mario's tamest jerseys. Based on the NHL All Star jerseys of the past, the gold trim is a nice touch for an all star jersey. Way to cite the use of the logo, but I think if you really wanted to set your concept series from others, definitely create your own league logo.... I'm assuming this will be a series if you're introducing your league to us with all star jerseys and... a video?!?

Well as we can see, you guys are all pretty young so I don't see the crudeness of the video, but I see a lot of promise coming out of Mario here. He's got this idea for a league and he's putting it all together. I think he's got a lot of drive, I don't see many of our other artists putting together videos.

I like to think every hockey fan as a youngin is coming up with ideas like this, but Mario is taking it that extra step and putting it together in a way to show if off. Mario, If you keep at this as you get older your skills and ideas will continue to grow and grow and you'll be putting together really good things.

The jerseys I'll give a 7/10 based on Mario's execution with jerseys improving.

Washington Capitals Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben S.
I didn't know this was a Ben concept.... I can't see his ID on the image anywhere... hmm.......hmm... that aside, Ben tries to find a balance between the current Caps' identity and their past. Stars are featured heavily on the arms and shoulders but left absent from the hem. Normally I dislike blank hems, but that's best for this jersey. The stripe under the yoke is pretty great. I still think there's just too many stars. Luckily this would be an alternate so maybe, just maybe, it gets away with it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - Brights Series - Colin M.
Colin's Brights Series moves onto Raleigh. Colin, like many others, including myself, thinks the flag pattern needs to come back. I know there's been a point brought up that the sublimated fabric for the flag pattern wouldn't work on the elbows, or ...something like that... but I think a compromise could be reached and it could work. I'm a fan of how the arm striping on both jerseys is actually the same but it looks different because of the color of the jersey. I think the stripes are just too thin overall, maybe try thickening them up a bit.

Rating: 8/10

Blainville-Boisbriand Armada Concept - Taylor R.
Blainville has one of the more bland identities in the CHL, minus their slick new alternate. Their current black and white jerseys feature one thick stripe on the arms and a thick chest stripe. It doesn't look bad, they wear it well, but it's still kind of boring. Taylor livens things up a bit by adding more stripes and a yoke. Not a lot to work with the color scheme, or lack of color scheme. I think this is either between a lateral move or very slightly better than their current set. The best thing about these though is that white hem on the dark jersey, you all know I'm a sucker for that.

Rating: 8/10

And there it is, the last concept of the day....it's always a little sad isn't it?
Monday: Going Global Reviewed by DBro Alexander on November 17, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Ben's looks good... if he wanted to make a city-themed Chicago jersey. Striping looks too similar to Chicago's city flag than something for Washington.

Unknown said...

Hey Ryan for the CHL voting my jerseys never made it into the photobucket page with all the other entries. They were posted on the blog though when all the newest entries are first shown.

DBro Alexander said...

I kinda thought the same thing Phil, but the stars have been a Capitals thing forever, so I'm assuming only people familiar with Chicago would see that.

Unknown said...

The DC city flag is very similar to Chicago's, it's 2 red horizontal stripes with 3 red stars above it


I actually dug this concept out from the depths of my computer, and forgot to add i.d., hence the lack of it. Oops... Anyway, the stars are actually supposed to represent the DC flag, as the Chicago flag has stars with more points on them (6, 7, 8, can't remember which).

Mario Ardais said...

DBro, thanks for the feedback. And thanks for adding the video. We're all pretty young, or at least my friends are. I'm the guy with the mullet in the video, and I'm 17 btw. :)

DBro Alexander said...

Mario, I forgot to mention it in the post, but that mullet is a thing of beauty... Jagr-esque

Mario Ardais said...

DBro, Thanks. i tried to make my mullet look Jagr-esque. Was originally going for a Mario Lemieux look though. :)

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