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Thanks to the Connor McDavid hype train and moving to a city that only has a CHL team, I've been following the CHL much more. Looking at the CHL, since its move to the Edge 2.0 jersey cut in 2009/10, teams have slowly been moving away from the cookie-cutter templates and classic, original and new designs are coming back.

Of course, this process is far from over! Granted, some teams pull off their cookie cutter jerseys well, others....did not!

Today, let's begin to count down the top 3 worst looks in the CHL, as part of a 3 part series. Today we'll start in the LMJHQ, move to the OHL, then the WHL.

3. Baie Comeau Drakkar

Photo from metronews.ca

Not much to say with this one, it's a case of bad jersey and good logo set. Like most teams in the CHL when they transferred to the edge template, the Drakkar were slapped in the face with Predators and Thrashers style jerseys. I'm not totally against the use of templates, but there needs to be some account for the jerseys actually looking good and some what original. There's no striping pattern, just a paint bucket fill. The black alternate does no favours, and the flames copies from 10 years ago are looking better each day.

2. Val d'or Fourers

Photo from: Zimbio.com

This team has never had a "solid look", never looking horrible until the edge take over. Like, Baie Comeau, Val d'or had to suffer through seasons of overly black Predators cookie cutter jersey and then switched to green Flames/Lightning 3rd jersey copy, which may be better, but still look bland. The logo is heavily outdated, even 10 years ago it was, and the victory stripes should stay in Tampa. The big yellow cuffs stick out like a sore thumb and there's very little black or white, which would help contrast these colours. Update logo, simplify the jerseys, please!

1. Gatineau Olympique

Photo from nouvellesgatineau.com

This team, not only ditched their awesomely colourful scheme for a Kings copy, but went from an original template, to garbage, to even more garbage. Sure, the Buff-a-slug was bad, but at least there was some colours. The logo didn't look like it was printed on a black and white jersey maker. This trend of going black and white spread from Gatineau to Drummondville to Sudbury and only Sudbury had a reason to change their jerseys. Drummondville had also had a cool sword logo that made a better shoulder patch or helmet logo. However, Gatineau kept their black and white look, and it doesn't seem they'll change anytime soon.

Any teams in the CHL in desperate need of a change in logo? Jersey? Comment your thoughts.

What are you doing Saturday, November 22nd? Well, ditch those plans and join HJC for the 5th Anniversary Podcast! That's right, the podcast is back after about a year hiatus. 11Pm eastern standard time. Lots going on, unsure if it will be taped or live but it will be a big deal. Remember to ask your questions in the podcast page! They will be answered!

COTW of course, continues on, along with COTY voting. If you haven't sent your votes in, do it now! If you remember now, and know you will be busy with the year coming to an end sooner than later, join the COTW mailing list.

Let's take a look at some of the entries for the CHL redesign! (There's a lot!

Brady S.

Caleb F.

Alan H.

Michael G.

David P.

David K.

Remember to get your entries in by TOMORROW NIGHT!

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL entries (due Saturday @ 11:30am Eastern)
On to the concepts!


Cincinnati Cyclones Concept (By: Jake88)

The Cyclones have unveiled 8 jerseys this year, their current set, and 5 specialty jerseys (including tomorrow night's Star Wars night), but I'd say make room for 9 with this solid concept from Jake88. The striping stands out very well, and the pattern is unique for the ECHL. The striping also compliments the new logo VERY WELL. The stripes would look better if they went all the way around the arms. (9/10)

Team Russia Concepts (By: Phil B.)

Fun fact: As part of my language credit at school, I'm learning Russian. Other fun fact, Russia has never worn a terrible uniform, but they're always the subject of concept. Phil tries to go with something that will please both Nike and the fans. I'm of the belief the more red the better, and blue more so as a accent colour, but Phil balances all 3 colours well, no colour dominates the other, like on the flag. Nothing to complain about, solid concept! (8.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Steven G.)

Just because the Ducks have a solid home and away, doesn't mean we should throw the old template to the curb. Steven's concepts are always solid, and this one is no exception. The template still looks like the original jerseys, but the simplified template allows for the striping to be seen better and a less steep curve. The colours are nice and bright, and the logos chosen are perfect. The numbers also look better with just two colours. The arms also look better and overall, and I'd accept it any day! (9.5/10) COTW Nom from me!

Anaheim Mighty Ducks Concepts (By: Pajo94)

Now, if memory serves, 1993 was not 1933, but none the less, the Duck could pull off a fauxback eventually. The jerseys themselves look good, the eggplant one certainly being the more colourful of the two. The problems with the concept more so come from the gear. White pants will more likely than not never work and despite it being a fauxback, the canvas gloves would be standing out way too much. Not digging the amount of stripes not eh white socks either, two sets too many. (7/10)

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Ryan HJC.)

I've never seen the Panthers' "life preserver" logo used on a jersey anywhere near well, but this may be the the one. The jersey is nice and bright, like a jersey from South Florida should be, and the striping manages to use the three main Florida colours and not be cluttered. Most of the gripes I have with the jersey are just preference issues. The logo on the front still doesn't look amazing, and the jumping Panther would look better breaking those sticks. The font on the back seems elongated, like the outdoor numbers. Also, I would have used the FLA sunshine logo on the helmet or pants and the palm trees on the shoulders. (8.5/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Taylor R.)

I'm not sure what the connection with putting the Islanders in black and white is, if people complained when the Nets did it. That being said, a lot of concepts, this one included, have made me think it could work as a 4th jersey. The NY logo really stands out in black and white for some reason, and it looks great! The striping is also very well done, especially the arm band stopping at the striping, more teams should try that. The stars don't make sense to me. They don't have much significance in New York (and yes I get there is four of them but four of anything works), especially since the Caps are division rivals. Overall though, a solid concept, Taylor has been on a roll lately. (8.25/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: Taylor R.)

The Kings' twitter account nailed it with the debut of Tampa's new alternate, and anything would look better, like this concept. First off, the more blue and black the better, which is the biggest flaw in Tampa's current set to me. Lightning is all over this concept, and while I'm not sold on having a yoke, the lightning edges for sure add a uniqueness that saves the blue yoke. Maybe it's a preference thing, but I'd go with black gear over blue, or at least a black helmet. (8.5/10)

That's the post! Remember to vote and get your CHL entries in before midnight the day they're due!

Have a great weekend, and Go Jets Go!
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Unknown said...

as a fan of Jake's work and someone who lives just north of Cinci, I really like his concept. COTW nom from me. The Cyclones rebrand surprised me by how well it ended up, but this would have been better.

Unknown said...

S/O to Brady for making my favourite W team and favourite Q team

Anonymous said...

Another trick to my Russia concept: if you follow the striping pattern by traveling perpendicular to the stripes, it follows the pattern of the Russian flag. But otherwise Jets,

T.G. Blankenship said...

That Florida jersey by Ryan, FTW. It's not perfect but no Panthers jersey is ever going to be perfect without a giant redesign (along with a move to Portland or Seattle haha). Seriously though, I want to see it as a set. I would also prefer the sticks being broken in the crest but I get why they aren't. My biggest gripe is that I don't like the FLA logo on the shoulder. I don't like the logo much at all outside of being on the pants. I'd also put the palm tree secondary on the shoulder. Finally, I wonder if adding the dark blue to the inside of the color would be a positive or negative addition. I can't decide. PLEASE RYAN... make this into a set.

Steven's Ducks alternate is near perfect.I love their new look because it's redemption for them design wise after the last decade or so of awfulness. This alternate gives us the Ducks we used to love with the new era. My only beef, and I hate that I feel this way, is that I'd like an alternate logo of some kind for this. But even still... I love it!

Blue lightning pants for life.

Unknown said...

The reasoning for the stars is that I feel that New York is as American as it gets (from a Canadian) which is why I would put stars instead of their 4 stripes for their four cups. Black and white and the design comes from the Nets where they will be playing in the same arena soon.

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