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TGIF, welcome back to the best concept blog on the internet!

Happy American Thanksgiving to the America Readers! Hopefully you are all having a very relaxing weekend!

For those of you who took the time to listen to the HJC 5th anniversary podcast, thank you! Me and Ryan, Dylan and Caden had a blast recording it. That being said, another one is being planned, hosted by me. I have some material planned already but do you guys have any questions or topics you want answered or talked about?

Comment them below, not sure when the podcast will be exactly, but it will be soon.

The CWHL contest is in full swing! Today is the last day to get your entries into the contest, so don't forget to, if you haven't already and plan to do so, enter!

Here are some of the entries that have come in since last post:


Brin & JD S.

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On to the Concepts!


Cincinnati Cyclones Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ While the Flyers 3D logo jersey wasn't the greatest in Philly, that doesn't mean a minor league team couldn't use it. This template looks great in these colours
+ Bringing back the vintage cyclone logo as the primary while keeping the new logo as a shoulder patch and third jersey logo
+Simple jerseys that make the colours pop

- While the third jersey isn't bad, since the numbers are red, the arm curves would look better as red and the cuffs and outer stripes being white
- The font, while not bad isn't is too large on the back

8/10: A good meeting of the two Cyclones eras 

Stadiums Series Concept (By: Mario A.)

+ Mario has improved ALOT since his early days, and being willing to show off your earlier concepts like this is a good way of showing new artists that you can improve with practice
+ Despite this being a paint bucket fill concept, the ideas are both cool 
+ The Pittsburgh jersey makes me excited, please, redo the Pens jersey with your current skills 

- The execution, obviously isn't good, I won't outline every point, since that isn't the point of this, but it'd be really cool to see you (Mario) remake your old concepts and show how much you've improved, rather than just re sending them in. We've seen theses concepts before, recently too. I remade several concepts multiple times and resent them in, but every time they were different! I could maybe see the point if they were never sent in or it had been years, but it's only been a few months. Use your new skills for the better! 

*/10: No rating, but thanks for showing us how much you've improved

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: John E.)

+Buffalo with a chest stripe looks surprisingly good, either jersey could be a solid alternate
+ Obviously, the yellow jersey is better than the current one
+ Blue sleeves look excellent
+ Use of Buff-a-Slug shoulder patch

- Numbers on the back look too elongated and NOB is too large
- Not that it's bad, but I wouldn't have put numbers on the front
- Remember that the stitch stops at the chest stripe and continues down at the final stripe, it doesn't go in between the stripes

7.5/10: Needs some work, but the idea is solid and would be a good addition to Buffalo's set, just maybe when they're ready to win again

Stadium Series Concept (By: Griffin B.)

+ This is the safest bet as to what the Stadium Series will be like
+ The basic idea of each concept is good
+ I do actually like that strike on the side of San Jose pants

- As with any new artist, the execution needs work, which is okay, no one puts on skates and starts to do spinoramas
- Even if they don't look the best, practice putting TV numbers (arm numbers), NOB and numbers on the back, it's good practice (check out the HJC templates page for a WIDE selection of numbers)
- The striping on the arms would stop at the underarm mesh
- While I like the yokes, the back part would be black on both jerseys
- The stitching should stop at the hem striping
- Practice putting shoulder patches and helmet/pants logos
- Remember to take the trademark logo off the logos when you put them on the jerseys
- The Sharks logo looks blurry, try using Word or another program to put it in a different size

4.5/10: Keep practicing and trying new things, and this rating will go up!

Victoria Royals Concepts (By: David P.)

As I said in the HJC Podcast, I think David has improve massively this year!

+ Replacing the Griffin logo with the VR logo
+ Simple striping that doesn't copy the Flames or Leafs
+ Dropping black and replacing it with grey
+ New shoulder patch looks awesome.

- Black pants would not look bad
- The VR logo does kind of look like the Warner Bros. logo, not David's fault, but still funny
- The blocky font doesn't match the curvy VR font, try using a rounded font to match it more, but one that isn't cartoony

8.75/10: Solid rebrand, with a few changes, this would be perfect!

Brandon Wheat Kings Concepts (By: BPoe96)

+The Wheat Kings have crappy edge jerseys, taking inspiration from the Bruins is not a bad idea
+ Sublimated Wheat Pattern and wheat pattern on pants
+ colours on the black jersey are balanced perfectly, with lots of yellow and white
+ Logo choices

-White jersey could use more black rancher than yellow on the arm band
- Font and numbers are too small and spread out
- No tv numbers

8/10: Would be perfect if not for the errors, but a solid replacement for the current

Brandon Wheat Kings Concept (By Taylor R.)

+ The jersey is very well done
+ Simple pattern
+ wheat pattern as yoke under stripe  looks great
+ lots of yellow and white along with the black
+ Old school numbers and enlarged NOB

- Wheat pattern on arms and especially under the yoke is a little blurry
- Yellow helmet
- Yellow pants could use more black to balance out the colours

7.75/10: The jersey itself is very well done, the gear kills the look

That's the post! Remember to vote and get your CWHL entries in!
Go Jets Go! 
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