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Last week, the Quad City Mallards jersey contest ended its entry phase, and 92 concepts were entered! That's amazing, and shows the awesome community both HJC and the Mallards have.

The other writers have given their top 3 favourite concepts that were entered:

3. Eric W.

If I were to choose one of the most creative concept, this would be up there. The Wing shaped yoke and chest stripe are unique but they're restrained enough to still look good. The logo choices are perfect, and the hangar effect was a nice touch. The two tone font is also cool, like Columbus's alternate. Funny, as much as I like the Mallards logo set, this is the only concept on my top 3 that uses the Mallards current logo set, or any of their historical logo sets for that matter.

2. Samantha L.

This appears to be a popular choice in people's top 3s, and it deserves the recognition it gets. While most artists stuck to black and green with orange as a side thought, or orange as the primary colour in a few cases, Samantha ditched the black! What we have is a faux-back done right. It looks to draw influence from the Rangers & Bruins Winter Classic jerseys, look at the pants and striping, and the script s clearly supposed to look 40's baseball, but it all worked! Simple works! It wouldn't surprise me if this won!

1. Fabio B.

This concept is 100% original, from the script, to the font  to shoulder patch, it is a unique design. Fabio may not have been the only one to design logos from scratch, but his was my favourite. The jersey reminds me of the London Knights green alternate from the mid 2000's, but more professional. The striping also resembles Colorado's alternate, but again, more professional. Note the socks and pants are all black, along with the gloves and cuffs. It really makes the green jersey stand! This would be my choice for the contest!

What were your favourite entries?

COTW! I have to remind you twice this week so don't make it in vain!
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Welp (that's a word right?), Chicago unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys. And like most love it or hate it opinions in the concept world...I'm sitting on the fence...

photo from: nhluniforms.com

What I like: The jerseys this concept is based on are beautiful, and while the changes to the jerseys are subtle compared to the current set, they are noticeable. The numbers, lack of cuffs and beautiful execution of the C tomahawk are winter classic worthy!

What I don't like: They didn't change the logo! Seriously, if they had used an older version of the logo, it'd be an A+ Winter Classic like last year's. I get that it's touchy dealing with the Blackhawks's historical logos since they did at one point have a racist logo by today's standards, but the logo used on the '57 jerseys were not different by much. Even just adding the tan outline the logo had for so many years would be enough and make it feltish like Detroit's second winter classic jersey and Columbus' alternate.

Grade: B, Solid jersey, but it could have been so much better...

On to the concepts!


Buffalo Sabres Soccer Crossover Concepts (By: Brady S.)

Oh Buffalo! You're so bad...and cute. The main kit (I'll assume it's blue) is based on...nothing really, aside from the Buffa-slug font. It looks okay, but I would have liked to see some inspiration from the beautiful jerseys the Sabres currently wear. The yellow jersey is a little better, and shows that in any scenario, other than the current Sabres' 3rd jersey, yellow works. The blue and yellow shorts would spruce up the kits if they were swapped. (7.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Crossover Concept (By: Timmy Q.)

A Football concept on HJC? It's not common, but this is the second of Timmy's series of football concepts. The jersey itself is pretty good, though the jersey doesn't draw much attention to itself (sort of like a more refined Ottawa Renegades alternate). The logo on the helmet and script are not visible! I get that the Devils logo doesn't look good in white, but making the helmet black or white would fix it. (6.75/10)

Team Canada Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

The previous Olympic jerseys were not as back in action as they looked when they were first unveiled, though next year, it's time to go classic. The maple leaf on the hem is much more defined on this jersey, and looks like an actual maple leaf. The arms also look better than the original, as does the non traditional font. Execution is perfect, as expected by Tristan! (9.25/10) COTW Nom from me!

Rimouski Oceanic QMJHL Concept (By: Phil B.)

This template get's a bad rap because it didn't work in Phoenix, but in the Q, it would work quite well. The arms and side panels look like waves and since the Rimouski logo has waves on it, it fits the theme. The lack of white hurts the striping, and having a white outline on the arms and getting rid of the yoke would made the dark blue and middle blue stand out. The shoulder patches also seem unneccisary if they are to be the same logo as the primary logo/ (7.75/10)

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Christian L.)

Though a Florida Winter Classic is only a reality in the concept world, having a Fauxback style jersey wouldn't hurt the Panthers. The vast amount of striping and simplified Panther head look great together, and hey, it's a bright Panthers concept! Execution is awesome, though I would have liked to seen the palm tree shoulder patch used as a patch. (9/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: CPM)

See Chicago, you can change the logo and still have an awesome jersey set. These jerseys may be darker than the actual Blackhawks jerseys, but Brights could just mean colourful. What once was empty white space is now tan on both jerseys, and it looks excellent. The simplified logos stands out much more than before, surprisingly, and I could see the Blackhawks using this logo if they ever wanted to simplify it without changing the jersey. As much as I like the collar design, it distracts what what is otherwise a very simple concept, and would be more fitting on a Phoenix throwback. (9/10)

That's the post! Remember to vote if you haven't! Go Jets Go! Have an awesome weekend! 
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Unknown said...

CPM's CHicago jerseys for COTW. Love em'

Unknown said...

The inspiration for the zigzaggy collar on my Blackhawks concept was from the socks the team wore with their uber-tan 1930's set (the one that was the basis for their 2009 Winter Classic and subsequent alternate jersey)


Anonymous said...

Shoulder patches as far as I can remember have always been Rimouski's primary logo, so that's why I did that. A bit like the Buffalo Sabres jerseys from 1978-1996.

Unknown said...

Legault's Panthers jersey for COTW

T.G. Blankenship said...

The Chicago WC jersey is a big swing and a miss for me. I know it is supposed to pay homage to a true throwback but it really looks like a cheap knockoff with a misplaced (yet stylish) secondary logo. If you're going to imitate the throwback you HAVE to do more than make your jersey look cheaper. Changing the primary was necessary. That is the only way this jersey could possibly be worth the change. I'd rather see them in their normal threads, honestly. The Capitals jersey puts this one to shame and they didn't even have a history to reference. Blachawks had so much more to use in their history.

Colin's Blackhaws jersey, on the other hand, is fantastic and I actually really like the color. The gold feels a little off since it removes the space that we're used to but I can see it working. I think they primary might pop more with gold or white as the hairline color. Very little can be done to improve this fantastic concept. So good.

Oh, and that Canada jersey... Yes. Now.

crock said...

Second Christian's Panthers for COTW

Caz said...

For me, the issue with Chicago's Winter Classic jersey is that the more casual fan is not likely to notice the difference. I live in Missouri, and many of the people that I know in the area who watch hockey were unaware that St. Louis had changed their jerseys this year, and that was a full redesign. It looks good, I just don't think Chicago did enough to make their jersey stand out from their away jersey, especially when compared to the Capitals, who introduced a new look entirely.

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