Thursday: Throwback Thursday... I Mean... No Wait... It's Actually Thursday

What's up guys? Thanks for joining me for another Thursday post!

Have you guys joined the COTW mailing list yet? If not, what's the hold up? With 6 concepts going for this week's COTW, and COTY October being decided this week as well, this is as good of week as any to make your votes count!

Well that's about all the news I have for today, I guess I'll go straight to...


So I have a few big pieces of news to dish out.  First of all, on November 22nd, we're going to be having HJC's 5th Anniversary Podcast! This will be a great time to get to know the blog a little better, and have some questions answered about the blog, how it works, and maybe some other jersey discussion as well.  You can check out the link at the top of the page for more info.

The other bit of info is that starting on November 22nd, we'll be changing the weekly structure of our posts.  Usually, we see concepts from Monday to Saturday, and Sunday is more of an info/update day.  After the 22nd, we'll have concepts from, Sunday to Friday, and Saturday will be our info/update day.  Hopefully that change doesn't freak anyone out.

Alright, that should do it for now.  Now we'll get to the CHL concepts, and then to our regularly scheduled programming.

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL entries (due Saturday @ 11:30am Eastern)

CHL Competition Entries:

Vancouver Giants - Jared L.

Lethbridge Hurricanes - Ben M.

Sudbury Wolves - Ben M.

Val'dor Foreurs - Ben M.

Sherbrooke Phoenix - Stephen T.


Pittsburgh Penguins - Zach W

+ Why would Pittsburgh ever go back to their baby blue colours for their classic jerseys? This is their strongest identity, and combining it with the Pirates look really sells this as "Pittsburgh's team".
+ Classic, but not overly simple striping.

- The arm stripes could be closer together, and thicker. Same applies for socks.
- Back number really needs some sort of outline.
- Not really sure how close this is to anything "Pirates", besides their alternate logo from 1976-1986, but that used 3 stripes instead of 2.  I think that would look better on this jersey anyway.

Overall: Looks classic enough, but not quite game-worthy yet.  7.5/10

San Jose Sharks - Jarrett T.

+ Striping pattern works with colours well.
+ Usually not a fan of side-design, but actually liking it here.
+ Definitely believable for a Stadium Series uniform.

- Shoulder patches are way, way too big.
- Name could be lowered, and made a little bigger. Also, looks like there's a weird dark-teal box around the name, which isn't necessary.
- Orange arm stripe should be a bit thicker.
- The fill tool made a huge pixelated mess of most of this concept, especially in the sock stitching.

Overall: The overall design is fairly believable for the SS game, but definitely needs some better execution. 7.1/10

Team Austria - Phil B.

+ Striping pattern is brilliant... on the red jersey.
+ Austria strikes me as a traditionalist nation hockey-wise, and this uniform reflects that.
+ Black numbers on back are perfect for both jerseys.

- Those numbers need some sort of outline, especially on the red jersey.
- Striping pattern on the white jersey doesn't have as good of effect as the red jersey.  Looks more like a Team Canada rip-off.  At least the red-white-red pattern makes sense to them.

Overall: The flag-turned-jersey trend works well for half of this concept, and is mediocre on the other half.  7.7/10

Team Norway - Phil B.

+ Norwegian flag is perfect for this sort of design.  Was skeptical about the Finnish Olympic jersey of this style, but after seeing it in action, it grew on me, and this would look even better.
+ Glad you didn't try a simple colour inversion of the white uniform.  Also diamonds...different but pretty rad.
+ Usually picky about "3D" number fonts, but this looks alright.

- White jersey's collar should be coloured in either red or blue.
- Would like it more if hem would better match arms on white jersey.
- Back of red jersey looks too bare.  Also wish vertical stripe in the front would go all the way down.
- No TV numbers?

Overall: It's not perfect, but I really like how this concept turned out. 7.8/10

Minnesota Wild - Taylor R.

+ Yellow...finally!!!
+ The design on the pants is perfect.
+ Reversing the logo on the helmet so the "head" faces the front = very subtle, but shows that you're really paying attention to detail, so well done.

- I find the double-stripe pattern kind of pointless, unless the gap between the two is thicker or a different colour.
- Besides overdosing on yellow, the design for the alternate doesn't feel too much like an alternate to me.  It looks more "regular" than their actual home jersey, which isn't your fault of course.

Overall: Not loving the design, but it's well executed and put together.  Nice to see yellow being used more as well.  8.1/10

Weld Central High School - Mario A.

+ Mario revisits his WCHS concept from a few weeks ago.  Back then, it was a recoloured Bruins uniform.  This time, he went completely original (as far as I can tell), which is a huge improvement right there.
+ Getting a cool retro WHA feel from this concept, and we all know how much I love the WHA.
+ The stripes are imperfect, but interesting.
+ Really digging the yoke designs.

- Stripes would be awesome if executed properly.  However, it looks like there are some black stripes missing, and/or the stripes are too thin and it's hard to differentiate between the red and black stripes.
- Pixelation issues ahoy! The name is practically destroyed, and the logo has some issues as well.
- Thicker outline on logo would be nice.
- Really not liking the black box around the name on the white jersey.

Overall: I suspect that this is another recolour job from an existing jersey.  Whether it is or not, I'm glad to see a more original design, but execution has killed what could have been my COTW nominee.  6.5/10

Hamilton Tigers - CPM

+ Striping pattern that is unique yet old at the same time, and translates perfectly on both jerseys.
+ Colour choice for logo and numbers is perfect on both sets.
+ Presentation and execution is fantastic on both sets.

- I think a black collar would look nicer, with either yellow or white laces.
- Hem design is okay, but for how flashy the arms are, the jersey seems a little unbalanced, so a few more stripes or a more complex hem design could help.
- Fantastic piece, but for full points, would like to see some equipment. I'm really curious to what sock design would look best for this set.

Overall: Besides a few minor changes, this concept looks great!  8.6/10

 So my COTW nominee for today is  CPM's Hamilton Tigers concept!

Well you have a couple days left to get your CHL concepts in, as well as your choices for our two huge votes going on this week. 

Don't forget to check out the details of our 5th Anniversary Podcast going on later this month, and think of some questions/topics you'd like to hear us talk about.

That's it for me, thanks for reading and have a good weekend!
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Anonymous said...

For my Norway concept, two points:
1) This is a rare moment for me forgetting TV numbers
2) the stripe on the front is all the way down to the bottom of the jersey. The part you see is technically the inside of the back

Unknown said...

Jared L's Vancouver Giants entry certainly is interesting!

Unknown said...

On my Minnesota Wild concept, the design derives from one of the North Stars sets.

With the reversed Wild logo, I feel that the logo should always be facing forward.

Second Colin for COTW with Hamilton.

Unknown said...

My Penguins concept was intended to be like the classic Pittsburgh Pirates hockey team, not baseball team

Unknown said...

Sorry guys, total brain-farted this post.

1) Phil, you're totally right about the back of the jersey.

2) Taylor, didn't clue in to the North Stars reference. Not one of my favourite sets of theirs, but still should have noticed it.

3) Zach, totally goofed on that. I can't believe I did that. With that reference in mind, that set is definitely Winter Classic worthy.

Sorry guys, I done goofed. I'll try to do better next time!

Kevin D said...

that tigers concept is god damn beautiful

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it. There's a reason Jay and Dan have the "Ya Blew It segment on Fox Sports Live and had it on SportsCentre.

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