Tuesday, Only so much you can AD

Hey guys! I'm back! I had to take last week off but my personal life is back to normal so hopefully the previous splender* of my posts will reurn with me. 8 concepts today, so lets get rolling.

 Of course you have probably heard on Twitter, or here that the NHL is supposedly going to put advertisements on the team jerseys in the near future. When there are advertisements on jerseys in the NHL, I will discontinue making jersey concepts all together. What's the point? You see the picture below of an ad riddled hockey jersey. What's the point of the design? It's so busy and ad covered the design is useless. When I see a Bell Telephone logo on the timeless, untouchable Canadiens' jerseys, or the United logo on the Blackhawks jerseys, I will probably lay down and cry. 

I know that people were like this when ads starting being placed on the boards and ice and then eventually got used to it. The boards and ice are different. You never see a set of rink boards and say, "Oh what a team!" The jerseys represent the team, and the city, and should be left clean and pure. If fans stop buying tickets, I doubt that the 4 million a team from jersey ads would replace the ticket sales.  #SaveTheSweaters

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL entries (due Saturday @ 11:30am Eastern)

Winnipeg Jets (Chris J.)

Good: I'm liking the new logos. They have a sleek design that fits with the jerseys. Red is something the Jets need back in their color scheme. The brighter blue is also cool.

Bad: Even though these jerseys look pretty cool, they would be better suited as fan jerseys and such. I doubt you would ever see these on NHL ice (unless you slapped a few advertisements on there! $$$). I'm not a fan of the font. I wish there was a back to these jerseys.

In coolness probably a B+. They remind me of the style of those early 2000s math video games you would play on your parents computer. Anyone? As actual designs for game use, D.

San Jose Sharks (Colin M.)

I have loved this series so far, and can't wait to see the final 4 concepts! They better be as good as the rest of this series has been. This series has seen 3 COTW wins, has 3 concepts entered in to the COTY October vote, and has a countless number of COTW nominations. Hopefully one of these concepts can sneak into the 4th spot in the finals because I believe that a couple of them have a chance of winning COTY.

Good: Love the gradient, if not full time the Sharks need to use a gradient on a new 3rd jersey (If gradients aren't too heavy. :P) This jersey bright! Exactly what we need to replace the black alternate the Sharks currently use.

Bad: Not much.  I wish the shoulder patch was a little bit smaller, and it would be nice to have some orange piping tying it all together.


Chicago Blackhawks  (David P.)

Good: This jersey is way more creative than what was revealed as the design for the 'Hawks jerseys. Having red on the hem, yoke, and arms really balances the jersey, and makes it look nice. The classic font looks as good as it normally does. No need to change there.

Bad: I wish there was more black used on the jersey, maybe outlining the hems or cuffs? For a classic look, black helmets would be cool. 

This is creative, Not sure about the lack of black. B

Washington Capitals (Jamie R.)

Good: Jamie uses the Cap's WC logo on the shoulders, which looks great. I love the tie down collars and stars on the cuffs. Everything about this design ties together perfectly except...

Bad: ... the logo. The stars and colors lend itself better to the Capitals wordmark that they currently use. The striping on the jerseys seem really close together. 


Winnipeg Jets (Leo D.)

Good: This alternate for the Jets keeps with the current style, but is a more classic design, like what the old Jets (Now Coyotes) used to wear. The light blue pants are certainly different. Both of the concepts so far that have helmets have helmet logos. Perfect. I'm glad that that is picking up.

Bad: I wish the white was thinner, and the light blue was thicker. Other than that you have a pretty good alternate jersey. So kudos. 


Vancouver Canucks (Patrick G.)

Good: Patrick gives the Canuckleheads a mainly green jersey (which would be a first for them) on the best template in the world. The millionaires logo fits well with the classic design of the jersey, and the block numbers are good.

Bad: What was I saying about helmet logos? Oh well. The orca would've looked good up there. The font defenitly needs a blue outline, and the 2 inch letters should be 3 inch, and a bit wider.


Detroit Red Wings (Taylor R.)

Good: You messed with the original 6, but you did it well! I love this jersey. It just says classic. I love the old logo, the abundance of stripes, Everything just lines up so nicely. The revised pants look sweet as well. COTW NOMINATION FROM ME.

Bad: As the title says, too much on a jersey makes it look bad. Of course I was referring to advertisements, but there is an example of this here. The shoulder yoke. Either the shoulder logo or stripes. You can't have both. The helmet should be red.

A+ (Not quite perfect, but almost)

"Poppy Initiative" (Justin S.)

Justin made this as an idea for NHL, AHL, and CHL teams in Canada. I'm a big fan of the idea, Are you? It would be cool for if not the jerseys, to do this like the Sens are doing, and wear a poppy helmet sticker.

A+++ Great Idea to remember Canada's fallen troops.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the rant on jersey advertisement, but it's something I feel very strongly about, and will never "get used to" like ads on the boards or numbers on the front/top of helmets. I encourage you all to tweet using hashtag #SaveTheSweaters to tell the NHL how you feel about the possibility of a Dunkin' Donuts logo on the front of a Bruins jersey. *Shivers*. See you guys next week, unless Christian's cousin's neighbor's goldfish dies and I fill in for him tomorrow. 

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Unknown said...

Why are teams not wearing poppies already? This needs to happen. Good idea Justin.

Unknown said...

Colin M, San Jose for COTW.

Unknown said...

Jamie R's Caps concept for COTW

Ryan said...

@Colin: All coaches wear poppies. The Leafs also wore the poppy decal on their helmets Sunday.

Unknown said...

I tried to get my team to all wear poppies but it never went through :/

Unknown said...

@Ryan the Nucks and Sens are wearing helmet decals tonight too.

A poppy on the front of the sweater would be a nice touch though. Way more classy than camo warm up jerseys.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Jamie R for COTW!

Unknown said...

And I'll second Colin May's SJS set for COTW

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