Tuesday: Snow Day

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Hey guys! I'm writing this on Monday, as it is a snow day for all the area schools due to 2 INCHES OF SNOW! Having been in Ottawa for over 6 years, and Michigan for another, I find this hilarious. There isn't any ice, no current precipitation, just the current 2 inches of snow on the ground. Any one from the north may laugh, but the people here are head over heels freaking out buying bread and milk for when they "get snowed in". So have fun with all the extra work caused by a snow day kids. Saving the days off for actual snow (not this little stuff) would have made since.

I'm currently working on plans for an outdoor hockey rink at a park near my house. The area is about 100' by 25' so it's big enough for skating or 2 on 2. I'm getting everything lined up, my only concern is that the temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Evansville so I don't know if it would be cold enough to keep the rink frozen. Can you guys (and females) let me know in the comments if a skating rink would work with highs sometimes as high as 35/36 degrees? If it comes together I will definitely post pics of the goings on. I hope to host a Winter Classic party on new years with a 2 on 2 tournament, food, and a projector and screen playing the game. There aren't any outdoor skating rinks in Evansville and ponds rarely freeze thick enough for skating, so it should be a big hit. I'll keep you guys updated as it goes along.

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Buffalo Sabres: Colin M

Buffalo needs a yellow jersey. Not a superhero costume. A jersey. I'm a big fan of the classic design. The old shoulder patch from the buffaslug days looks pretty snazzy as well. I know this is the "Brights' series, but I wish the blue was darker. It doesn't look good how it is. This was a great series, and I'm sad to see it end in the next few days. 

I'm "blue" about the blue. Still a solid A-

Calgary Flames: David P

David brings back the classic for the Flames. I love that you kept the same style for the Flames. It took me a second at first glance to notice what was different. This really keeps the current branding for the team intact. I wish you would have added some kind of design to the pants like a logo or stripe. It would definitely complete the uniform when worn as part of it.

Would be a great look for the Flames. If not Calgary, Adirondack should definitely consider these. A

Calgary Flames: Justin S

Another Flames concept? This one is definitely a step in the opposite direction, Making Calgary more modern jerseys than they already have. The large yoke is something we don't currently see in the NHL, so it would definitely be unique. I'm not into the random swooshy piping, or the colored ovals of red behind the TV numbers. 

You could take this best of this and rework something, but as is I have to give it a D-

Tampa Bay Lightning: J3

Since Tampa forgot the blue on their last alternate jersey, J3 was nice enough to fix it for them, I like the classic look and the inclusion of grey. The extra drop shadow on the logo is spectacular as well. The addition of a shoulder patch would have made this concept, but unfortunately for you, it isn't there, and the jersey looks boring without it. The namebar is too small and should have an outline.

With a shoulder patch, a A-, but without one a B is all you are getting.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Nate F

Nate follows my hockey concept Instagram page. He submitted a bunch of concepts to me and Jake Miller there and it was the first time I saw his work. So Nate, If my Instagram page was what introduced you to HJC, awesome! I like this jersey for the Pens. It would be better with a bit more black. Currently it suffers from yellow on white syndrome. I'm also not sure about the wordmark on the shoulder. The skating penguin would be better.


Team Canada: Stephen T

Stephen makes this based off the old flag of Canada. The idea behind the concept is great, but it wasn't executed well. You have the crest from the old flag, but I don't see any elements from the Union Jack which was a big part of the old Canadian flag. I feel like if you put a bit more though into this and tried to incorporate more of the old flag elements, then you would've had a much better concept.

Just a recolored template with a new logo. D-

Chicoutimi Sagueneens: Taylor R

The second non NHL concept of the day comes from Taylor. One thing I always notice when I look at Chicoutimi's jerseys is the yoke striping. I was part of a design group for a team and we had to pick from a preexisting template for the alternate jersey. The current Chicoutimi jersey was brought up and shot down pretty quick, but the design works for the Sagueneens. Thanks for keeping that intact. I'm a sucker for double blue as always, so I have to like that. 

The font brings an A down to a B+

If you haven't seen, you need to get your eyes checked. But you should go submit your questions for the HJC podcast soon, if you want them to be featured in the pre-recorded HJC 5th Anniversary podcast to be aired in the Saturday post. Go do it!


Tuesday: Snow Day Reviewed by Unknown on November 18, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I can't even describe how much I hate snow days. I live in Winnipeg and in my entire life have not had a single one. My school district is just so ridiculously incompetent to the idea of a snow day. Others schools have had snow days even last year but we never had. I can't really complain though since you have to make up every snow day you missed at the end of the year I believe so earlier summer I guess. COTW mom to J3's Lightning concept

Unknown said...

As a die hard flames fan (1st place with a win tonight!) I think the shoulder patches would look great on our home jerseys, but I like the way that rather than having hem stripes, we have the vertical stripes on the side, and they continue on to the side!

Unknown said...

In Little Rock we get a snow day for a CHANCE two inches of snow, even if it doesn't snow.

Colin M.'s Buffalo concept for COTW.

Anonymous said...

Snow day!? Really!? Southern Ontarian here. Laughing at the two inches of snow thing. We get 15 inches of snow and don't get a snow day.

Timmy Q. said...

J3's Lightning for COTW

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