Weekend Update: Filling in, Baby!

Hey, Caden (Tuesday Writer) here. Sorry for the late post that isn't even on my day, but I just thought I would let the readers that don't follow HJC on Facebook or Twitter what's going on. Ryan and his wife's new baby girl was born the other day, (Congrats to him and his family!) so (obviously) he's taking a break from the blog. I'm not sure what the post quantity will be this week, but I know Wednesday will be the YouTube debut of HJC! I can also guarantee you a beefy post on Tuesday that you definitely do not want to miss! I'll see you guys in a couple days.

Even though Ryan is on the BR (Baby Reserve) you can still send your concepts in to the site at concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com

Quad City Mallards Competition (ends Oct. 31st @ 11:59 Eastern)


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