Wednesday: Vote and good things will happen

It's wednesday! That means almost friday, which means almost the weekend, which means almost saturday night hockey! Things have been a little slow here at HJC, (congrats to Ryan) but let's try and pick things up by voting and sending your QCM entries! Seriously, get involved and good things will happen.

COTY-September vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Sept 29-Oct 5 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

Last week I asked for your predictions, only two sent me an email. Maybe people are getting tired of predictions?
Connor J.

Michael G
Very similar especially in the west. It seems to be a trend of having Canadian west coast teams at the bottom. 

Anyways on to the concepts!

CPM - Nashville Predators (NHL BRIGHTS)

Positives: This has been a great series so far. When you have great execution like Colin, it's hard to mess up. The colour scheme is very unique but it still works well together. The striping and colour balance are well done. I love that font, it gives and intimidation factor that's hard to do with fonts. The checker pattern is interesting...
Negatives: But i'm just not sure about it. I think it should stay on the alternate. Nashville has a great set so it's hard to make a better one, but this is a great effort. Equipment would boost your score by a bit also. Maybe we should ask Caz or any other Nashville fan, should the checker pattern stay full time?
Overall: It would definitely make a hell of an alternate. (9/10)

Dylan N - Québec Nordiques

Positives: One thing I love about Dylan's concepts is the cleanliness. Look at it, his presentation and execution are so clean! Attention to detail is great, with the helmet and pants logos. The design is simple but really nice. 
Negatives: If Québec would come back and didn't change branding, this would be great. I would like to see something new, but some wouldn't it just a question of preference. 
Overall: Its soooo clean! (9/10)

J3 - Montréal Canadiens (NHA)

Positives: J3 sends us back to the old NHA day's with this set. Whenever i think of this team, i think chest stripe. The hem, arm and chest stripe and collar all go well together. This is a hard colour scheme to pull off but J3 manage to do it. 
Negatives: Chest stripes can be tough sometimes, this logo doesn't really stand out on a chest stripe, but it doesn't look bad. On the back J3 sublimated the back stripe. It doesn't look bad, but I think it would look better matching the front. Then again, it might be tough to make the numbers stand out. 
Overall: I love the presentation with all the logo's at the bottom! And you did a great job with the unity of this uniform! (8/10)

J3 - Ottawa Senators (NHA)

Positives: J3 gives a new look to a very old team. The yoke, arm and hem striping all go well together. He also tries something new. Instead of having a bunch of stripes on the jersey, he sublimates them. Good job, because I feel the need to have at least some type of chest striping. Execution is great. 
Negatives: Not much to say, maybe helmet logos. 
Overall: With the two sets featured today, it would make an awesome game! (8.5/10)

Jack D - Québec Nordiques

Positives: Jack brings us (I'm guessing) an alternate jersey for Québec. It has a very throwback/traditional look. The roundel logo definitely works here. Adding the flour de lys shoulder patch was a good idea since you don't have any at the hem. Execution is solid.
Negatives: The old reebok vector should be replaced with the word mark. I wouldn't seeing equipment. Finally, the red seems a bit awkward. Just having it in the numbers and logo. Not sure what you could do to fix that, but its not a big issue right now. 
Overall: Classic vintage look! (8/10)

Jeremy R- Philadelphia Flyers

Positives: Jack models a set after the winter classic jersey from a few years ago. The away is a great transition keeping the same style and colour balance. 
Negatives: essentially the home is the same, excluding the captain's patch which is a downgrade in my opinion. One thing that bothers me with this current jersey is the hem doesn't match the arm stripes. The "iceborn" word mark on the back shouldn't be grey but rather vintage white. 
Overall: Not much has changed but the Jack did a good job making the away jersey believable. (7/10)

Mollie G - Las Vegas Black Jack 

Positives: With rumors (old rumours haha) that Las Vegas might be getting a team, Mollie creates an identity for the team. The colour scheme represents well LV. Its dark but flashy. I don't mind the side panel stripes. 
Negatives: Can't say I'm a fan of the name BlackJack. I would've chosen a lighter background so your design pops out more. The helmet should be black and not grey. Maybe include a light jersey if this is supposed to be the home just to make a set. 
Overall: This is a cool concept but i feel it needs more, a better name, and a better logo but its a good start. (6.5/10)

That's the post, keep making concepts and maybe you'll have the next COTY plaque in your room!
Nominate and vote because if you don't, statistic show you have a 89% chance of loosing your hockey pools and your favourite team will likely miss the playoffs. So you might want to vote... 
If you do vote.. there's a good chance that cute girl (who loves hockey by the way) might talk to you! I guess what i'm trying to say is get involved and good things will happen!
Stay classy everyone.
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Unknown said...

.... my name is jeremy, not jack haha, check the flyers concept again

Caz said...

I wouldn't want the checkerboard pattern full-time, or as overt as the concept today. I always saw it as a subtle nod to the iconic checkerboard endzone pattern of the Temnnessee Volunteers. They are still the state's most popular team, which is understandable when you realize the Vols built a die-hard fanbase through a hundred years of solid play and zero professional sports to compete with until the 90s. It was probably just a subtle way to appeal to that fan base, and shouldn't be anything more.

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