Wednesday: Youtube debut?

Hello everyone! Since Ryan is being a family man at the moment, no new concepts will be posted. But…

I've always enjoyed watching youtube videos.. who hasn't? I thought, why not combine this awesome website with the power of video making! Since i didn't have any new concepts i decided to make my top 10 favourite concepts ever featured on HJC! I hope my voice doesn't bother you.. but here it is!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M90scQDfeM8

So there you have it! If one of your concepts was featured you get 10 internet points! So what are your thoughts, should HJC have a Youtube channel? I can tell you this.. videos take a long time to make. Tell me what you guy's think in the comments!

Since this post is a little short I thought i would share with you my predictions and my first ever jersey concept. Starting off with my predictions! Here they are in a graphic. (yes i'm a bit bias towards Ottawa). Keep in mind i did not use the rule of divisions. This is straight up, who has more points. It's likely to be a very tight race in the East for the last few playoff spots.

Disagree with my predictions? Well, to make this more interactive, I also made a template of the graphic. You guys can take the PNG and make your own predictions. Send them to christiantlegault@gmail.com and I might feature it on next weeks post of HJC!

Whoever is the closest to the actual standings at the ned of the year (hopefully I won't forget) will win… Not sure the prize yet, but yep (suggest in the comments if you have an idea)!

And for fun, here is my first ever jersey concept, I think i make it around 4 or 5 years ago. When i started off making jerseys, I did them on "Pages" the equivalent of "Word" but on mac. So i struggled a little in the beginning… basically everything I did was with the trace tool.

hey, at least i added TV numbers…

That's the post everyone! Hopefully I gave you something to read… and watch with no new concepts. Have a nice thanksgiving week everyone!

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Mario Ardais said...

nice video Christian. your voice sounds kind of like mine. :) also, when i saw that Tampa Bay alternate, i had the same reaction. XD

Anonymous said...

Christian, do an updated version of the Sea Kings jersey! Bet you can't top the original!

Anonymous said...

why is it that we dont have any new concepts? i know ryan is dedicated to something else right now, but he isnt the one rating them, its the other posters.

Tederifico said...


They are the Salmon Kings!

Second, I like the video. Thanks for taking the extra time to make it for us.

Ryan said...

I decide which concepts are posted on which days. I then email the concepts to the writers. I was busy this weekend with the new baby so not one writer got any concepts for the week.

DBro Alexander said...

Alright!! I made the top ten! Those are older concepts of mine and oh wow do I think they look rough now. Especially the islanders one. Oooof

Kurt said...

I don't really see the value of a video if all you're going to say is "sweet," "awesome," "wow," "amazing." Maybe if you had design aspects of the jerseys you specifically wanted to talk about and explain why you think they work well it could be an alternative to what would otherwise be a lengthy blog post.

Unknown said...

I thought I needed a "controversial one" hahah. It stuck out for me atleast.

DBro Alexander said...

I believe it actually got quite a bit of negative feedback on the Creamer boards so I reworked it into something I (And others) ended up liking way better

Anonymous said...

No, no Tederifico, it says Sea Kings.

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