Wednesday: It's a numbers game.

 It's Wednesday! That means... another post full of conceptual goodness! But before you start reading and enjoying this post, why not vote for COTW? Four concepts are featured this week, so at least one must satisfy you! And once you do that, finish your Mallards jersey concept if you haven't already, but don't procrastinate!

COTW Oct 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends Friday October 31st)

*** Edit by Ryan ***
Over on the HJC Design Blog, I've tried to get all the info I have regarding the different levels of jerseys you can purchase, on one post. I put a bit of time into it, so go check it out. You may learn something.
Let's move on to the show. Today I have a different way of rating concepts. I will give you a player number. If i give you Luongo (his number is 1) it is equal to 0.1/10. If i give you Stamkos (his number is 91) It is equal to 9.1/10. Essentially, you don't want to get a player with a low number.

Dion - Pittsburgh Penguins
Positives: Pittsburgh looks great in gold! The striping reminds me of the striping found on the powder blue alternate from the winter classic a while ago. Angled stripes work well with the logo.
Negatives: The robo penguin logo should stay in the past. It's not as good as their current logo. Execution is good but helmet logos would make it better. 
Overall: It's not bad, but it's not as good as their new alternate jersey. Player: Tyler Toffoli

Jason - All star game

Positives: I'm guessing he Jersey take inspiration front the current Columbus jerseys and the old Minnesota jerseys. Its simple but it looks nice.
Negatives: I need a little context. Does every team have their logo on the front of the jersey? Why a dark and light jersey?
Overall: Well detailed concept, but I need a little more info. Player: Victor Hedman 

Nathan - Florida Panthers

Positives: It's not often we see logo concepts, so its always fun reviewing them! This is a mashupt between the old Panthers alternate logo and the current logo. It really looks like the panther is jumping out of the roundel!
Negatives: In my opinion, roundels are used often enough that when you have a logo that can hold on its own ( in this case the panther logo ) then why put a roundel with it.
Overall: Great idea, but comes up short. Player: Jaromir Jagr

Zach - Nashville Predators

Positives: Nashville could use a nice blue alternate. Great execution. 
Negatives: I don't get the striping. Is it supposed to be piano keys? It looks off to me. When I think of Predators I think of a fierce modern jersey and not something classic. 
Overall: good start but I'd go in a more modern direction with this. Player: Braden Holtby

CPM - Winnipeg Jets

Positives: Love that Colin took out the light blue of the colour scheme. In my opinion the colour did not fit well with the logo. Instead cooling brings us more grey! The yoke looks really cool. Execution is superb.
Negatives: I feel like the hem and arm striping would fit better the Colorado branding, it doesn't look bad, but it seems a bit off having mountainy stripes
Overall: Colin has been giving us great jerseys with his Bright series. PLayer: Sidney Crosby

That concludes today's post! Like a concept? Nominate it! Don't like a concept? Bash it! Kiding, but seriously vote, and keep making concepts! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday: It's a numbers game. Reviewed by Unknown on October 29, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Love the idea for grading!

Unknown said...

And the striping on my preds concept was meant to match the lines on the numbers.

Unknown said...

I like CPM's concept, but I would like to know they meaning behind it.

Unknown said...

For the Jets I just tried to use a lot of sharp angles, kind of trying to evoke the shape of a jet (wings, nose, tail, etc). It turned out kind of weird, honestly. The hem especially ended up being a lot like Colorado. But with a franchise with so far very minimal branding, there weren't a lot of options to think outside the box.

Unknown said...

@Colin That's kinda what i was thinking, definitely has a Colorado feel to it.

Jason Palmer said...

Thanks for the kind words Christian. You're right when you said the jersey style was somewhat inspired by the Columbus(current) and Minny(2000-03) jersey styles.

To sum up the context, yeah each participating player in the all-star game would have their team's logo front-and-center instead of squished up on the shoulder. This style was designed to become a mainstay to be used for many years to help invigorate the event and improve upon the bland all-star jerseys of the past.

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